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  • I don’t have the time to respond much now, but thank you so much for drawing Hans! ♡
    I honestly can't wait to see who you've picked to draw! It was hard to narrow it down for me, so I'm glad you're the one choosing instead. I'll keep checking into your thread eagerly to see if it's been completed. Good luck for now—and thanks of course!
    Oh wow, that would be incredible! If you actually feel like drawing any of them, some of my favorites are Tangy, Hans, Skye, and Drago. No need to repay me though—I enjoyed looking at your art after all
    Until AC Switch comes out and the newest supposedly handheld console gets announced around that time you’ll change it?
    Hello! Sorry if I seemed rude when I asked for Canberra, I understand it is horrible looking for villagers for age's. And I hope you enjoy her. :)
    excellent! I will hold her until then... I might only be awake an hour earlier than that... but I will def be around at 11am
    ok! I should get her in boxes tonight.... just lemme know what time tomorrow! I am EST and work at 12:00pm
    Hey! I am closing down my cycling town soon, but I will be speed cycling to get Pate out for you before then so no worries! just letting you know she will be going out soon :D
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