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Movie Rage

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Feb 7, 2010
Dragon Tokens

Can someone give me a good horror movie, that is more scary and halloweeney than just some *****es getting murdered and 10120101 gallons of blood being poured on them? I hate the fact the hollywood video near us went. The people there would help pick out movies based on what we wanted to watch, this netflix crap is giving me nothing! I searched a good scary movie called Cry Wolf (a movie without much blood, and more mind trickery) and I was told it's genre was "Teen Screams". After clicking it i got movies such as Sorority Row and Halloween. NO! THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS NETFLIX! THIS IS WHY!!!!

So, can I get sum good ones?
Find some really old Frankenstein movies or Dracula movies. Those are true horror films.
The Nightmare Before Christmas

It's not a horror movie in the least, but I'll be durned if it's not a festive, rompin' good time c8
Look at B movies made in the 40's to 60's, or you could check out Nightmare on Elm Street (the original).
haven't watched them, but the nightmare on elm street movies are kinda psychological, if you watch it late/when you're about to go to sleep, i assume.


try that, i guess. for scary things to be scary, you have to immerse yourself more than just watching it, i dunno.

my fave "horror" movie is shaun of the dead.

lols are had, every time.

Good movies suggested but so far what I've found are the best movies are ones that have little hype and moderate graphics. A good plot is what makes a good movie, Nightmare on Elm Street, great movie, unique plot, did not involve everyone getting mindlessly killed. Sorority Row, sucked, blood, fire, flashing lights, nudity and profanity every 6 seconds, plot involved all but about 3 girls not getting killed. See a similarity? Even the movie Human Centipede which you might say I would shoot down was good. It had a very very unique plot, took the viewers worst scenario and put on a screen forcing you to watch, pretty good effects (no constant gore). My point....I wish I knew.

I ordered any of these movies (picked ones I never heard of), have you watched any?
The Bad Seed- an old "classic" horror movie
The Final- a newer movie about a nerd taking revenge (interesting...)
Hunger- a scientist kindnapps people, puts them all in a room together, starves them, watches, ?????, profit
It Came From Outer Space- another old "classic" horror film
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