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TBT’s Fourth Egg Decorating Contest

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If we're going to bring back all of the eggs, why not bring back the egg side event?

Welcome to the fourth installment of our egg decorating contest! I would quickly like to thank Mistreil for the gorgeous banner and Chris who is co-hosting this event with me. By entering this event you are guaranteed to be able to afford at least one egg collectible from TBT's Twelfth Annual Easter Egg Hunt.


To enter you need to decorate an egg and submit a photograph of it—along with a name card containing your forum username—in this thread by Sunday April 7th 2024 at 11:59PM EST in order to receive the entry prize of 3 Egg currency. The best eggs will be nominated by the TBT staff members and will be put forward to a public poll. The community will then vote to determine who is the best egg decorator!


  • You may use a hard-boiled bird egg (chicken, duck, or quail) or a plain craft egg (styrofoam, plastic, or wooden) of similar size.
  • If you wish to use quail eggs you must decorate three instead of one.
  • Optional: you may wish to use an egg cup or create an alternative holder for presentation purposes. While not mandatory we will evaluate any egg holders as part of the entry if it is evident you have created it yourself.

If you are not ordinarily allowed to use the cooker alone please ask the homeowner's permission first and ask them to help you if you are unsure of how to boil an egg.


  • Only one entry per person.
  • Once your entry has been submitted it cannot be edited.
  • The entry must be made completely by yourself. No plagiarism and no collaborations.
  • Do not enhance your entries with filters or graphics programmes.
  • Please put effort into your submission. If we think your entry lacks effort, or has been submitted as a yolk, then it'll be disqualified.
  • Keep content suitable for a PG-13 audience. If it would breach our Rules & Guidelines then it's not suitable here.
  • Entries that fail to meet the requirements will not be accepted.


When your entry is finished, submit it by posting a photograph of it in this thread. Please remember to include a name card to prove that it belongs to you. Your entry cannot be edited after it has been submitted.

Entries must be submitted by Sunday April 7th 2024 at 11:59PM EST.


First Place
First Place Trophy collectible​
An Easter Egg collectible of your choice*
Second Place
Second Place Trophy collectible​
An Easter Egg collectible of your choice*
Third Place
Third Place Trophy collectible​
An Easter Egg collectible of your choice*
Participation Prize
3 Egg currency usable in TBT's Twelfth Annual Easter Egg Hunt**

* Egg collectibles exempt from this prize are the Golden Egg collectible and the Halloweaster Egg collectibles.
** Participation prizes will not be distributed until after the Golden Egg collectible has been claimed in TBT's Twelfth Annual Easter Egg Hunt.


Q. Has this event replaced the Easter Egg Hunt?
A. We are still running an egg hunt this year! Check back over the next hour to join us for the twelfth year of egg hunting madness.

Q. How does this contest work in conjunction with the Easter Egg Hunt?
A. Currency for this event will be distributed after the Golden Egg has been claimed in the Easter Egg Hunt. To claim the Golden Egg collectible you will still need to solve all clues in the egg hunt.

Q. What is Egg currency?
A. Egg currency can be used to purchase Easter Egg collectibles in the TBT Easter Egg Hunt.

Q. Does my egg need to be Animal Crossing themed?
A. You may do whatever you like - just keep it PG-13!

Q. What can I use to decorate my egg?
A. If you really want to make your egg stand out then glitter, craft paper, pipe cleaners, stick-on eyes, cotton wool, and similar items are all acceptable to add to your egg.

Q. What can I not use to decorate my egg?
A. If it's not a traditional craft material or you didn't make it yourself by hand then it is prohibited. e.g. if you were to glue a toy hat on your egg then this would not be okay because you didn't make the hat yourself. You may not use stickers (beyond stick-on eyes) or anything that has been made digitally. If you're unsure about a material you wish to use then feel free to ask.

Q. How should I present my egg?
A. You may take a photograph of your egg on its own or you may use an egg cup, an egg carton, a basket, etc to present your egg. If you decorate the egg holder yourself it will be evaluated as part of your entry.

Q. Does it need to be a real egg?
A. You may use eggs designed for craft purposes as long as they are plain.

Q. Are goose eggs allowed?
A. Goose eggs are not allowed this time around.

Q. Can I use an alternative animal egg - e.g. crocodile?
A. Please only use bird eggs or craft eggs.

Q. Why do I need to enter three quail eggs when people who use chicken or duck eggs only have to enter one?
A. This is due to quail eggs being significantly smaller; this is not discrimination against quails. We march for quail rights every April 1st.

Q. How will the winners be decided?
A. The staff will vote internally to nominate entries. The entries with the most staff votes will then go forward to a public poll within two weeks of the contest closing. The recipients for the first, second, and third place prizes will then be decided on by the community.
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mmm idk if I will participate this year, I would have to go buy supplies. But we shall see 🤔
Made this one just few hours ago mainly because of this event XD


Hi! I have discussed this entry with other staff. Unfortunately we don't normally accept entries that weren't specifically made for the event they are submitted to. The egg decorating contest was not announced or hinted at, a few hours ago we ourselves weren't even sure if we would host it. Please don't pre-make your entries (or elements of it), since it also feels unfair in the spirit of a contest. That said, you are still very much welcome to submit a new entry!
I didn’t prepare myself for this year and it’s a bit too late for me to get started, so I’ll skip out on this one.

Looking forward to seeing the other user’s entries!
But on the banner it says “annual”? Meaning it happens each year. I’m sorry but that is unfair your decision to not count it.
Our mistake on that one: the easter egg hunt is annual, the egg decorating contest is not. It previously ran in 2019, 2021, and 2023. (The banner has now been updated to reflect this). I can understand how this may seem unfair and I'm sorry, but the policy of not allowing pre-made entries is not unique to this contest either. Please use our contact the staff board if this policy is still unclear, that way this thread may stay on track. Thanks!
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