The Bell Tree's Time Portal Tragedy

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Thank you to all of the staff who made another memorable event for all of us! I really needed the egg hunt at the weekend as I had a bad night late Friday into early hours of Saturday morning with a family emergency, and it really helped to ease my worry. It also took my mind off things.

Past TBT events have helped me through some difficult times too, so I just wanted to let the staff know again how much we appreciate your hard work and you always give 110%! ❤️
I still haven’t found the old egg, I feel stupid as hell because I understand the clues but I just can’t put them together c’:
It's been revealed!
Egg 29Apr 1st 1PM EDTCommunity (Bonus)A looming presence disrupts the campfire.To redeem this egg you needed to click on the main artwork in the The Woods Expedition 2: The Bone Chilling Bell Hunt thread. Here, a spectral Wix looms over Lucky and Coco's campfire.ObliviaBetsySundrop183
"Aw they brought the tree back that's so cu-"
"Man come on"

What if/I think it would have been fun, sharing idea that could be applied to other things really, if the rotating fools egg quickly rotated and after everyone buys it, it randomly lands on one egg image to stay randomly per person after the redeeming time closes. One egg per account.

Fun rng bonus variable, the image can change every trade transfer, but it's random chance on the image shown after the trade transfer, no order.
Maybe that second part is too mean even for April fools haha!
We'd all look like fools playing hot potato to get it on the image we want. That'd take more effort to get it to function on the staff's end though..
It would be meaner to give a deadline on its tradability too. You have 1 week to get it on the image you want before you can't trade it anymore to change its image.
-😈 feeling unnecessarily evil because I'm tired
The most interesting thing I find about stumbling upon this time capsule is Im pretty sure I remember when the “old theme” first came out. And I remember thinking how much better, and modern it was compared to other AC forums I’d been on😂😂

Way to make me feel old guys!😭
Some of the join dates are still weird

Oh mine is! I changed my actual profile picture to baby Drift so he wouldn’t leave
Some of the join dates are still weird

Oh mine is! I changed my actual profile picture to baby Drift so he wouldn’t leave
Nice to know someone is content with this pink pacifier jammed down our throats. 😠 You want mine??? 😬 I don't want this damn thing. 😂
What do you all think? Should we leave the join dates and avatars up for another half day?
If only I could remember my old screen name! Would be cool to swap my current join date with that one in the midst of all the time traveling going on. It seems you all have triggered a portal that brought me here😂 ;)
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