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Thread: The Bell Tree Rules and Guidelines

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    The Bell Tree Rules and Guidelines

    We ask that you follow our guidelines in order to keep The Bell Tree an enjoyable environment for everyone.

    1. Community Guidelines
      1. Respecting Others
        • Respect other Bell Tree members in your posts, private messages, visitor messages, Wi-Fi ratings, and other conversations.
        • If you disagree with someone, please do so in a dignified manner and refrain from using personal attacks.
        • Keep your criticism constructive and avoid posting anything that belittles another user.
        • Do not intentionally provoke or instigate a negative reaction out of another user. This is also known as trolling.
        • If another user is disrespectful or makes a personal attack, do not attack them back. This will create a lengthy series of attacks known as a flame war.
        • Do not use someone else's thread for your own purchases/interest. If you want to buy something, make your own thread.

      2. Post Quality
        In order to keep forum discussions meaningful and substantive, posts are expected to have a certain level of quality. Posts and threads made in The Basement are generally an exception to most post quality rules due to the nature of the board.

        The following types of content fall under post quality violation and may be removed or moved to The Basement at a moderator's discretion alongside a warning, infraction, or suspension:

        • Poor quality replies which add little or no meaningful content to the conversation or thread. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
          • Low content replies which add little or nothing to the conversation. If your post is only a few words, you should probably say more, or don't post.
          • Image, video, or smiley replies, with little or no other meaningful content alongside them.
          • Replies which are off-topic, do not contribute to the subject, or are otherwise irrelevant.
          • Simple and short agreement replies, such as "I agree", "This", "Thanks", "Lol", and "Haha". Instead, use the Like button or contribute to the discussion by explaining your opinion in more detail.

        • Poor quality threads which offer little meaningful content to the forum or encourage others to make low quality posts.
        • Incoherent threads or posts with purposely poor grammar.
        • Posts which "bump" an inactive thread from an extended period of time ago, unless the topic is still relevant.
        • Threads and posts created solely to advertise your blog, forum, Tumblr, YouTube, website, shop, contest/entry, etc.. Instead, use your signature to share these websites, but be sure to follow the signature rules.

      3. Thread Bumping
        Bumping is posting in a thread when it falls down the board index to purposely return it to the top for increased visibility. To avoid excessive and unnecessary posting on the forum, threads should not be bumped until the thread is inactive for at least four hours. Due to the slower rate of posting in the Animal Crossing amiibo Card Post Office board, threads may only be bumped after eight hours of inactivity. If you continually exceed either of these bump limits, you may receive a warning, infraction, or suspension. Please report instances where a user is consistently exceeding this limit.

      4. Prohibited Content
        Do not post any content that contains or promotes the following:
        • Violence, terrorism, or other obscene content
        • Discrimination against any race, religion, or sexual orientation.
        • Hacking information, viruses, or harmful computer software
        • Pornography, nudity, or sexual material
        • Words or images that purposely bypass the forum censor, including partially replacing letters with asterisks or other symbols.

      5. Accounts
        • An individual person should only own and use a single account, and an account should only be used by a single person.
        • Account switches are not allowed unless under extraordinary circumstances and must be approved by the staff.
        • If you made more than one account by mistake, please continue using only your original one and contact the staff so they can disable the others.
        • You are responsible for what's posted by your account, so be sure to log out if other people use your computer to visit The Bell Tree.

      6. Private Information
        • Private information, such as your address or phone number, is not allowed to be publicly displayed on the forums.
        • Please remember to be cautious before sharing any personal information with another person on the internet.
        • Sharing personal information of other people without permission, publicly or privately, is considered harassment and is not allowed.

      7. Signatures
        • Keep your signature under a total height of 250 pixels tall, including all images and text.
        • Signatures cannot contain or link to content listed under Prohibited Content, and must also be relatively clean.
        • Additionally, make sure the file sizes of any images in your signature are not too large; this causes pages to load slowly.
        • Users with signatures in violation of the limitations will have their signature edited by a staff member to enclose it in a spoiler tag, with information below detailing the signature guidelines.

