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Well.. I haven't been on an animalcrossing forum for 5 years..


Deleted User

While I may not be new to animal crossing based forums, I am new to this one, I haven't been on one since late 2004 and thats a whiiiiile back.
I was first on the AXA megadoomer forums, people were pretty nasty there, not sure if the collective community has changed within half a decade, but I hope this place is a lot friendlier.
I'm quite humble so I don't have much to say about myself, So hello I guess :3
this is like a lighter version of the AXA forums, i think.

most of the users don't play animal crossing anymore, but we aren't asses unless you're just plain stupid. (most of us)

hope you enjoy your stay. :)
Hey, Vienna!

The i don't think i was at AXA that long ago, but nowadays, i think it's a pretty nice place, pretty strict though.

As for here, most of us are nice, although you might run across some you might find a bit mean, just try to ignore them.

Hope you stick around! Enjoy yourself.
yup i joined 2 months ago,you will like it here and probly find that you will be on here a lot. welcome btw