Do you like your voice?


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Mar 29, 2021
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Do you like your voice? If not, what would you do to change it? Have you ever changed your voice before? Tell me all about it!

Personally, I'm pretty cool with my voice, though when I hear people with really high voices I get really jealous bc they sound cute ;w; but I've been told I have a very nice narrator-like voice. Recently my mom heard a recording of me and said "is that you? you have a really nice voice!" and in high school I worked on an advertising project where actual marketing professionals came in and watched our projects, and one of the things we had to make was a radio commercial. They said I had a great radio voice! (o^^o) And ironically, I hate radio commercials (who doesn't), but hey! Money :V

Last night I heard someone with a great Australian accent and kinda wanted one. I'm from the midwest USA and I speak a somewhat "standard" USAmerican accent but with certain words especially midwestern and I tend to talk pretty fast sometimes and blur words together. So like, if I said "Do you want to see Santa" it would come out as "jawannaseesanna?". kinda funny but I wish it was easier for people to understand. I know this sounds contrary to the radio thing but I put on a more distinguishable accent for that.

I actually haven't thought about it before I live in Australia but my whole family is from Italy.

It's super confusing cause Australians here say I have a European accent and that I don't sound Australian but when I play online with Americans and use voice chat they can tell I have an Australian accent.

So I just reckon my accent isn't very strong I'd have to play online with others with voice chat to test it :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
I’m neutral towards my voice these days. I don’t really like it, but I also don’t hate it as much as I used to. I’m not sure how to describe my voice since I don’t have an accent, but I’d say it’s on the higher side; not so much so that it’s squeaky, grating, or even cute though, lol. I feel like a big chunk of my distaste for my voice comes from the fact that I rarely use it. I’m pretty quiet and reserved irl, so I don’t talk much. Maybe talking more would help me like my voice more, or at least get me more used to it.

I hate the way my voice sounds in recordings, though. I really hope I don’t sound like that to everyone all of the time. 😅
I hate the way my voice sounds in recordings, though. I really hope I don’t sound like that to everyone all of the time. 😅
What you hear in recordings is your real voice. What you hear yourself is from your bones in your head rattling from the vibration.

As for you all I am sure you have great voices.
I kinda wish I had a deeper voice. There are times where I still sound like a male pre-teen despite just turning 24, whereas in recordings I instead sound a bit more nasally.

What I’d love to have is a good narrator voice like what Brian Cummings has. Look up Disney video bumpers & trailers on YouTube to get an idea. It was basically him, Mark Elliott (rip) and Beau Weaver doing most of the bumpers back in the day. There’s also a cool guy that narrated trailers for lots of ‘70s and ‘80s thriller films. I don’t know his name, but he sounds cool.
I'm fine with mine. I don't think much about it but that may be because I'm an alto. My voice isn't high pitched or squeaky. I have been told by many people that my voice sounds calm or chill. Others (far northerners) say that I slur my words horribly and I don't pronounce well. Though I believe I am pronouncing them, it's just not a hard pronunciation. My spouse, who gets annoyed with me about my "mumbling", no matter the volume, frequently can hear the words if I talk reeeaaalllyyy slow but then asks why I'm talking in a funny extra pronounced accent 🙄😂. Well... It's slower for ya! Lol!

I am also from the midwest, but I've always been around a lot of family that came from Appalachia and Kentucky growing up. I assume maybe that's why some think my words are hard to understand sometimes? Some letters in some words have a soft pronunciation and can sound like a different letter sometimes because of the light quick touch. People who have hard pronunciations sound like they are forcing words out to me and they talk kind of in a slow speed.

I'm not sure I would change my voice. I don't think I care enough about my voice to have that kind of want.
yes, i like my voice. i spent a good deal of time in my childhood hating the way i sounded. i eventually realized that spending so much energy hating the way i present to the world is a waste of time and that there is nothing wrong with me.
Fun, looks like I will actually never be speaking ever again 😂
Like Vernal said I am sure your voice is lovely! I just wanted to give you the explanation for it. We've all thought it one time or another when hearing our voice in recordings. I mean we've been hearing the voice inside our head for all of our life so hearing it without our head can be strange.
I just don't like how I sound like I talk as if my tongue was sticking out over video or phone calls. It makes me sound like a moron, and I just hope my voice doesn't sound like that in person. I haven't heard my voice over recording in a bit, but it probably still sounds that way. This is the reason I get so self-conscious using headsets to talk to people while gaming, and that's completely unrelated to the fact that people freak out over my feminine voice when they realize I'm AFAB. I wish that females in general could play video games without people being all up in arms about it. I'm sure I sound normal in person since nobody has commented on my voice in a negative way.

Note: I am AFAB, but I identify as non-binary. People just hear my feminine voice and automatically think female.
From compliments from friends and the occasional stranger, they all seem to like my voice. I don't really ask though because asking and receiving compliments about your voice is odd, haha. I don't dislike mine, however like the general opinion, I do get self conscious of it when I hear recordings like for interviews and such.

My neutral tone is a bit on the deadpan side, so I usually have to consciously think to put some pep into it. But then if I'm too enthusiastic, I can sound snarky. It causes a lot of arguments with my mom, lol.
Overall, I think my voice is good. It’s not too high or low, somewhere in the middle. I love doing other voices though lol.
I enjoyed reading out loud in mythology class, like making it somewhat dramatic. One kid even said I could do audiobooks or talk in a history documentary.
Well…I don’t want to do that but it was a nice compliment. I do have a tiny podcast where I talk about niche historical things. I read partially from the script of my blog, but also add in my own opinions. I’ve listened to one of them, and I liked it overall…but it’s weird to hear your recorded voice. Not that I don’t like it, it might be slightly…distorted? Lol.
Not really, to be honest. My voice sounds fine in my head or when I speak, but as soon as I hear it in a recording I'm thinking, "That's what I sound like?". I find that my voice is too quiet and high-pitched for my liking. Not to mention that I pronounce certain words differently, like saying 'yurr' instead of 'yore' for the word "your". But as far as "standard" Canadian/North American accents go, I don't think it sounds very off or different. I sound pretty average without any obvious accents, minus some faulty pronunciation.
I've always hated my voice ever since hearing what it really sounds like when recorded. It's kinda high pitched and it makes me sound like a kid. Although I got used to hearing myself on a recording because I did a couple of TTRPG podcasts with my husband and his friends for a lil bit, so I guess I hate it less these days!

As for accents though, I always wanted one when I lived in the US.. I guess my wish got granted when I moved to Australia, now I'm the one with the accent 😝 I wanna keep my yankee accent!!
no, i don’t like my own voice. based off of recordings, my speaking voice is somewhere in the middle, i feel like i have a lispy voice and i mumble a lot but that’s something that can be consciously changed.

i know that everyone technically has an accent but i don’t think you can necessarily pin point mine to a particular region in the U.S.