      8. Reporting
        • If another user violates a rule, report the post instead of posting a response to it. To report, click the button at the bottom of the post.
        • You can also report a thread to request it to be closed or moved to another board. Please note that this is only a request. A staff member will decide at their discretion whether it should happen or not.
        • Do not use the report system to make demands, sarcastic remarks, or unnecessary reports. This is considered Report Abuse and can earn you an infraction alongside removal of the report feature for your account.

      9. Warnings & Infractions
        • Warnings (yellow) are typically received for minor and/or first-time offenses. More severe or repeated offenses will receive infractions (red).
        • When you receive a warning or infraction, you will be private messaged by the forum with the details. To view your full infraction history, click the Infractions tab on your profile.
        • Warnings and infractions will not be reversed or removed, except under extraordinary circumstances.

      10. Bans
        • You will be banned if you receive enough warnings or infractions from violating the rules. The length of the ban depends on the amount of warnings or infractions you received, any previous bans, and the severity of the violation(s).
        • Creating another account after being banned will only result in an increased ban time.
        • If you believe you were banned unfairly or would like to ask for forgiveness, email

      11. Discord Chat Room
        The general rules of The Bell Tree apply to the Discord chat room, but it is generally more loosely moderated in comparison to the forums. Follow these guidelines below for a summary of what's expected:
        • Always be respectful to others at all times. Especially so to newcomers -- make people feel welcome!
        • Inappropriate content rules are generally laxer, but use common sense still. It's probably okay to link something with profanity, it's probably not okay to link highly graphic or explicit content.
        • Refrain from spamming channels with pointless or meaningless messages, as well as repeating yourself. Users will respond to your messages if they are interested.
        • Your nickname should ideally be identifiable to your TBT name. Moderators may ask you to identify yourself or change your name if this is not clear.
        • Users with colored names are the moderators in charge of the chat room -- listen to them if they ask you to stop doing something. They will kick or ban you if they feel you are not following these rules or otherwise creating a negative environment for everyone else.
        • The Discord chat room is a privilege alongside the forum, and you may be banned from the chat room as well during the duration of a forum ban.
        • Do not invite bots into the chat room unapproved by staff -- they will be removed.

    2. Animal Crossing Online
      1. Respecting Other Towns
        When you visit another town, be sure to follow the rules that the host creates for it. If you don't like their rules, you can always leave. Also use common sense when interacting in another town. For example, don't cut down trees or run through flowers. If you see an item on the ground, you should probably ask before taking it.

      2. Respecting Your Visitors
        When you invite others to visit your town, don't expect them to read your mind. If you have a specific rule you want them to follow, tell them. Use your judgement to decide if it's common sense or needs an explanation.

      3. Playing Fair and Honest
        We expect all members to honor any trade agreements they make. You should not scam or steal from other players. Exploiting game glitches for gain is also not allowed. This includes using The Bell Tree to sell duplicated items or using the forum to find people to duplicate items with you. In this way, we hope to reduce the negative impact that cheating has on the game.

      4. Being Responsible For Yourself and Your Town
        Even if you meet other players on this forum, please remember that you are still responsible for yourself and your town. The Bell Tree cannot be responsible for what someone else says to you online or what they do to your town. If you want to end the session without saving, use the Wi-Fi switch on the right of your 3DS to turn off your connection. This will reset any damages that were made by them.

      5. Dealing With In-Game Trouble Makers
        If someone creates a bad experience for you in the game, leave them a negative feedback to warn other players. These scores can be seen from the Train Station, Re-Tail, and Villager Trading Plaza boards. To give feedback to a user, click their profile and go to the Wi-Fi Feedback tab. Also be sure to reward the good players with positive feedback! Feedback should only be used for in-game experiences and auctions organized on The Bell Tree for any online Animal Crossing game. Moderators may remove obvious violations of the feedback system, but cannot intermediate between in-game disputes.

