The Bell Tree Is Now 19 Years Old!

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Nov 7, 2004
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On this day nineteen years ago, I registered an account on InvisionFree, a popular free-hosted forum software based on an old version of what is now known as Invision Community. At that moment, The Bell Tree was created as a forum. I certainly wasn't thinking about what we would turn into nineteen years later or could even imagine that as a possibility! In fact, it wouldn't have been possible without all of our members and staff making the community into what it is today! Thank you!


In celebration of our nineteenth birthday, click here to redeem double 19 birthday bells, which will only last for a few days. The cake collectible will also be half-price in the shop. Now that we're nineteen years old, we're not far from the two-decade milestone! Next year's celebration will have to be extra special!
Happy 20th Anniversary TBT! 🎉🎉🎉🎆💜

With a 20 year old son I wish I’d joined here instead of mumsnet 😂 Thank you @Jeremy two generations are members of this forum. It just shows young and old(er) 🙈can find a common ground.

So grateful for my friends here and this community is just the best 🥰❤️
Happy Birthday TBT! I've only been on TBT for a small chunk of those 19 years, but looking forward to sticking around for more fun! A big thanks to the staff and Jeremy as you always give 110% with events! 🤩
happy birthday TBT! I may have only joined last year, but this community always amazes me with its generosity and fun events. Looking forward to the big 2-0 next year, and here's to 20 more years!
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, TBT!! Here's to many more! 🥳🎂

And thank you for the birthday bells!!
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