TBT's Earth Week 2024 - The Natural World

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Wanted to get out and find something to snap a picture of, but unfortunately couldn't make it happen. It has been a delight to see all these great photos throughout the week though.

Also, yeesh, guess I really ought to get on finally getting a smart phone even if I don't have much use for the phone most of the time. Such crisp, great quality.
i’m upset this challenge came out after i moved to the city… i would’ve eaten everyone up with the northern lights (jk)

not an entry btw!!!
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Weather was not on my side this week, snow, wind, rain and I couldn't go too far, so I patiently waited for that little beauty to show up, crocus the first flower of the spring.


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Went to my nearby stream/creek. My siblings and I played here from time to time as kids and went sledding during the winter because there is a big hill that leads us down this place. I know most trees in my area are flat roots and the ground's been saturated by the major floodings we've been having as of late, but ach time I come here, it saddens me to see more and more trees come down. That and someone's been chopping them down from the looks of it.

I forgot the to check the entry checkbox🤦‍♂️ Is there any chance I can just fix it?
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