How long have you been subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online?

How long have you been subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online?

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I’ve been a part of a family membership under my oldest sister’s account with her kids so I can’t check the exact date of when I joined it since she pays for it. I’m pretty sure it was some time in 2020 though, so I’d say it’s been roughly four years now give or take. It’s just the basic tier membership no expansion. I’ll probably be on this membership until her kids decide they no longer want Nintendo online which works perfectly for me because I don’t think I could justify paying for it myself because I hardly use it. It wouldn’t be worth the price I don’t think and she’s not paying any extra just to have me on it because she has two kids that both have want it anyways. I did try to give her money for it every year but she’s always declined it so I make it for it in other ways.
I got it right before new horizons came out, so it was like at the end of March ^^
i've been subbed since it released :) i needed it to play splat2n at the time and just never bothered giving it up. it's an annoying cost but i'm glad it's stayed pretty low.
I've had it since it was introduced because I play Splatoon. I have a family plan because it's cheaper that way!
I only have the basic tier and have been considering the expansion pack... since I am also paying for my sister's family plan and got her the expansion pack. I was happily surprised to know that HHP came with it! Since I wanted to get it for my sister anyways!

I would definitely recommend the family pack to anyone on individual plans rn!
A family plan is $34.99/yr! You can have 8 people in one family plan and if you split the costs up between 8 people, it's $4.37/year!
Although I would only add people that you trust to your family group.. and vice versa..
I had it for a year for NH release and now I think I've had it for one and a half years.
I just checked, and I've been subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online for five years, five months, and twenty days!
I used to have online membership for Nintendo switch but I stopped having it in 2022 I believe.

I then purchased a PlayStation online membership as I used to have one all the time. The cost for the Playstation membership is so expensive now that I couldn’t have the two at once.

My PlayStation membership will be expiring soon though so I might take a break and get a Nintendo membership again.
I already have more convenient ways to play snes games and from what I've heard the connection is spotty, so I've never used nso before. Maybe I'll get an online subscription for the next generation of consoles if the service is more consistent as I'd really like to try Splatoon.
I’ve had an online subscription since the beginning. A family plan as well. Originally the family plan was for me and my 4 alternate accounts in Animal Crossing as I played each of my characters alternating each day. I rarely play that now nevermind all 5 accounts haha. I did add my S/O to the family plan after I met him though so it’s still worth keeping.

I never upgraded to the expansion pass though. Really expensive for what you get imo. Plus I have all old Nintendo consoles so I’d rather play those games on original hardware anyways. Getting dlc is a nice bonus but I’d rather just outright buy the dlc to keep so if I don’t have a subscription one day I’ll still have all my dlc.
Since August 2020 when the dream suite came out in New Horizons 😂
I pay for an annual subscription so that I have cloud saves and can use the internet capabilities of some games. I just think it’s more convenient that way.
Around just under 4 years give or take! I got my switch during midyear of 2020 and I've been subscribed to NSO ever since. Loved playing ACNH online, and the membership is a must for a daily Splaton player like me ;w; I'm on family plan too so it's cheaper on my end! I only have the basic NSO membership which is more than enough for me ~
i've had NSO for 2 years, 6 months and 27 days. i've got an individual base membership for animal crossing: new horizons for whenever i need to trade or invite a villager to my island from someone!! i'm thinking about buying splatoon 3 and the new south park game, so would use it for that too. it's so much cheaper than playstation's online too which i'm pretty glad about 😅
I have had NSO for 5 years, 5 months and 21 days! I remember being so pressed when I could not play Splatoon 2! I still think the payment is unnecessary for P2P connection, I dunno if I’ll buy the next system until a few years after its release.
Since they started the online, but I lately I haven't really touched online that much. Or not a a regular/monthly basis. Last time was during some Smash match tbt did in December.

This brings up a question for me. What will they do when their new console comes out. Will the online payment be linked or are they going to be scummy and have switch and next-gen console have two separate prices. I'm pretty sure PlayStation and Xbox have online linked.
i believe i have subscribed since it's beginning so over 5 years ! fortunately i don't pay for it so i kinda just forget it's a thing hehe
I've never had the subscription, and I'm still saving the free trial for the right time (whenever that may be). I dislike subscription services because I never use them enough, but getting one for the odd time I would use them usually isn't worth it (and more expensive). I use my Switch maybe three times a year, and while I considered NSO after the 3DS online shutdown, my 3DS gaming backlog is still far too vast and the next console seems to be on the horizon.
I've had the family membership for about 3 years, I think? Finally renewed it today and just learned they changed things so you can't turn off automatic renewal without cancelling the subscription. What? I always turned it off because there's no money on my account. Having to make sure I turn it off right before it expires is going to give me terrible anxiety...
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