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FLOWERS AND MOVIE AWARDS SHOW! Answers and winner up! Thank you ♡

Remember when I said I love car movies. But I also love a certain villager hmm??

Ya know Sasha is a rabbit, hes very hesitant to use a knife? Arnt all rabbits like that? Arnt people NICK NAMED a rabbit for being a whimp? Is Sasha a whimp?
Also I forgot about this thread! Ha! So bump

I believe I still only got four or five people? Come on peeps get those guesses in, got tons of flowers for all!
Three correct guesses minimum
Give me the names of all the character correctly

It looks like were one month away from the give away itself! Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Good luck to all of you

Still open for entries, I'll be posting one more set of hints, and that will be it! Thank you again!
Heading into November ^^ Half way mark, and still plenty of time! Thank you to everyone whos particpated!

I might do anime next year or a different kind of give away :) This was fun.

I think this is litterally just Cat's thoughts lol

I can just picture Lopez in this song, its just so perfect ♡

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