How much TBT does the average user have?

I’m at over 2,200 right now. I went a long time without spending anything and it just built up. Probably going to spend it all during the next event.
I used to have over 1,000 on average, but because of the hybrid event, I ended up becoming broke and now I haven’t had over 500 tbt in over a month.
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I have a little over 900 tbt at the moment, most I've ever had at once was about 18,000 haha. all my value is in collectibles I own. 😅💗
i feel like i'm usually at around 1-2k as a minimum, depends on what events have been going on and what i've sold/bought. most i ever had was around 20k i think? 2021 camp tbt i sold a lot of collectibles as well as my pokeball lol, immediately blew most of it on a sweet feather
The most I have ever had was 20k. As soon as I could that went on my beloved heart wand🫶💜 (eternal love and thanks to @mogyay as without her it would have been impossible 🫶)

Even if I’m normally broke I adore my collectables. They make my heart happy 😊💜
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I don't think I have ever reach 1k, I'm not very active/talkative so I earn little and then I spend most of what I manage to save rather quickly (kinda like irl haha)
In any case I still manage to get most of the collectibles I like so I don't mind being low in TBT~
I had over 10k at one point when I sold my Final Boss Feather to someone.
Then I was at a consistent couple hundred from my shops like my Shiny Searching Service and Art Shop.

Now it's p much what's in my sidebar. I'm incredibly poor (I like to buy art n give people bells when they want smthn from the shop)
I think the most I’ve ever had was 3k. But generally, I usually have only a couple hundred tbt since I spend it on mostly art; I used to spend it more on AC items. Right now I’m at the most that I’ve had in a long time — about 1k. I’m trying to save up more for some art commissions and also for some pokemon, so it will be gone pretty quick 😅.
The most that I've ever had was a little over 2k. Most of it was spent on the most recent Christmas and Hybrid events. However, I don't regret it because I had fun.
The most I've had was about 18.6k I think? I was saving up for a heart and star wand, and spend most of it on a heart wand! Then I managed to save up again to about 12k, but since the end of last year I've had 0-2k.