Do you like your voice?

i used to hate it; i would always think it was too deep. but now that i hear it again i’m neutral towards it. it’s not that deep anymore. i like doing voices and stuff so i can change the tone to how i want it anyways. i appreciate that it’s middle ground so i can do highs and lows.
It's been a while since I've heard a recording of my own voice, but barring the kneejerk negative reaction of it not sounding how it sounds to me normally, it's... fine, I guess. I don't think it's super high or anything, but I do wish it was somewhat lower/deeper than it is. Oh, to have a voice like Sayaka Ohara's. </3
Overall, I think my voice is good. It’s not too high or low, somewhere in the middle. I love doing other voices though lol.
I enjoyed reading out loud in mythology class, like making it somewhat dramatic. One kid even said I could do audiobooks or talk in a history documentary.
Well…I don’t want to do that but it was a nice compliment. I do have a tiny podcast where I talk about niche historical things. I read partially from the script of my blog, but also add in my own opinions. I’ve listened to one of them, and I liked it overall…but it’s weird to hear your recorded voice. Not that I don’t like it, it might be slightly…distorted? Lol.
I always loved reading aloud in class too!
To other British people I sound like I am off Eastenders. To American people I am basically Nancy off Oliver Twist.
My mom has been a huge Eastenders fan since before I was born so despite us being American I grew up around that accent and hear it all the time! ^^ It’s very iconic to me!

Nobody asked but I have no shame! Quick low quality voice reveal here… my radio voice vs casual voice. These are two extremes and kind of hastily recorded so it’s not my best work and normally it’s somewhere between the two.
No but I don't think changing it would actually change my mind. Talking out loud when not necessary (like talking to yourself) for some reason weirds me out a ton. So would hearing my voice recorded.
i used to be really self-conscious about it

not anymore!!!! i love my voice. we vibin out here. hoarse voice gang
My voice is deep, but I don't really care one way or the other what others think about it. I myself am fine with it.
I just recorded mine and wow....that's how I sound like. It's like a high pitch, but not way too high.
Yeah, I kinda like the thing I hear all the time.
I don't hate my voice but wish it was lower pitched. I feel like it sounds super high for my age and sort of cringe when I hear a recording of it. It's not something that bothers me in my daily life though, so I can't complain that much.
My voice is okay, I guess. Like it's fine when I talk, but I definitely don't like listening back to it whenever it's recorded, lol. It doesn't feel like I have a specific accent in general, it's kinda just regular Canadian ig?
I'm not sure I've ever met anyone who liked the sound of their voice lol, at least when they listen back to it on recording, but maybe I'm just surrounded by introverts. I can't say I'm especially fond of mine, but you play with the cards that you're dealt. I think the biggest compliment I've ever gotten was that someone told me my voice sounded like my dads. It made my day :)
No. lol

I just listened to a video that I took the other day, and my voice sounds….young-ish with a noticeable lisp. Especially on the sentence, “the leaf is green.” That part came out a bit slurred. Oh well. Nobody has commented on it before, so I’ll take it as a sign that my voice is not too grating.
i used to be really insecure about my voice but i’ve made peace with it now. it’s not a nice, smooth voice or anything. i hear a lot of vocal fry when im talking casually but when im at work or really excited, i talk pretty high. i slip in and out of a midwestern and cali girl accent. when i go up north or more towards the country, i catch myself talking borderline canadian, but when i’m home i hear more of that valley girl gen z accent. i have a little bit of a lisp too and some words are hard for me to say and i overpronounce.
i don't hate the way i sound, but i hate the way i speak if that makes sense. i have a speech impediment which makes me mispronounce "th" and "sh" words if i'm speaking too quickly, and it makes me sound really silly. i've gotten speech therapy though and it's helped me significantly!