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  • What does music mean to me?
    friendly reminder that you still have 600 silver to spend before it expires in a bit over a day

    bringing up, since we've nearly reached the final goal for spending silver, so any final push would help
    Heyyy nice avatar!! Nice to see another football fan, even better to find another Lions fan!! What a year it’s been for Michigan football!! Wolverines beat the Buckeyes, the Buckeyes lost their bowl game, AND Wolverines won the National Championship!! AND The Lions are through the Divisional round, it’s so awesome!! 🤩 what are your thoughts on the upcoming game?
    Thank you so much everyone for thinking of little ol' me. I may still be in my 20's, but I feel like a wiser person every day. I only joined TBT last June, but the fact that a lot of people here actually appreciate the things I contribute makes me want to come back everyday. It's more than my passion for the series - It's the people here that make it something else. You guys are the best. 👍
    Happy Birthday! 🎉🎉🎉🎂💜 Thank you for the lights and I hope you have a fabulous day 🎈
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