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TBT's Fourth Egg Decorating Contest Winners!

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TBT's Fourth Egg Decorating Contest ran between March 29th - April 7th 2024, where 92 people decorated a bird or craft egg (with the option to also design an egg cup or other holder) using paint and other craft supplies. The TBT staff team narrowed down the entries to a top twelve and then the first, second, and third place winners were decided by a community poll that ran between April 13th - 19th 2024.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest by submitting entries and voting in the community poll. The results are in and our winners are as follows!

First place goes to Aquilla with 25 votes!
They have won a Gold Trophy collectible and an Easter Egg collectible of their choice.


Second place goes to Lancelot with 17 votes!
They have won a Silver Trophy collectible and an Easter Egg collectible of their choice.


Third place goes to Airysuit with 15 votes...
They have won a Bronze Trophy collectible and an Easter Egg collectible of their choice.


...and Holla, also with 15 votes!
They have won a Bronze Trophy collectible and an Easter Egg collectible of their choice.


Congratulations to our four incredible winners! We will contact you directly concerning which Easter Egg collectible you wish to receive.

As a reminder, our next event TBT's Earth Week 2024 begins on April 20th! Check in tomorrow to see the new activities we have planned. 🍃

Staff Credits

Event Hosts: Mick, Chris
Banner Artwork: Mistreil
Congratulations to Aquilla, Lancelot, Airysuit and Holla!

I actually forgot to get my vote in on time since, by yesterday, I was still stuck between two (at least I narrowed it down from the previous four) and wasn't sure which to give it to. Oops.

There were so many awesome entries this year and you all did a great job!

Congratulations to all the winners and also to those who reached the polls and even those who didn't while we're at it, the eggs were crazy good once again!
@Airysuit's entry ultimately got my vote. Absolutely stunning. 🐰

This is one of my overall favourite events of all the ones that we run. The community's creativity and enthusiasm for the egg decorating contest is incredible. Well done to everyone who submitted an egg. 🖤
Congratulations to all of the winners! Aquilla, your egg house was very well done. Lancelot, I liked your tribute to a past TBT event. Airysuit, you had the greatest egg that involved just painting the egg and not having add-ons. And Holla, you had the most creative spin on the egg decorating. Out of all of the winning eggs in TBT history, these four were the best.
Congrats to all the winners! Extremely well deserved! 🎉

Everyone did such an amazing job whether you were one of the four winners, made it to the final polls, or even if you didn't. The selection of eggs this year was astounding! You all keep outdoing yourselves!
Eggcellent choices! Congratulations to the winners! 🥚🥚🥚🎉🎊

Again, thank you TBT staff and participants of the Egg Hunt this year. It just keeps getting better every time. 🥰
Hi folks! We see some of you still have egg currency in your wallets. We are looking to remove the Easter Egg collectibles from the Shop due to our new event starting tomorrow. Please spend ASAP or risk losing them! Thanks!
Honestly shaking rn - I’m so happy! 🥹 this egg is really close to my heart and I just wanted to make something that’s meaningful to me. I’m so touched that a lot of people liked it, thank you everyone who voted for it 🤍 I’ve had a tough two weeks and this is a really nice change after a streak of bad luck.

Edit: I also want to congratulate the other winners, especially @Airysuit ! As an avid white-blue porcelain collector this egg was one of my favourites 💙
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