Are there any events/years on TBT that you regret missing out on?

Real life hit hard during Space Camp (Good things! But I was not able to balance TBT on top of it all). It was a shame because the collectibles were exactly my aesthetic and I like to earn them myself. I ended up trading some things off so that I could still enjoy them. I need to manage my life better next time.
I think I regret not participating MORE during the TBT fair that had the gradient feathers, tbh. I only wanted the fresh feathers then but I should’ve went for the glam and sweet ones
Maybe last years Halloween event? I'm really not upset in any event that I didn't participate in tbh. I really enjoyed the team events, those were a lot of fun. I did all 3 and even if I got dead last each time I still enjoyed it. Now if next year I manage to get dead last again I might just throw the towel in cause I'm cursing my teammates lol.

Collectibles aren't really my priority. The event and how fun the tasks are is what I like/look forward to.
I usually don’t regret missing out an event that passes by, but one thing I do regret - joining later than 2013. I wanted to see more of the 2013 TBT Fair, including its Spin the Wheel event.
TBT Beach Party. It sounds so fun and I love the popsicle and ice cream swirl collectibles!
I stay beating myself up over missing the 2018 and 2019 Easter egg hunts… I could have Aurora, Dreamy and Nightmare Eggs right now
I wish I joined in 2022 or 2021, because then I’d be an older user, but also because I’d have seen more users that don’t use the sight anymore and all of the events.
i’ve been on the forums for five years, and i’ve only actively participated in three events: 2020 easter, 2023 halloween, 2024 acnl send off. i missed out on a lot of opportunities, but i’m (hopefully) here to stay!
I wasn’t active until around 2020 so don’t really regret missing anything before then. I do regret missing space camp. I love space related things. Those collectibles were great. I just wasn’t in a good mindset at the time.
Despite joining in 2016, I don't remember partcipating in the events around those times at all, and kinda say I didn't do of the older ones or ones before 2018/19
My memory of olden days is so bleak.
I was a lurker from 2017 to late 2021 so I missed out on all kinds of cool events! I wish that I had visited and traded with more people in new leaf when those sections were more active. I thought I'd have another chance with the Farewell event, but my 3ds became inoperable so I missed out on most of that too! I also regret missing out on the 2020 fair and the fair where all the gradient feathers were released.
the camps i missed out on tbh, i did a couple fairs and i adore them but i think i miss the first camp. i loved space camp, soooo im patiently waiting for the next one
probably the 2023 fair or christmas since they had some great galaxy themed collectibles. i've been able to collect a good amount of the ones i liked but it would've been nice to be around and get some myself~
I regret missing out on the space camp and whichever event(s) released the kitty collectibles. I know I was extremely depressed at the time of the event with the first cat collectible partially because of something that happened the year before around the same time.Still, I wish I forced myself to participate even though I know my health is more important.
definitely wish i participated in the 2017 fair!! would have loved to have purchased some feathers. i sold a fresh feather that i won in the closing ceremony raffle and have regrets ;_;

also wish i was around for the 2022 fair. the butterfly collectibles and all of the crystal colours are so cute 🥹
The earlier mid 2000s and 2010 days i wonder what it must been like at that era? since i wasn't really into ac at the time but i was on other forums here and there.