The Bell Tree Is Now 19 Years Old!

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Happy birthday, Tbt! I joined when new horizons came out on the switch. I wish I'd discovered the forums sooner, but better late than never!

Fr, life is pretty rough, and tbt is always able to brighten things up, especially around the holidays. Ty for keeping this forum so awesome, and ty for the bells!
Happy 19th Birthday TBT! 🎉Thank you to the staff and all the great people I've met here for making these forums some of the best on the web! :D <3
Happy Birthday to my favorite website!! ((oh god 2004 was 19 years ago))
Happy birthday, TBT!
It's crazy to think that next year the site will be 20 years old... and next January I will have been on here for 10 years.
Also wait, 2004?? That's when I got into Neopets. I'm feeling so weird now, lol
I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday to TBT!

I'm glad I decided to move to this forum than ACC, that place is far more strict than here, and last month they just finally released the Bell Shop that they had planned 11 years ago...

(Before I give out more nitpicks on ACC, I'm going to cut to the chase and say yeah, this place is better)
Happy Birthday TBT!!! 🥳🎉🎂

I never imagined that finding this forum would have such an impact on my life, that I would meet so many wonderful people, that I would feel such a sense of community. This forum has been the place I turned to when life had me beaten down, my safe haven. I'm so happy that this place and all of you exist! 💕
Happy Birthday TBT!!!! Thank you for being my fav place to go when I need to distract myself from stupid irl $#!+
HBD TBT! Kudos for keeping things going here for almost two(!) decades! 🎉🎉🎉
Happiest of birthdays TBT❣️ 🎂🥳

19 is my favorite #! 🩷

Thanks for all the good memories 😌
19 years, that's amazing! Thank you Jeremy and staff for this creating this cozy & happy place with so many fun events and activities. I joined only five years ago, but felt welcome immediately. Happy Birthday! To many more 🧡
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