How much TBT does the average user have?


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Sep 8, 2013
Hmm. I think the most amount of bells I've ever had on this site is . well. actually. the amount I have in my sidebar right now!
But normally, I usually only have like 100 bells consistently ... I was wondering how much TBT do members have?
(I also wanted to charge a bit higher for some art for TBT commissions here but I don't want to make it unaffordable/unrealistic.)
Right now I have 74 bells. I usually only have a couple 100 bells saved up. I had like 800 saved up but I got excited and bought a bunch of spring sakuras. Totally worth it tho
Right now I have 74 bells. I usually only have a couple 100 bells saved up. I had like 800 saved up but I got excited and bought a bunch of spring sakuras. Totally worth it tho
Mood LOL I had to ask a friend to lend me bells when I saw them restock
If this helps you, I usually have about a hundred or so TBT, with most of my transactions going to ACNH services and the occasional art commission. I currently have 243 TBT (and growing) and don't plan on spending them...for now.
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all my site wealth is pretty much exclusively concentrated in collectibles

my tbt is just whatever is in my sidebar, which has more often than not not been much (though admittedly, it's been even less than usual recently)
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I used to have quite a bunch but I made some pretty big purchases so yeah right now all I have is on my sidebar!
The highest amount of TBT I've gone is at least 3k. I still pity the fact I spent almost all of my hard earned TBT on Nook Mile Tickets just so I can find Frett on mystery islands when I could have just adopted him. (Which I did, but that should have came first. I learned something about gambling that time)
This is gonna be a huge range, but from what I've seen I think anywhere from 300-2500 is pretty standard! If you're active and post regularly, it'll still take some time ofc, but I don't find it too difficult to accumulate a few hundred tbt. I'm a little poor at the moment lol (I've got 400 tbt in my ABD rn), but with event participation/collectible sales and occasional tbt commissions, I usually find myself sitting on 1-2k. When I hit 3-4k is when I start feeling like I've really ~got something~ in my ABD ahaha
Re: commission prices though, I definitely don't think you need to lower your prices! Your art is lovely, and if you don't feel happy and satisfied with the tbt you're getting for time/work/skill you're putting in (especially since it's play money anyway), raise them. Personally I like to use the standard going rates of collectibles I'm after as a measure of if I'm pricing well! If I'd feel good doing x amount of art in exchange for y collectible, then I know I've chosen a good tbt price.
usually i have like less than 100 LOLL
i have over 200 rn but that's bc i sold an egg to someone for like 5k tbt and i spent the bells really fast 💀
i think the most i had was like... 3.5k? and that was only because i sold two collectibles, i believe. from being active and posting alone, i'm pretty sure i only ever hit around 1k... once. and right now, all i have is what's in my sidebar. i think i spent the rest of it on art and maybe a collectible lol. if you're not an artist, and don't have any rarer/more popular collectibles to sell, it feels really hard to earn bells tbh, but that's just my experience as one person. sometimes i do consider just selling all currency i get in an event, but then there's a lot of other people who do that, too, and usually there's a few collectibles from said event that i want, so 😅
I had 1k+ during the farewell New Leaf event, but that was the most I've ever had. I usually have like 100-700 or something, I think.
The most I've ever had at one time was ~1.2k but on average I usually have 300-500.

Not too long ago I spent all what I had saved to get avatar animation and a purple heart balloon so now my current funds is just 55 TBT.
Right now, I have around 300 TBT. Before the Easter event, I had 15,000 TBT saved up for collectibles (which paid off with the Easter event lol). I'm pretty sure 15k is the most I've had, but I'm not 100% sure. I plan on saving more because I like having TBT saved for "just in case."
i feel like we are all collectively broke except like the 1% LOL. there's not a reliable way to make tbt unless there's a new game (which who knows how long that will be) 😔
the most i’ve had in my account was 8.8k, but i spent all of it on my current lineup! nobody told me how expensive collectibles were, and my hoarder heart was broken into pieces :c
I had about 900 and planned to never ever spend it. I thought it would be funny to just accumulate it forever,

Then the event happened and now I'm down to 412.
i had up to 1k but my average is like... 100 :lemon:
i'm trying to save again so i've been trying to get into the habit of throwing tbt into the abd so i don't see how much i have
I took this screenshot to mark what I assume will be my pinnacle.


I blew through all of it on collectible purchases and now what you see in my sidebar is what I've got.

Wish I was good at art or something, lol. Never getting that high again. Honestly a struggle to even get to like 1,000 TBT again. Almost got there with the recent Bell Boom, but spent most of it on Spring Sakuras as trade offerings for a Zen Easter Egg.

The struggle is real.