What part of the Nintendo Switch do you find to be the most disappointing?

I don't like how the Switch is loose and wobbles around when in the dock. I have the OLED model too and it's the same thing. I find it a tad annoying when I'm trying to change games.

The drift was a problem. I had to buy a Pro controller (which was probably what they were aiming for).

Other than that, I can't really complain about the Switch's graphic limitations. It's meant to be more affordable and focused on game play rather than a 5TB 8K 120FPS machine. Some Switch exclusives have really showcased its graphic potential, though, like Mario Odyssey.
I think they meant “banked” in the sense that Nintendo definitely profited off releasing it during a pandemic. Not necessarily that they did it on purpose.

I think I’d agree with a lot of your points if Nintendo hadn’t had 7/8 years to make the game. I understand the DLC aspect for holidays and adding them as appropriate so people don’t time travel, but Nintendo is getting a bad habit of trying to force people to play a certain way rather than letting a person play the game they paid $60+ the way they want to. If they want to time travel to Christmas etc, let them.

It’s very much like in Pokémon where they keep removing options like turning off the EXP share. Giving a player LESS options on how they play their own game is never a good thing imo.

They removed so many options on how people can play to prevent time travellers spoiling stuff, which is fair I suppose. But they removed so many other things like shop upgrades that the game just felt slow imo. The stuff they added to fill the time like NMT islands and farming materials gets boring very fast
a) yeah, they definitely did profit off of releasing it in a pandemic. Not gonna deny that. I just feel as if Blue genuinely thinks what I said there.

b) generally don't think they were fully focussed on developing NH for those whole 7 years, tbh (unless it's a Nintendo Switch Sports-style deal where they ended getting really lost during development). Think that AC was generally going to skip the Wii U even before it turned out to be a flop because it's always done worse on consoles than it has on handhelds, think that you've also got to take into consideration that the development of HHD, amiibo Festival, the Welcome amiibo update and Pocket Camp also happened during this period. Admittedly, one purely exists to manufacture amiibo and fill a release slot for a console that is dying so bad that its successor has already been hinted at by the time this game was announced, one is a gacha mobile game developed purely because said dying console flopping got Nintendo into the nearly as unsuccessful Nintendo Mobile Games sideline (this game and a couple of others are its only successes!), one is a fairly decent home-designing game that also has the horrible "make a town" aspect included, and one is the Welcome amiibo update, which is at best very welcome, and at worst the closest mainline AC has ever come to free-to-play mechanics. Two and a half of them are clearly them prototyping and workshopping ideas for NH, the other one has a couple of nice ideas and is a cheap way to get Isabelle and Digby amiibo but should never have been made, but they take up a good 4 of those 7 years, and I don't think they started development on the game properly until around late 2016 - early 2017 at the earliest (so it ended up with roughly the same amount of dev time as NL, and NL at least had the benefit of reusing a lot of assets from LGTTC).

c) even as a former time-traveller myself, going "if they want to time travel, let them" is just depressing. If even your core fanbase can't even engage with one of the core mechanics of your game properly because "waa, it's inconvenient!" (yes, that's the point), it reflects badly on it. The game's designed around the real-time clock. Time travelling isn't something you can pass off as an option, it's just being impatient. You're going to get everything done sooner, sure... but it sucks, because you run out of things to do, on top of being the opposite of what the game's designed around! "Oh, but Nintendo's getting into a bad habit of trying to force people to play a certain way rather than letting a person play the game they paid $60+ the way they want to" ...yeah, they're professional game developers, they designed the thing, they've got a vision in mind. I think it's ultimately more respectful to try and engage with it on its own terms instead of Karening all over the place because a game designed to be slow... is slow, and is discouraging you to go fast.

I do think that the ways that they've tried getting around this phenomenon generally end up neither discouraging the player who's time-travelling to stop doing so and end up detracting from the life-sim experience (being the mayor so you can enact ordinances, I'm talking about you in particular), tho, and to some extent makes me just want to go "Aya, look... ignore basically everything fans do, trying to do something based on what they do is just going to end up with people shouting at you". It's a horrible compromise!

d) I think the reasons for oversimplifying a lot of things can be boiled down to either "trying to do something different", "making things more approachable to newcomers, or people who've only played Pocket Camp" or "using the time and resources required to model stuff like other shop upgrades to model stuff like furniture, which is if we're being honest, the most needed thing here"
Yes I meant that they profited from when they released it not that they purposefully knew it was going to happen and did it. They were going to drop the game in 2019 but had to delay it. I forget what month it was in 2019. I'm not that stupid and I think you know that to.

I just think with how much time they seemed to have in development and how well sells did they could've done more.

