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Aug 16, 2018
Chomp Call
Tera Orb
Lost Star Fragment 004.MB
Lost Star Fragment 002.AN
Glow Shroom
International Space Cetacean Star Fragment
Galaxolotl Star Fragment

Team Cheer Creations

Four teams have been assembled for one of the most highly-anticipated events of the year: The Bell Tree World Championship! Players are taking the stage to compete in a variety of friendly and competitive gaming sessions to earn points, prizes, and bragging rights for their respective teams.

Whether you're one of the competitors or simply watching from the sidelines, you can still support your team by providing encouragement and showing off your team flair right here, in the Team Cheer Creations thread. Submit your creative works to cheer your team by posting in this thread from Monday, May 20, 2024, to Saturday, June 1, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EDT!

How to Submit 📣

You may submit up to one audio/visual creative work and one text-based creative work in this thread per submission window. Each entry is worth 3 points, so you can earn a maximum total of 6 points per window. Additional submissions will not be accepted.

Submission Windows:
Monday, May 20, 2024 - Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Thursday, May 23, 2024 - Saturday, May 25, 2024
Monday, May 27, 2024 - Wednesday, May 29, 2024
Thursday, May 30, 2024 - Saturday, June 1, 2024

Each submission window begins at 12:00 a.m. EDT and ends at 11:59 p.m. EDT on the specified days.
*Please note there are no submissions accepted on Sundays.

Types of Creations 📣

You have a variety of ways in which to support your team.

Examples of audio/visual creative work include:
  • Cooking (desserts/baking, beverages, edible arrangements)
  • Traditional or digital drawings/painting
  • Animation, video
  • Photography
  • Dances
  • Make-up or nail art (team colors/designs)
  • Crafts (papercraft, sculpting/modeling, knitting, crochet, woodwork, metalwork)
  • Performing a song of your own creation (TBT username must be spoken somewhere during this)
  • Game-based submissions from Animal Crossing: New Horizons only (e.g.: team uniform or team-themed room/outdoor design)
*If you choose to submit an entry that includes a photo or video of yourself, please keep in mind that this is a public forum and your entry will be visible to others (both members and guests). We neither encourage nor require anyone to post images of themselves, but we will allow it if someone chooses to do so. There are many other options for participation that do not require revealing yourself online.

Examples of text-based creative work include:
  • Songs (minimum of three verses)
  • Poetry (minimum of three stanzas, though the Haiku form of poetry is also acceptable)
  • Prose (minimum of 250 words)
Regardless of what you choose to create, each submission is worth 3 points. Submitting the maximum amount of entries throughout the entire event can earn your team a total of 24 points!

Submission Guidelines 📣

  • Your forum username must be displayed on all visual submissions whether directly on/in the work itself or on a separate name card. This applies to everything including cooking, photography, animation, etc. If you are submitting a screenshot from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you must include a proof photo of your character saying your TBT username.
  • You may only submit a maximum of one audio/visual creative work and one text-based creative work per submission window.
  • All submissions must be your own work. You may use craft supplies; however, you may not use pre-made components such as pre-existing animation, stickers, pre-made songs, art/character renders, etc.
  • Please refer to our Art Event Submission Policies and Guidelines thread and be sure to include credits for any art assets you reference in the creation of your work(s).
  • A reasonable amount of effort must be put into your creations. Those that appear rushed or submitted jokingly will not be accepted.
  • Keep all creations appropriate for a PG-13 audience.

Frequently Asked Questions 📣

Q: Am I allowed to edit my post?
No, please be sure you are happy with your entry before you submit it. Edits will not be accepted unless a staff member reaches out to you to ask for a correction.

Q: Am I allowed to submit the same type of creative work?
Yes, if you made a drawing one day, you could make a different drawing the next day as long as the concept/design are unique from one another. (e.g.: you should not be submitting the same drawing or a slightly modified version of one of your previous submissions over multiple days)

Q: Would I be able to create a Mii as a creative work?
No, we will not accept Mii creations as creative works.

Q: What counts as nail design?
There would need to be elements beyond a solid painted color to qualify as acceptable nail art. (e.g.: painted patterns, shapes, characters)

Q: What qualifies for photography?
The subject of the photograph must have a clear relation to your team and the framing/layout should show thought and planning. A separate photo with a name card must also be included. If your photo includes an animal subject, it's understandable if you cannot get a second photo with the same animal in the shot; however, we would still expect to see a photo of the same area around the same time with your name card. *Do not submit photographs of other people please.*

Q: What is considered reasonable effort?
You don't need to be spend hours on your creation, but it should be apparent that thought and effort have gone into your work(s). For example, a detailed sketch of a favorite villager cheering your team on with pom-poms or a team banner would be suitable for a hand or digitally drawn work or a Haiku poem would be acceptable for poetry. Chants/cheers in addition to one-liners for poetry would not be acceptable.

📣Show your team spirit!📣
The Cheer thread is now officially open for submissions!🎉

Keep in mind that the rules have changed a bit since the last time this was run. Instead of daily cheers, you are now allowed to submit 1 audio/visual and 1 text-based cheer within a 3 day window.

This means you have from now until Wednesday, May 22nd, at 11:59pm EDT to submit your first entries. For those that want to wait until team colors are announced, this gives you some time.

Have fun cheering your team to victory! 📣

And I hit post too soon, but I'm not taking it back. We're open 10 minutes early!
Dreams of Hachas
(Woke up to it too)
Bleary eyed watching
Player 1 vs 2

Went and made coffee
Splashed water on my face
Almost couldn’t find my game
By the start of the first race

Next up was some new fun
(I’ve never played among us)
Watching Mistreil seek out players
Some seemed a little sus

Not a bad first day of gaming
Since I had to work the day before
Now to check my notebook
To see what tomorrow has in store

I’ll be in the cheering section
For my beloved team 3 friends
No matter whether we’re first or last
I’ll be cheering til the end!
Team 2, team 2
You’re pulling through!
We keep flip flopping for the lead
Gotta watch out for that shell of blue!

I know all the other teams are cool
But team 2 definitely rules
Some might try being an imposter
But in the end, no one was fooled

You don’t have to be a smartie
To see we rocked at Mario Party
There’s chance but also skill!
Up next, an attempt to be art-y!
three splats for team 3
my teammates & me
we'll beat 1, 2, and 4
until they're no more
'cuz they're not, except 4
is more than 3...

but yeah we'll still win
like a match of splatoon
ink all the turf
duel at high noon

but, like, a four-way duel?
could fate be so cruel?
team three against the other three
wahoo. hooray. wahee.
Team Three, Team Three
One, two, and four we'll defeat
From dusk till dawn, we're putting in the grind
All in all we leave no one behind

One, two and four will be no more
To great heights we'll soar
Team three, we rise
Team three, we fly

With courage and pride, we rise and we fly
Team three, forever, reaching for the sky

I wanted to draw but our I don't know our color.
What can I say about Team 2?
We haven't even decided if we're orange, green or blue!
But from what I've seen, we've got real heart
And once I know more, I'll draw us some art!

Me playing Smash was an embarrassing sight
If only ARMS was in, I could put up a fight...
Mario Kart was a disaster too
But at least I found out I could dress as Moo Moo

I wish I hadn't taken a nap
During our Mario Party Victory Lap
But congrats to Coach for getting those stars
We'll make this Championship ours!
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