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FLOWERS AND MOVIE AWARDS SHOW! Answers and winner up! Thank you ♡

Bump bump.

Its crazy knowing my give aqay is coming to an end, best of luck to everyone who has entered! I hope my final set of hints helped ^^
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Video games or anime next year? I started drawing more cross overs. Im leaning towards video games for the gamers on here,
Guys. Like omg,

This give away is gonna be over soon, someone is gonna take home those six flowers, I'm so excited to see who!!

I call this a huge sucess, I've got more entries then I thought, and all of you did so well. So pumped to see who wins!!

I'll be honest I've been drawing a lot of crossover art, sadly I can't post some of it, proior to the rules, but like I'm planning the next round. Cause those took a long time to do, especially Toby's. Took about two-three week, Lopez's also took awhile.Kid Cat actually has two variations, I just changed it because I realized he was the only one who didn't have his boyfriend in his image xD Marshal has Raymond, but Raymond is in Static's picture. So I tried something else!

I Think it will be video game crossovers next! I've got a list in mind, so will see how that goes!

Thank you participates and people just watching. A very successful Bump!
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Drawing edgy Sherb was also a lot of fun, in both Raymond and Chief's.
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This officially marks the second to last day of this contest. It's been a pleasure hosting this, and I've enjoyed every second of it.

I'm excited to see who is victorious in this contest, and I hope you are too. Winner will be receiving glorious flowers, and I'll make sure everyone gets a little something.

I know having to look up characters can be very tedious. So I really commend you for taking your time to do that, you all did very well. For that I'll have a little something else as well for doing that tedious task ♡

I'll be posting the answers, and where the image comes from in the movie! Though some I just made up. Others are straight up recreated screen shots.

there's still time to enter, so don't hesitate.

Thank you for coming to the movies with me!
Roll out the red carpet, straighten your tuxes, brush off those gowns for the premiere of the Flowers, and movie awards!

Its almost time to pass out those awards, and do some reveals that our ten stars have been eagerly awaiting to share, but also who managed to figure out their movies, and identified them in their movies
Here are a few words from our stars, who are currently gussying up, so default posters for now:


*I quite enjoyed my stardom while it lasted. Though body paint does ruin completions, I have no regrets with my choice*


*I knew I made the right choice! Well it wasn't my first choice! But I'm so happy*


*I can't wait to hold more weapons in the future, this was fun. I like looking edgy!*


*Wasn't my first choice. But seemed fun. Still didn't expect things to go that way. But I guess mine was different*


*It was risky pickin a movie like this. But seemed to have paid off in the end. A risk well taken*




*Well, I have no regrets, it was a fun shoot, to do, and with the others too. Defently better then my other choice*


*Wow I never wore my helmet in any of these, but it was fun! Good hustle guys!*


*Twice. Really? I wore that dumb costume, and it happened twice. Well anyway. Glad I decided to go all sappy for mine*


*Well. I can say I'm pretty surprised, but I highly enjoyed that role. Defently a different past few weeks, but no regrets in my choice*

Tune in December 1st for the much anticipated awards. Feel free to still enter. But I'm closing entries tomorrow

I'll see you all on December 1st, thank you again to everyone, if you entered or not. Thank you ♡
Hi guys, due to delays on my end I will have to do the ceremony the day after tomorrow. Stuff won't really be ready by the end of tonight sadly
Elleo everyone!

Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for me, I am officially all set for our award session, you all did amazing, be proud of yourself

I'm really proud with how things came together and excited for you to see as well

all that and more will premiere today! As I am just waking up! I will start preparations and throw out invites to all of you once it's done! (As in tag you) People not partipating are also welcome ^^

See you all then!! 💖
Note this will be a two part posting due to the amount of images (maybe something else present) I'll still tag you when the first part is up and work on post the second part in the mean time

If you wanna be there for both together, look for the title change to *winner and awards* in the thread title
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