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Your Opinion(s) on Your College/University/Trade School?

How do you feel about your college, university, trade school, etc. in general?

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Good teachers good, bad teachers bad. Dunno. I got one C this year and it's because the teacher expected us to know stuff from the book when we did not work with it. I won't repeat this mistake, but it sucks. She also gave me a B in another class after I wrote an A in the exam.
You know, I'm really not enthusiastic about college. I feel like I'd be better off studying at home. I wouldn't have to deal with annoying classmates and teachers. I've noticed that I'm more productive when I skip classes, like when I'm sick. Yeah, I'm a bit of an introvert. However, the college learning experience is also valuable. There are cool instructors there who are always supportive. Sometimes it's crucial to prepare for discussions. which I intensely dislike, so I proactively do my discussion board assignments in advance to ensure I feel confident and have a better grasp of the topic, facilitating quality interaction with peers and instructors.
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I graduated high school just a few months after the pandemic started and decided to take a gap year. When I started in 2021 I felt unprepared since I went to a high school that was way too easy and I couldn’t handle how much harder college was. The college’s website was terrible too and it made submitting assignments and finding syllabuses a headache. Socially it was an improvement from high school, but I still dealt with some rude people and even a couple of people making fun of me. Signing up for the college in the first place took ages and required so much paperwork. I’m lucky I had a decent GPA, SAT scores, and ACT scores since if I didn’t it would’ve been even harder.

At the age of 22 I dropped out of college since I was so miserable and now I’m looking for jobs. My mom wants me to go back eventually, but I have no clue what major would work for me and I don’t if there’s any jobs for any majors available that would work for me.