What model Switch do you use the most?

What model Nintendo Switch do you play on the most?

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May 11, 2020
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Like with Nintendo’s other handhelds, Nintendo has released multiple models of the Nintendo Switch since its initial release in 2017. In that time there’s been three Switch models, each with different features. Which one do you use the most? Here’s the difference between the three:

Original Switch. This one can be used both docked and in handheld mode and is the original model from 2017. Later revisions of this model have much better battery life.

Switch Lite. This is a budget Switch that costs a bit less than the other models, but can only be used as a handheld. The controller is built in, unlike the original Switch’s joycons, and can’t be swapped out.

Switch OLED. The latest revision of the system. This one has a 7 inch screen instead of the original’s 6.1 inch screen and uses a OLED type screen. The colors are much more vibrant than other models, but can be toggled to be less bright in the settings.
My first and only Switch is an OLED, so I've been using that the most. The original feels outdated for me. A Lite would be cool to own too, but the only good use I could get out of it is for developing a second island in ACNH.
Although the OLED Switch is my primary model, I used the Switch Lite more than I ever used for any Nintendo Switch unit.
I've been playing Switch since I got the OLED not too long after it came out and it's the only one I have. I got the one that comes with the red and blue joycon.
I have the original Switch. The Animal Crossing edition ! But before that, I had a yellow Switch Lite that I loved sooo much ;w; I wish I still had it, I'd love to have more than one AC:NH island that I don't have to share with anyone else! :<

I'd love an OLED model, because then I'd be able to say I've proudly owned all 3! But.. I heard there's a new console coming within the next few years. So.. maybe I'll wait? :^
I have a Switch Lite; it’s the only model I’ve had. I got it instead of an OG/OLED Switch because I only like handheld consoles and playing games handheld, and I knew I more than likely wouldn’t use TV or Tabletop Mode. The Switch Lite was also significantly cheaper, and I liked its design and colour choices more, so I figured it was a better choice!

Over 4 years later, and I don’t regret my choice. :)
I've the original and Lite models.

I want to say that my Lite has probably had the most use of the two, despite me having the original three years longer. Honestly, my dream Switch would be a dockable version of the Lite. The shape and texture of the console is just so much nicer to hold. I only ever play the original Switch docked.
I have two original model Nintendo Switches, one from 2018 and one from a year or so ago. I got the second one so I could make another New Horizons island since I came up with a neat concept for one and also wanted to experience more of the villagers I haven't had before.

The Switch Lite doesn't appeal to me due to its handheld nature and inability to dock, since I prefer playing video games on bigger screens whenever it's an option, and the shoddy quality of Joy-Cons deters me as well. As for the OLED, the way I saw it for myself, why spend more on a more bigger model when it's still not as powerful as the competitors anyway?
Up until recently, I’ve been using a switch lite. I voted for the Switch since I’ll be using this now the most and my lite as backup or for my secondary island. 🙂
I use the OLED except for Nintendo Labo VR. That game you need The original model to use the VR viewer
I've only owned the original Switch I got back in summer 2017. I also am probably in the minority of people who almost entirely use it docked, so the Lite and the upgrades of the OLED didn't appeal to me that much.
I started ACNH on the standard switch, and my kids got into it too. Then they started landscaping and dropping their rubbish all over the island and it ruined my zen 🤣🤣

So my husband bought me a switch lite for my birthday a a couple of years ago and now that is my main console. I sometimes let the kids fly over to visit me 😉
I’ve had the original Switch the longest. 2017 until 2022. Still have my regular Switch but when my partner wanted to get one I got a new OLED one (Splatoon 3 special edition) and gave him my old one. I play a mix of handheld and docked while he plays 99% docked so I get much more use out of the better screen on the OLED.
oop I forgot to post my answer. I had an original Switch I got from launch day from 2017, but then I got a Switch OLED for my birthday last year and have played that exclusively since.
The switch lite. I got it as NH released, and I only really got it for animal crossing, so I didn’t want to spend too much on it, and I had no need for a regular switch because I wouldn’t be playing on the TV.
yellow switch lite. used to have the greenish blue one but the battery died died on it T-T. I used a friend's OLED switch on the TV, and it was too bright and too big for my liking, so I'll just stick with the lite
I don't have "keep multiple consoles" money, but I did upgrade my first edition Switch for the OLED and I'm so happy I did. As a handheld player the difference in screen is so noticable to me. I also love the white joy cons, but that's not that important.

I only tried my niece's Switch Lite once and I really don't like it. It might be better for kids'/small hands, but it's too thick for me too. I like the tablet vibe of the regular versions.
only got the original model over here. have debated on getting an oled for second console things, but with nintendo's next system absolutely around the corner and a possibility of it being switch games backwards compatible, I've ddecided to wait and see about official info on that first

yellow switch lite. used to have the greenish blue one but the battery died died on it T-T. I used a friend's OLED switch on the TV, and it was too bright and too big for my liking, so I'll just stick with the lite

wait but docked mode has nothing to do with oled or original. it'd be entirely the tv itself and whatever settings are applied to it