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Contest- design my TF2 spray


total a-hole
Jun 19, 2005
Dragon Tokens
Alright, I need a badass Team Fortress 2 spray. Here's my current one:


Not bad, eh?

I want you guys to make me a new one. Just make sure it fits the size requirements (not sure what they are exactly, could someone let me know?) and it has to have something to do with Pyro or my username (which should be easy because my username has the word 'fire' in it.)

Post your entries here, and I'll pick the best one.
<div class='spoiler_toggle'>heug liek xbawkz image</div><div class="spoiler" style="display:none;">

I have/made one spray of this, without the background, and one of mcguirk holding two six packs of black hole brew, same without background.

I'll see what I can do/I'll try. no promises, I don't do image creation well/at all.

the size I usually use is 256x256, but you just scale it down dividing by half from there, 128x128, etc., and you can also mix and match the sizes, so long as they're of that base, such as 256x128, or the other way around, it'll work. also, I think there's a file size limit to something like 256kb? not sure.

Deviant Art has an explanation thing. also, google lols. apparently you ocan do 512x512, didn't think/remember it went that high.