Are there any events/years on TBT that you regret missing out on?


Lost in the memories
Sep 28, 2015
Dreamy Easter Egg
Yellow Crescent Moon
Cyan Heart Glow Wand
Pink Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon Easter Egg
Crescent Moon Easter Egg
Star Glow Wand
Blue Star Fragment
Heart Glow Wand
Dreamy Easter Egg
I think this can apply to users both old and new! Are there any specific years or events that you wish you had experienced on TBT? Why did you miss out on them? (general inactivity, being busy irl, disinterest in the forums, etc.).

As an older member who’s been here since 2015, I’ve missed out on so many events that I kick myself for being absent for. 😅 I think one of my biggest regrets is missing out on the 2016 Fair because of the glow wands. I always remember coming back to seeing them and the fomo hit me real hard lol. I also really regret missing out on so many Easter Egg Hunts, specifically from 2017-2019. My first Easter Egg Hunt ended up being the Halloweaster one in 2020 which felt super late considering when I joined the forums. I’ve honestly always been pretty on and off on TBT, and it wasn’t until recent years (I’d say 2022?) that I started being more active and not missing out on many events. Even now I wouldn’t say I’m immune to going on long stretches of inactivity, but for the past few months I’ve been pretty consistent. 🥹
I wish I was just more active on this site in general when I became super into online forums. I would’ve loved to participate in some of the larger events I didn’t know existed at the time. I know the forum didn’t have as much of a community feel back then as it does today, but I think the events still would have been fun. I don’t regret becoming active more recently, though. I think the community is a nice place today.
The 2014 Easter Egg Hunt, the 2013-2014 TBT Fairs and the entirety of 2021 and the first half of 2023, which I only logged on those years for the Egg Hunts.

I was unaware of there being any events in the entire forums altogether until the 2015 Egg Hunt, which was what began my event craze.

But the biggest flop was missing out on all events post 2021 and 2023 events except for the aforementioned Egg Hunts. I could have had so much more fun with you guys if I were there, and I would have gotten to experience what Camp TBT was all about.

One thing for certain is that I will not miss out on any event this year.
I wasn't here from 2015-2018 and missed out on the TBT Fair 2017... really wishing I hadn't though, because it sounds like it was a blast.

Although, I heard there were a loooot of political threads around that time, so maybe I dodged a bullet by being inactive. 🙃
can’t think of any really. i wish id been more active around the ss dolphin collectible dropped so i could have collected at least 5. now i can dream :>
I haven't really paid much attention to what I missed out on, so not really. There are some event collectibles I really wish I had, but I highly doubt I would have enjoyed those events (The reason I don't usually participate), so it doesn't matter too much to me.
I kinda wish I was online for the Happy Home Designer token collectible, however. Since now I have both the New Horizons one and the New Leaf one.
So I was super duper active from 2016-2019, moderately active in 2020, and then almost completely inactive from 2021-2023 due to being busy irl. The only events I participated in from 2021-2023 were the egg hunts (how could I miss an egg hunt? It's literally the definitive Easter tradition for me at this point lol).

The event I most regret not participating in is the 2023 space camp, because I see people referencing it all the time and it sounded like fun. Also, it had good collectibles - I bought a space whale which is the one I love the most, but the rest of the collectibles are pretty nice too. I like the planet wand and moons. I'm not a huge fan of the collectibles from the other 2021-2023 events I missed so I don't really regret missing those.

Also, can someone tell me what event the black sheep collectible was from? I regret not getting that too lol (even though it probably wouldn't work with my current lineup)
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Joined in 2018 and forever kicking myself for missing out on 2018/2019 easter eggs that now cost an arm and a leg 🥲
I missed out on soo many cool events during the New Leaf era. I think there was one that was a summer beach party that introduced the popsicle collectible that I would have love to get.
I sadly haven’t been active as of late due to life deciding to be busy without my permission, so I regret missing a lot of the latest ones.
I intentionally opted out during TBT Fair 2022 because I thought the event was too much. There was a lot going on so I just straight-up didn't partake in it. I really wish I did though, because there were some collectibles that caught my eye and I would've had fun participating. Hell, I was on summer vacation so I had all the time in the world. 😭

I also wish I could've done more during the Halloween event 2023. This was around the time when someone very close to me passed away, so by then I didn't have any motivation or energy to participate. I had a very good reason for my inactivity, but I'm still kicking myself for not doing much besides the Vask story event.
2013 fair, because it's the only patch I'm missing (curse my joining just shortly after it ended), and the 2015 fire festival, which I skipped out on due to being busy at the time and on the assumption the motes would get a rerelease (THEY NEVER DID)
Honestly, there are none. I know I registered my account like 5 years before ever using it, and thus missed out on a bunch of events, but I honestly don't regret that I never used the forums in any way during that time. I've participated in most events since I started using the forums prior to being named a staff member, so no real chance for regret there, lol.

Also, can someone tell me what event the black sheep collectible was from? I regret not getting that too lol (even though it probably wouldn't work with my current lineup)
The Black Sheep Plush was released during the recent TBT's Haunted Carnival (Halloween 2023) event!
Seems like space camp was really fun, and I wish I could have gotten some of those sweet crescent collectibles.
I think I joined shortly after the event with the Moonball and Loveball. It would have been great to have been able to participate in that! And I also joined just a few days too late to get the 2018 candy cane.
I kinda wish I had participated more in both of 2021's team events -- The Bell Tree World Championship and Camp Bell Tree 2021. In both cases, I was a cabin leader, but almost entirely absent with many of my responsibilities unfairly landing on my other co-leaders. (sorry again @dizzy bone and @Nefarious) Plus, everyone seems to have great memories of both events and I can't really relate lol. :(

Also, 2022's Halloween event featuring The Last Tree Ghost is cool for TBT lore, with me being a forum ancient at all. I didn't help out with that event at all in the slightest, which is too bad in hindsight.

the assumption the motes would get a rerelease (THEY NEVER DID)

And some say, they never will.