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FLOWERS AND MOVIE AWARDS SHOW! Answers and winner up! Thank you ♡


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Oct 14, 2020
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disclaimer, this was orginally in the museum thread, but I decided to repost it here. Because it wasnt really an art thread, despite all my work being original. Also alot of people post they're contests here. But feel free to move it if needed)

You know what I really like? Movies, I love movies. I could watch them for hours, and hours and never get tired. I have watched two movies in a row at a theatre, granted I wanted to cleanse my mind of the Nun, but I degrees. You know who also likes movies? My villagers, yep I asked them, and well they all have favourites, and to my surprise, well they actually all like movies I like too! How convenient.

So then it hit me, an idea struck me:

So it was brought to my attention that my anniversary on here is coming up, and well I've also wanted to hold an event, to show how much I appreciate this site, and all the people in it. So it's my turn to do so, with a movie themed contest!

So to do this, I have spent many months drawing out either scenes, screenshots, or related images, featuring my villagers. It's pretty simple, I'll use an example below, because lucky for me, I have a ton of rejects. Villagers change their mind a lot:

So here is an example of what the image will look like, it will be a scene from a movie, or a related image like above,
first you guess the movie, in this case it's *Nope*
After you gotta guess who each villager is playing as:
Raymond: OJ
Kid Cat: Emerald
Sasha; Angel

Pretty straight forward.

After you have your guess, PM THEM TO ME DIRECTLY. I will not tell you if you got them right, or not. I will give you a "love reaction" after I review your answer. If you get it right, I will put you into the draw for the grand prize, which will be explained below. You may re-submit a guess if you think your wrong, or other reasons. But if you say, guessed *Nope* first, and then changed your answer to *Prometheus*. Then you'll no longer be in the draw for the prize, so be careful,

Now if your curious why I want you to PM me them instead of posting them, well I think it would be more fun if the answers were anonymous, and no one knew what other guesses were, I'll announce them at the end of the contest. So fill my inbox as much as you like.

Please don't post your answers in this thread. I really want these to be anonymous, and I really don't want to have to redo and ask my villagers to pick a different movie. If you wanna talk about a piece in this thread, simply refer to it as the villager's picture,

For example Nope was Raymond's choice, so if you wanna talk about it, just say "Raymond's picture" NOT the title of the movie.



Well this is a contest, and of course I have a grand prize!

Awarded to the winner drawn from the "Random Picker:" I will use online to determine the winner, they will receive a grand bouquet!

The bouquet consists of the following flowers:

-White Lily
-Red Cosmos
-Yellow cosmos
-White cosmos
-Red Lilly
-Yellow Liliy

Each person who enters will also receive an amount of "TBT" by the end. I dont have an exact amount, but Im hoping it will be alot. but it all depends on how much I have. I'm not very rich sadly.

This is really my thank you to the community, for always being there, and being great friends, so I wanted to have a decent prize to give away ^^

Love you all:


So like I said, I had my villagers pick the movies, and here they are, dressed up, in there favourite movies. I don't think they will be too hard. I didn't want them to be super hard.

A few things first:

-Please don't judge if they are too easy, or so fourth, if you know them all right away, cool! I don't want people to get frustrated.
-Please don't negatively critic my art, I worked super hard on all of these, and Id really rather not get negative feed back
-Finally don't judge my villager's choice of movies, if you disagree with the movie choice,
Like if say, Sasha picks "Venom" and you disagree with that, please don't say anything. These pieces took ages to work on,

So just enjoy the guessing, and have fun regardless of the movie choices!

Without further ado here they are!










Remember, PM me, your movie guess, and who each character is playing as. Do not post them here. You can post for questions or hints here.

You may need to think outside the box for some of them.

Everyday I will provide a hint for a movie in order.

You gotta get a minimum of three correct to be entered to win the flowers. I know some people dont watch tons of films, so figured that would make it more barable. Once you get up to three correct I'll send you a flower emoji.

Have fun guys!

Im keeping this contest open until December 1st, so plenty of time to to guess!

Post below to sign up/so I know your in it ^^

-Guess up to five movies or more correctly
-Pm them to me directly
-Provide a list of who every character is playing as correctly.

Feel free to send them in snipits and not all at once. Fill my in inbox as much as you please.

If you wanna mention any of the pictures in this thread, just refer it as the villager's movie (Example Marshal's movie) not the movie title. Feel free to ask questions, and I hope you all enjoy my little contest.

If it turns out well I might do it again, but with games, or anime. I was actually originally gonna do anime, but changed it to movies, after being hired back at the theatre. because this was a lot of fun to do, and set up. I think it will be all worth it.

Now if you excuse me I got some villager's to clean up, they've been very patient canvases.

Love you The Bell tree Forms, your all amazing <3

Here are some of the rejects my villager's changed their minds on, props if you know what movies they are. You can just post those here though, no need to PM

Have fun guys!


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What a lovely idea for a contest!! I'll definitely be trying my hand at this once I have some more time to view the different movie scenes. Thank you for hosting. :giggle:
Hint one: Bruce. This was the directors first movie, and really changed how people saw its genre
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Hint 2: Ya know, an actual couple posed as these two characters is kinda *shifty*

But deer will be deer, and they'll like who they like. Even if the reason is not what it "appears" to be
Hint 1 Chief: fun fact, you know the signiture *cycle slide* animation you see in cartoons, anime? Live action cant pull it off as well.

Its mostly been done on vehicles but also by a lion lol

Annnyway, that animation orginated from this very movie, and has since been used in tons of other series over the years.
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Hint one, Kid Cat: Ah, humanized Cartoon characters. I personally like them alot. Very adorable and creative versions of none human characters

Now with that in mind,

Picture it with less human, but more so a cat and squirrel version

This hint also counts for another villager's movie.
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Hi guys, sorry I haven't been updating with hints. Ive got alot going on,

I decided that I wanna post a finale set of hints, really good ones. I made them easy because this is not susposed to be a hard contest, and I really want everyone to have fun.

These hints include the following you can basically just look up:
-Titles of Songs in the Movie
-Lyrics of Songs in the Movies
-Play on ths Titles of the movies
-Alternative words for the movie title
-Sayings from the Movie posters.
-Strong hints for the movie
Kid Cat












So you can basically look most of these up for the answers. But I wanted to make them easier for people who dont watch alot of movies

If you get them right I'll just straight up tell you in Pm

I need the following:
Names of who everyones playing as
-A minimum of 5 correct!

Good luck guys! I'll reveal where each hint stems from at the end.

Have fun!

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I've got a different verion of Raymond's choice. Its a bit more uhh, closer to the movie.

But I couldn't help myself. Still. Not gonna post it but ehh. Is that another hint?

My movie of the year right now is Gran Turismo, I think its soo good. But I also love car movies for some reason xD

I was gonna use this as Static's movie, but realized Static wasn't really the focus in this piece, so I changed it. Could have used Cat's or Raymond's. But both were already decided, and Cat was my first one completed.
(I also was having trouble with the background and still dislike the background)

But man do I ever adore this movie ♡ I can't wait for the poster to come in, ahh
Still here lol

4 entries so far ♡ Gonna add another hint board soon

Minimum of 3 entries ^^ I understand people arnt super hero versed so I changed it to three
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