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  • where did you come from
    where did you go
    where did you come from, cotton eye joe

    (but srsly where are you)
    Yeah, I don't really like the songs that aren't great. >:/

    I wouldn't mind if youngBro was similar to Rose, it'd be interesting, imo. But so far, Jake is my favorite.
    I know, there's so many good songs to get. I suppose when I get the money I should buy Vol. 1-4, since that's such a steal I'd be a fool not to buy it!

    All of the Medium songs are great (Doctor, Endless Climb, Atomyk Ebonpyre, Frost)

    I find "Let the Squiddles Sleep" catchy for some reason (at least the beginning) :L

    I love the way Jake talks, you can't say spanking ripsnorter and not be a badass B) the way tG acts, I get the hunch that she's supposed to be similar to Dave?
    Yeah, although a remix of Frost would've been cool.

    Ooh, what albums did you get? What are your favorite tracks?

    I suddenly want to see a SBaHJ moive now, speaking of which, did you read the update? Glad that it's finally updating again :D

    Okey dokey.
    it wwill be so glubbin awwesome

    Yeah, me too. Making it similar to John's was also a nice touch (I love Savior of the Dreaming Dead). I really need to buy some of the albums.

    Oh yeah, I read the "About the EoA"s. The update he posted about the power outage, I just figured it was gonna be a SBaHJ issue or something. :S

    Heh, thanks.

    Oh I see, could I trouble you for your AIM account then?
    Hmm... So many things left unanswered. (I kind of wish I had time travel powers to travel to the 11th)

    It was also sad to see CD die D: I think he was my favorite of the four.

    I like how even if Jack's an evil ******* he's still part Becquerel, I thought it was cool how he saved Jade.

    I wasn't really expecting anything out of the intermission, hell I didn't even know there was an intermission planned.

    Also, I don't think I've commended you on the Nepeta avatar, so... nice avatar :p

    You have an MSN right?
    I wonder if their powers will differ from Aradia and Vriska's. (Actually, I kind of forget what Vriska's abilities were)

    I wonder if, in the scratch universe, instead of John it'll be someone else? Like, Nana Egbert, maybe an entirely new person or something. Or how about the exiles? Maybe the kid's exiles will be more like the troll's exiles, with the mobster-type thing they've got going on, and vice-versa.

    I know, WV was probably my favorite exile, still, it's cool to see PM step up. (Although I was kind of hoping to see a WV vs. JN)

    Yeah, me too. only... 8 days to go 'till the next update...!

    I think it's kind of cool how it's kind of a palindrome.


    : o)

    (Gogdammit, it won't let me make that face correctly.)
    Aw D:

    Heh, do a lotta sight seeing?

    I already did, technically not summer since it was early May.. But still.
    You might wanna hurry =O I think the beta's almost over.

    Awesome, what'd ya do there?

    I'm doin' okay, nothing really going on here.
    It's going good so far, some bugs here and there, but atleast it's still not acting up, on the first day it ended up being slow as hell and froze frequently, It was terrible D:

    I think it's open to all members now, so you could try it out if ya wanted.

    Yeah, I don't think I've gotten much sidequests done, I should probably get to that.

    So how are ya, Ronimus Prime?
    Trudat, but now the Uncharted 3 beta is distracting me... hnng...

    Really? I've only done two planets so far D:
    Lol, yeah I know.

    The first one, I think I stopped at Lady Benezia, well... Because of Ocarina. And now I just haven't gotten back into it.
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