Team Cheer Creations - Thanks for participating!

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Can I offer you a Squirtle in these trying times? 💙🐢
Hi @Aquilla! You are really rocking the Yoshi vibes! I'm afraid I also need a proof photo before I can accept your entry. Please let me know when you've added that so I can add your points.
Sorry! Added proof pic now!
Yoshi Pizza party
Would could be better then pizza and gaming with awesome friends


Cheering on Yoshi’s
Cheering on TBT staff
close to the end
So much fun it has been
Thank you TBT staff
For an amazing event
Maybe when it’s over
They can finally
Get a good nights rest.
My final poem.

As the glorious battle winds down,
The Squirtle Squads have maxed renown.
Conquering all the virtual lands,
We shout, dance, and clap our hands.

Singing hearts, we've beaten the rest,
Heads held high, we passed the test.
Points and points, for tokens to get,
All others wished to be a Squirtle, I bet.

Now the sun begins to set,
New collectibles we aim to get.
Soon the finish line shall fade,
But oh! What a phenomenal team we made.
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