    3. Forum & Game Transactions
      1. General Principles
        Transactions of Animal Crossing or forum items and bells on The Bell Tree should be straightforward and honest. Each user must agree to the transaction in its entirety. Feedback should be used to publicize an abuse from a buyer or seller. For example, if an item is stolen without payment in Animal Crossing, the offender is subject to receive a negative rating from the victim. However, fraudulent transactions between forum bells should be reported because moderators can view and revert them. Abusing TBT's bell system may result in removing all bells and suspension.

      2. Prohibited Transactions
        Do not sell, buy, trade, or give away the following:
        • Forum bells or forum shop items in exchange for real money or items representative of real money.
        • Animal Crossing bells, items, or villagers in exchange for real money or items representative of real money.
        • Duplicated, hacked, or power-saved items in Animal Crossing.
        • Any other item in conflict with our rules and guidelines.

        Items representative of real money include, but are not limited to, the following:
        • Gift cards.
        • For-pay currencies from other websites, such as DeviantArt points, Pokéheroes nuggets, and Flight Rising gems.
        • Download codes for games and other digital content, except codes obtained freely with My Nintendo Platinum Points, listed in our exceptions list thread.
        • Physical items with real money value.

        The sale of The Bell Tree bells or shop items for real money or items representative of real money is strictly prohibited, whether organized on or off The Bell Tree. The bells or items purchased in such transactions will be removed with no refund, as it will be up to the buyer to arrange a refund with the seller. The Bell Tree and its staff will not be held liable for any refund that is not credited. The seller will face an extended account suspension from the forum and will not have their bells or items restored.

      3. Auctions
        Our auction guidelines apply to auctions of items and villagers in Animal Crossing, as well as auctions in the TBT Marketplace and Museum Shop boards. They are designed to keep auctions fair for both buyers and sellers, yet also give auctioneers freedom to create their own rules.

        Rules for an auction must be clearly set and followed by both the bidder and auctioneer. Only bids posted in the auction thread may be accepted, even if custom rules are set by the auctioneer. As an auctioneer, if you wish to reserve special rights, specify your reason for doing so in your original post before bidding begins. Otherwise, the auction should follow all of the rules listed below by default.

        1. Bidders are subject to accept all rules posted by the auctioneer. If a bidder disagrees with special rights reserved by the auctioneer, he or she should not participate.
        2. Auctioneers may only accept bids that are posted in the auction thread. No PM or VM bids may be accepted.
        3. Auctions posted on The Bell Tree should not also be made on another site. Not only does this waste the bidders' time, they should not be required to check another site for bidding purposes.
        4. The end time of the auction should not be increased or decreased after it has already started.
        5. The last person to bid on an auction within the scope of its rules and time limits is the winner. Auctioneers cannot choose another winner even if someone else makes a better offer after it ends.
        6. Auctioneers are expected to see their auctions through to the end. Unless valid reasoning is provided, an auction cannot be canceled. Otherwise, the auction winner may give the host negative feedback for failing to complete the sale.
        7. Winners are obligated to complete the purchase after they are determined to be the winner. If he or she backs out of the transaction, the auctioneer may leave negative feedback.

      4. Trading Board Organization
        Whether you are using TBT or Animal Crossing bells, transaction threads should be made in the board that corresponds with the items being exchanged: Re-Tail for Animal Crossing items, Villager Trading Plaza for Animal Crossing villagers, Museum Shop for art, or TBT Marketplace for forum collectibles and miscellaneous items. Exchanges between TBT and Animal Crossing bells should be posted in the TBT Marketplace board.

    4. Feedback System
      1. General Principles
        The feedback system is used on The Bell Tree for Animal Crossing online gameplay, Animal Crossing transactions, and forum bell transactions. Feedback should only be given for legitimate reasons. A negative rating should not be made as a response to feedback itself. Illegitimate ratings can be reported to the moderators and abuse of the feedback system may result in suspension.

    Last major update: January 1, 2017

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