Do you like your voice?

I actually kinda like the way the voice sounds in my head, but not at all when I hear it in recordings. I had a lisp when I was a kid and I still think it comes through a bit, even though most people tell me they can't hear it, and I think I sound young. I also struggle with speaking at a normal volume haha mostly when people comment on my voice it's to tell me they couldn't quite hear me, but whenever I try to speak louder I feel like I'm yelling or sounding too aggressive
i dont ‼️ i wish i had a higher pitched voice tbh, sometimes when i hear myself i feel like i sound like a boy and it makes me so insecure 😭
I'm fine with my voice. I prefer the way it sounds in my head over the way it sounds on recordings (as does everyone I'm sure), but even on recordings I don't hate it.
depends, but leaning more towards no

i hate how i sound in video recordings, but i like how i sound in voicemails (probably because i use a softer/sweet sounding voice in public/with strangers lmao)

i sound okay in person, but i wish my default(? so not the soft tone i mentioned before) voice was a bit more high pitched/feminine sounding, sometimes my relatives (usually the ones we rarely speak to) mix up my brother and i when we call because apparently we sound similar ;_;
I like my voice! I slip in and out of accents all the time. Also, everyone has an accent!!!!
Nah! I have a pretty high voice and everyone is always mistaking me for my youngest brother over the phone. lol

My husband is always laughing when I scold him because "my voice is cute". I don't want it to be cute. 😖
I like how I sound in my mind but I hate my voice in recordings

also. Puberty voice cracks oh god (help I dont wanna be a young teenager anymore akhsksksj)
Listening to how my voice sounds in a recording actually kind of deters me from speaking.
I'm in a small minority who doesn't mind my own voice on recording. If anything, I expected it to sound deeper or more masculine. It's in a middle ground which is what I would want if I could pick anyways.

I'm slightly accented (I even recall someone at school asking if I was british).
Not particularly. My voice is very deep for a woman and always has been. I've been told that I'd have a good voice for presenting the news, which I take as a compliment. I wish I had a more feminine, higher pitched voice though.
Absolutely hate it. It is too high and I've a unique accent from moving around a lot as a kid. People cannot accurately place my accent to the country I'm from - including people from the same country. Everyone always assumes I'm from somewhere else.