But that's just me. I'm not a fan of the dripfeed stuff. I want to experience the game fully when I buy it. Had I known most of the basic stuff from previous games was slowly going to be reintroduced, I would had held off and I am sure a good amount of people would've done the same. Even if I experienced the game in the span of a few months I would've rather had that then to wait because Nintendo wanted to artificially lengthen the game's lifespan.
my biggest wish for the switch was that we'd get pokemon gen 3 on virtual console, maybe gen 1 and 2 too. they released other games apart from nso, so they obvi can do it. i bought all the old pokemon games on my 3ds but i'd happily rebuy them if i could play them on my tv, especially for gen 2 and 3.

i think the only other cons i have is that they really push the fact that it's a handheld and a home console, but i never take it anywhere. the original switch is massive and so delicate compared to the ds or even the gameboy. i miss little consoles i can fit in my sweatshirt or coat pocket. the switch doesn't even fit in my purse. i love that i can have my whole library on the system/sd card, but i hate that it's too big to be portable to take full advantage of it.

the price of everything is crazy too. games being $60 and the system being like $300 not including all the stupid accessories? crazy. i have so few mainline games on it because they're so damn expensive and so many of them don't feel worth the commitment. it's mostly my zelda, animal crossing, and puzzle game console.
The most disappointing thing with the switch is that it has absolutely no personality in it‘s UI anymore. No more themes, no more pins, no more funky music, no more pre installed games/gimmick apps. Nothing. Not even the eshop has music. No internet browser. No mii channel. They basically stopped caring about the miis too for some reason?? The switch is so much more soulless than any previous nintendo console. Very, very disappointing.
My 2 biggest dislikes about the Switch are definitely the lack of themes and how easy it is for the joycons to start drifting. On my 3DS, I used to love seeing the different themes, and it felt more customizable and personal. With the basic black and white themes on the Switch, it just feels way too bland. As for the joycon drift, I bought my Switch Lite not too long ago, and the left joystick is already drifting. I feel like they were made way too flimsy, and Nintendo could take a page out of other consoles' books and create their consoles/joycons like Xbox and PlayStation do. I've had my Xbox controller for years and have never had any issues with the analog sticks drifting or showing resistance.
I'm pretty disappointed in the lack of identity and uniqueness that the switch's UI has. It doesn't have a distinct nintendo-y feel to it like the 3ds and Wii did. One of many small details I miss are the little animations that play when you download a game from the eshop. Where's the little orange shopping bag guy? Or the pikmin?

Another thing is that a lot of games lately have been released incomplete at launch with a slow stream of free updates to patch them out. This a real pain for multiplayer games since the player base drops off only a few months after launch.

Also, the online being paid was another big downside for me- I wouldn't mind paying if the service was worth paying for and was consistent, but it's not.

It's also pretty understandable that nintendo is trying to prevent people from hacking their consoles, but it's a bit annoying that they took the time to patch out exploits in newer switch models but they still haven't fixed joy-con drift..
Lack of themes is a pretty obvious one, but it IS still a gripe for me even if I personally didn't get to use any themes besides the basic ones on the 3DS.
Paid online, return to friend codes when Wii U had usernames, lack of Virtual Console, and over-reliance on Wii U ports.

At the end of the day the Switch now has a great library of games, but the years that were padded with Wii U ports were hard to get through.
lack of themes/customizing, joycon drift, bulkier on the go compared to DS, some games don't run that well, and just kinda soulless overall
lack of themes/customizing, joycon drift, bulkier on the go compared to DS, some games don't run that well, and just kinda soulless overall
Yeah it definitely feels soulless and that it lost a lot of charm. The Switch menu is basic and doesn't have any recognizable sounds or themes. The Wii and Wii U while not the best selling consoles had some memorable themes. To this day I can still play out the music in my head.

I think the themes, music, and applications was to convince loyal fans and other gamers to play their consoles, but when they got to the Switch, they went down to the barebones minimum that implies that they’re all about getting the job done rather than having something fancy. This isn’t just staying behind other companies. They’re going backwards.
I think the themes, music, and applications was to convince loyal fans and other gamers to play their consoles, but when they got to the Switch, they went down to the barebones minimum that implies that they’re all about getting the job done rather than having something fancy. This isn’t just staying behind other companies. They’re going backwards.
Well even the Gamecube had themes to an extent. If you went into the settings of the console there were themes for that from what I remember. And each save file had a little animation icon minus some 3rd party games, but most of the Nintendo 1st party games had a cool animation.

Heck even the Eshop for Wii U had themes and it changed up depending on what time of the year it was or a way to promote the release of a new game. Twilight Princess for the Wii U had the Malo Mart theme play for a week or more on the Eshop. It's little things like this that made it charming.
I definitely wish there was themed backgrounds! The joycon drift was disappointing as well.
Pokemon is the biggest disappointment for me on the Switch tbh. ToTK proved that the hardware is capable of pushing its boundaries, and why they decided to give us S/V in the state it was at launch bewilders me. Biggest disappointment in a PKMN game ever
Another thing I'm disappointed in is the lack of variety in the Eshop music like the 3ds had. From 2011-2016 the eshop would get new music every few months. I miss that a lot.. If the 3ds can have 13 catchy eshop themes, then the switch can at least have one!
Besides the JoyCons, I would say the quality/compatibility of ports. Some run poorly. Some run fine but are hard to play in handheld mode due to issues like tiny text. It would be nice if we could get better/more honest warnings or previews about this.

The way JoyCons feel and battery power in handheld mode are annoying as well. The Switch is supposed to be a hybrid console but playing it in handheld mode often doesn't feel great, it's like it was some kind of afterthought.

That's not even going into the software, services etc. feeling much less quirky and fun than they did on 3DS and even DS :( I really miss that!