Which do you prefer: The Bell Tree or Animal Crossing Community?


Apr 28, 2022
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I was digging through old threads in Brewster's Cafe (don't ask why ^_^") and found this one from 2014 that asked the same question (I won't link it to prevent necroposts.) I read through it and...man. What a trip. Obviously a lot has changed 10 years later, so now I'll ask again out of curiousity: do y'all prefer The Bell Tree or Animal Crossing Community? And no fighting, please... :(

As for my stance, I prefer TBT. It's been like my own online home lately. People here are respectful and the events are fun. Plus, it's small and active, which I like. I sure the "small" part is going to change once the new Animal Crossing game releases though. My only con is how people can say some swear words (but not the stronger kind) since the website is PG-13, but that's a me problem to begin with, and I have a browser extension installed that blocks them out so they're not much of a bother nowadays.

I also have an account on ACC but I don't use it a lot, mainly because the website is almost dead in terms of activity. I've heard the rules there are stricter than in TBT. Having been active in Scratch (a coding website with similarly strict rules) before, I understand it's so the website can be family-friendly. I kinda like that about ACC to be honest.
I had an account on the Animal Crossing Community website. While browsing around there was fun, it was honestly pretty boring whenever there wasn't a new thread and/or you have already posted in threads.

I heard people complaining about the old, outdated graphics of that site, but that was before they changed it to promote New Horizons.
I did see the website before the graphic change in 2018, and I didn't even have the account yet, I actually liked the old graphics way better.

I also heard some people complaining about non-customizable, preset avatars. I actually liked it, I thought that was a fun feature.

And also, the part I heard about the moderators with stricter rules like it was the 1800's or the 1900's...I'm glad I never dealt with any of those, and I didn't get banned, either.

However, I tried to log in the site again, and now my account's completely gone, even though I entered the username and password correctly.

So...The Bell Tree Forums website is WAY better than the Animal Crossing Community website.
Let’s see what I prefer:

Animal Crossing Community Details:
  • Stricter and harsher
  • Outdated layout and design
  • Hardly active
Bell Tree Forums Details:
  • Has collectibles
  • Has site events
  • Updated forum software
I’m gonna say Bell Tree is better.
I found The Bell Tree Forums back in either 2014 or 2015 (I knew of it for a period of time before actually joining after finding my way here via search results) and I've not felt the desire to wander to other communities. I've only been to Animal Crossing Community maybe three times or something like that since, again, it either came up in a search result or because the site was discussed on here.

TBT events are fun to participate in, it's cool to acquire collectibles and build lineups, the community seems nice for the most part (I tend to keep to myself and don't know about clique drama and whatnot), the Staff go above and beyond to keep us entertained and engaged throughout the year and the shopowners here in Nook's Cranny, Re-Tail and the TBT Marketplace have always been sufficient to meet my needs when trying to get Animal Crossing items and villagers, Pokémon and Pokémon items, etc.

So yeah, TBT.
I never looked at other animal crossing communities. So TBT wins by default. Even if I had, TBT would still be my choice. In my experience, finding well managed & moderated communities is extremely rare and ones that won’t tolerate bad behavior (rudeness, racism, hate, etc). There were a few cases of bad sportsmanship/elitism I’ve seen like during gaming events, but even that pales to compare to the behavior outside of the forums and is pretty rare here (at least from my observations). I haven’t seen any website similar to TBT with such well thought out events and collectibles.

TBT does have flaws in my opinion, but the positives usually outweigh the negatives.
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TBT by a longshot. I've never visited ACC and I don't really have plans on ever doing so. I've made countless friends and memories here, and that plus the frequent events always keep me coming back for more.
I've never used Animal Crossing Community, so TBT is my preference by default. I do acknowledge how there are some things years ago that are pretty wack to read even before I created an account back in 2018. I don't know about you, but internet forums in general are slowly dying. However, TBT is an exception to this and has a wonderful community alongside it. I even got to meet a couple of people from here in person that words can't describe how awesome it is. Plus, we have events organized throughout the year by staff themselves who take time out of their day to make it possible for us. They did not need to do that, but still did so anyways!

Sure, it's not perfect especially back when New Horizons was brand new and there were a few heated discussions. Still way better than the constant discourse (and potentially not family friendly stuff...) you see on other social media platforms.
I was a member on ACC from 2009. During the CF & New Leaf days ACC was great. It was the members that made it great though. The staff done nothing except moderate and try every way to give warnings for the stupidest reasons.

The Bell tree is amazing and its the staff that keep it that way with how much time and effort they are willing to give. With the events, collectables and their continued activity, they keep us coming back. Bell tree staff are second to none.

However ACC will always have a place in my heart. I made a lot of close internet friends there and I haven't made any close friends on TBT.
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I see unanimous support for TBT, which isn't surprising since I made this thread on that website. Now I'm curious whether any TBTers prefer ACC over it...
I haven't been on Animal Crossing Community in a LONG time, but I was actually really active there during my Wild World days. I want to say 2006-2008 or so? I made a couple of good forum friends and we had some seriously bizarre middle school message threads going. I can't say I prefer it to TBT now, since I use this site regularly and I'm long gone from ACC. But I have really fond memories!
I got banned on ACC twice. That's basically enough to say TBT is better.

Though I should mention that ACC handles its site currency better than this site does, so that’s one advantage I know of.
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I've never tried the other forum before. From what I remember, glancing at the layout kinda turned me away.
Tried looking again now and it's not even the same layout from when I originally looked. It's still weird... A bit too bright.