How much TBT does the average user have?

The most I've ever had at one time was ~3.1k, but now I have 320 leftover after a big trade for my butterfly wand. I also spend a lot of tbt and event currency on raffles/rng events, so that's where the rest of it went.
I was sitting at around 3k, but that was after selling a lot of my collectibles, and I only got most of my current TBT after selling a rare collectible.

If I didn't buy or sell any collectibles, I'd probably have 1k TBT, max. I spent a good chunk on DIYs and other stuff for AC:NH when I first joined. 😅
The most I've ever had was I think around 6.5k? Can't even remember what I spent it on now lol. I usually hover around the 1k-1.5k mark, pretty much so I can buy any cool new collectibles that come up :ROFLMAO:
Most amount I had was around 7000 tbt, but generally I'm around 1000-2000. Atm i have 3000 in ABD for a Lily of the Valley hunt :)
i think i had 9k at one point? maybe more, i dont really remember. i did once trade all my tbt and some expensive collectible for celeste, 15k worth or something. so now all my wealth sits in celeste and my love potion in my inventory lol
I wanna say I usually had between 1-3k a few years ago before I ever really participated in the marketplace and would just make tbt by posting and spend it occasionally when there were shop restocks. Unfortunately I have fallen victim to wanting lots of collectibles so now I'm usually stuck around 100-300.
The most I've ever had was 15K after selling a high-tier collectible. I would say that my average throughout all my time on TBT is 1K-2K. Having under 1K makes me nervous, so whenever I get that low I usually sell something to make more lol.
There was a time where I had like 40k. It felt like insanity, I had to get rid of it. Lol
The most I have ever had and will never come near again was 20k. Total insane and it went on one collectable. Normally totally broke 😂🙈💜
I think the most I've ever had is like 800? I usually don't have time to participate in site events so I never get collectibles to trade, and I also don't have time to run a shop. So I just get tbt from posting. I'd like to start participating more in site events and get into collectibles and maybe trading them, but I don't think I'll ever be someone with thousands of tbt.
This is such a helpful thread! I’m such a hoarder and only active during events, and have been saving for years and years, so I have 3k, but I was only saving that all because I occasionally see users who have >10k and was having FOMO, hehe. I don’t even know what collectible I’m saving up to buy, but they’re all so pretty and I want them all 😍