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TBT's Fourth Egg Decorating Contest - Voting

Which egg deserves to win first place?

Thank you for voting! The results will be announced soon after the voting period has ended.

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    Welcome to the public voting thread for TBT's Fourth Egg Decorating Contest. In this contest TBT members decorated a bird or craft egg (with the option to also design an egg cup or other holder) using paint and other craft supplies. The staff have narrowed down the entries to a top twelve and now we need your help to decide on who places in the top three.

    How do I vote?
    • Please vote for your favourite entry in the poll above.
    • The entry number is above the respective image.
    • You may only vote for one entry and you may not change your vote.
    • You may vote for yourself.
    • Please select the entry you genuinely feel is the best rather than voting for your friends.
    • If you are unable to vote, this is due to restrictions against certain accounts to help us decrease voting abuse. We will not be disclosing the criteria used to determine whether an account is eligible or ineligible to vote.

    How were these entries selected?
    All 92 accepted entries were presented to the TBT staff team for internal voting. Each staff member was asked to nominate up to ten entries they felt were best executed. Eleven staff members participated in the internal voting phase and all entries that received four or more staff nominations made it through to the public voting phase. The order the entries have been presented in has been randomised and is not an indicator of how many votes they received during the internal voting phase.
    limiting me to just 1 vote when there’s 12 stunning and creative eggs in front of me is evil omg… casted my vote, but it was a hard choice for sure !! ya’ll really went above and beyond with your designs this year, i admire the creativity in this community so much! 🫶🏻

    Super sad I didn't make it tho. Was the first time I was really proud of my entry lol Need a long break from here.
    i’m so surprised that yours isn’t up there. i genuinely saw you winning first place. i’m sorry, i know how crushing it is to work so hard on something and to feel so proud of it, only to feel like it was all for nothing.

    i know this won’t lessen your disappointment, but not making it to the poll doesn’t make your entry any less amazing, and it doesn’t mean you should be any less proud of it. your egg holder was so intricate, and was genuinely one of the coolest things i’ve ever seen. it’s clear that you put so much time and effort into it, and i and so many others loved and appreciated it. you went above and beyond to create something marvellous, and that’s something to admire and be proud of.

    take a break, feel your feelings, do what you need to do to feel better. you’re valid. but please don’t let this dissuade you from being creative and putting your all into any future event entries of yours. your creativity is something to be admired, and i’m always in awe of it. especially your arts and crafts and your nh interior and landscape designs. not making it to polls or winning a cool collectible doesn’t determine or diminish the value of you, your creativity and what you create. i hope you continue to make things you’re proud of once this doesn’t hurt so bad. sending love. 💜
    Amazing entries all together. Everyone can be proud.

    Super sad I didn't make it tho. Was the first time I was really proud of my entry lol Need a long break from here.
    your entry was stunning! we've all had entries we loved not make the cut, don't beat yourself up too hard about it. it's just a matter of the opinions of a few strangers, it doesn't mean your creation wasn't great. you should still be proud of it.

    if you want a constructive critique, the egg itself was really well executed (eggsecuted? 🤔) but the tower really overpowered it and took the spotlight. if it was a general crafting contest i bet you'd be top 3 place no questions asked!
    Omg, sooooooo many of my favorites are up there! How in the holy egghell can I choose JUST ONE?!?!

    On another note, thank you so much, not from the bottom of my heart, but from my whole heart, for putting me up there with all that ridiculously insane talent. While I am very proud of my extremely tedious egg, I never expected to get up there, so thank you very very much.
    It was really difficult to choose, but I settled on a vote in the end! Congratulations to all who made it to the voting stage!
    Amazing entries all together. Everyone can be proud.

    Super sad I didn't make it tho. Was the first time I was really proud of my entry lol Need a long break from here.
    I don't want to say don't take it personally because that's probably hard not to do, but there were so many entries that should've been in the finals that it'd be impossible to put them all in there. You should still be proud of it! I honestly was ready to vote for that one.

    I feel like it's up to the staff's personal taste tbh. (And since there are only so many staff their preferences/tastes can stay the same) You can make an amazing piece, but if it's not their 'taste' it might not make the cut. I'm not trying to knock the staff, just sometimes it be that way. I like Batman and gravitate to that series more, so even if a Superman comic or show has insane animation I might still gravitate to Batman.
    Lot of my favorites here, I'm happy! You all work so hard, not only on the eggs but the presentation as well, I would like to be able to vote for more than one entry as well.

    Congratulations everybody and also thank you for the nomination, iit's an honor to be among all those wonderful entries 💜
    I just want to say that I’m honoured to see my little egg up there with so many other amazing entries! Thanks for choosing me staff! ❤️

    At the same time it’s a shame we can’t all be the winner. Every single one wins an award in my heart though for sure. Also entries that didn’t make the poll were amazing too so try not to be too hard on yourself if you aren’t among the lucky chosen few.

    This community is super creative and talented in general. You all should be proud of your work. 😊
    I'm not allowed to vote- but maybe that's for the better... there are so many good entries!!!
    i wouldn't have been able to choose!
    This one was extremely tough to nominate entries for - to the point my colleagues complained about the initial limit and I ended up increasing the number we were allowed to nominate. 😂

    There were some exceptional entries this time and only 13% made it to the poll. 28% of entries received at least one staff nomination.

    I personally want to send my love to @boring's entry. It didn't make the poll but it was my personal #1. I do love when people choose to submit three smaller eggs instead of one regular egg - it gives so much more room for creativity. Maybe to celebrate making it to five years we should allow everyone to enter up to three eggs regardless of size next time? And of course we have heard you all on expanding the materials list and we intend to do just that. 🐰
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