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Nov 7, 2004
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April 2nd update: April Fools!


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Strange things are happening! As you may remember, a few weeks ago we turned back time for our final celebration of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The nostalgia was fun and wholesome, but the consequences were... unanticipated. In our attempts to turn back the clock, it appears we delved too greedily and too deep. A time portal has ripped open with The Bell Tree at its center! A mysterious blank-faced creature now appears to be crawling out of the portal, headed straight for the Easter egg hunt! Could this be the same creature Zipper spoke about at the start of the hunt?

TBT's Looking Older
Time portal dust is spewing everywhere. While it may look sparkly, it's also probably very toxic! It's causing the forum to look like it did a decade ago!


Even worse, our tranquil scene at the top of the site is going haywire, with random characters and events appearing next to the tree. Zipper doesn't seem to mind, as he continues to be frighteningly represented by some of these old vestiges of a past era.

Old Internet Artifacts
Brace yourself even more securely because things continue to get weirder. What year on the internet are we experiencing for these to appear?

What other ancient artifacts might we find?

Time Warping Avatars
Time travel can be quite quirky, your join dates don't look right to me anymore. Am I even the oldest member anymore? It appears we can affect anyone's join date by sprinkling toxic time dust over their posts. These new reactions will move it either forward or backward:


Depending on the year of your time dust-infected join date, your avatar will receive some time-appropriate flair!

Blanca's Bonus Community Clue
This mysterious creature has finally arrived, covered in time dust, but now we can get a good look. It's the one and only Blanca, of course, and she wants her own group of eggs! Blanca is taking over the Easter egg hunt by adding her own community clue. Work with other users in this thread to solve it together. It will reward 1 Old Egg currency, which you can spend on one of three collectibles.

Rotating Fool's Egg *New* (Thunder's Cardboard Egg / Jeremy's JPEG Resetti Egg / Oblivia's Starpower Egg / Oblivia's Happy Egg / Laudine's Eyes Closed Egg)20181 Old Egg
Classic Easter Egg20131 Old Egg
Zipper Sakura20191 Old Egg

Introducing the new Rotating Fool's Egg. Flashback to Easter / April Fool's 2018 with a now permanent, yet rotating, collectible that features these infamous mistaken eggs. The egg that is currently featured will change regularly, starting with once every few days, but later every few months. The starting design is a placeholder until the community decides which of the five eggs it should start with. The Classic Easter Egg and Zipper Sakura will also be sold as additional options.

Your mysterious clue for the old egg is:

EggFirst SightingTypeClue
Egg 29Apr 12 PM EDTCommunityA looming presence disrupts the campfire.

You will have until Tuesday at 10 PM EDT to find the old egg. Meanwhile, don't forget that you can still find eggs for the actual Easter egg hunt until Monday at 10 PM EDT.

April 2nd update: The bonus egg hunt is now over. You can now find the answer in the Easter Egg Hunt thread. April Fools!

Thread and setup: Jeremy
Banner: Mistreil
Avatar covers: Mistreil
Throwback theme prep: Jeremy, Justin
Bonus clue: Oblivia

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