Bell Tree Direct - 2.7.24 - Twenty Years of TBT

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Fun fact: Apples are the hardest of the five main fruits in Animal Crossing, and coconuts are the hardest fruit in Animal Crossing. Look what I got.
I heard durians actually taste pretty good if you plug your nose. Either way, oranges=top tier fruit from an evolutionary point of view. Like they are literally *made* to be eaten by people and it’s amazing. (Peaches and plums are definitely the best fruits taste-wise though)
Ooh I got lychees as my second fruit! I haven't had any in a long while but I remember them being pretty good. 👀 Lemons would've been cool to have too though.

on the off chance there actually is a cooking event I'm so glad I didn't get mangoes. I hate mangoes askjfklfjkfdls
Cool, I have a persimmato! That’s my favorite fruit, the persimmon tomato hybrid.

But actually, persimmons are one of my favorite new fruits in New Leaf, probably behind mangoes.
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And lychees look like swollen cherries (in NL at least lol)
Edit: just saw that above 🤦‍♀️
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