Celebrating Diversity 2024: 3D Crafts Event

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Honestly, the longest bit was trying to create the pop-up aspect to this in order to have it qualify as 3D

My entry is the 6-colour pride flag and inside the colours are recognizable icons from Animal Crossing


This is a side view so you can see the pop-up effect.
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I love seeing all your entries!! TBH it makes me nervous to submit mine, but today I finally got myself to do it (with some help from a friend) and here we are.

My initial idea was to crochet some projects honoring autistic people. As some of you may know I'm on the autism spectrum, so I wanted to rep for people like me since the way our mind works makes us different from others in so many ways. I looked up some patterns for inspiration but I couldn't find a lot of good ones; most of them included a jigsaw piece motif/symbol, which autistic people don't like because it's associated with a controversial organization and it makes them seem like they're missing something when they're not.

I eventually decided to work with the only patterns I found through my search that I thought were decent, which were for a reversible octopus toy (since some of us can be fidgety at times) and for an amigurumi doll of the "tbh/autism creature", which I was unaware of for a while (and didn't get at first. XD I feel like a 40-year-old in the body of a 16-year-old) I designed the reversible octopus to make it look like Cephalobot on one side and Marina on the other. I was going to do Octavian instead of Cephalobot, but his face seemed harder to work with so I settled on the latter. I also made the creature reminiscent of Mitzi from Animal Crossing since her design was easy for me to translate into amigurumi form and cats have some traits similar to those commonly found in autistic people IMO.

The other cat with the colorful ears is a character that doesn't belong to me, but rather to my friend @ZeldaCrossing64. Their name is Nanuk, and they were created as an entry for 2022's Celebrating Diversity event, which you can see here. I wasn't going to include them in my entry because I was unsure whether I was allowed to use someone else's character or not, but I decided to do so once I got the green light. They're here because Zelda is also unique like I am, and they have been very kind to me over the past few months! Also, I love their cat OCs. (Char is my fave and I have a crush on them. 💙🩶💜)

I hope you like my entry and I'm sorry if I offended anyone...

All three of my loves alongside my name card for proof! I can't believe I forgot to include this in my entry for a bit... T_T

Here's Cephalobot...

Flip the toy inside out, and now it's Marina!

Also, have some photos of creature Mitzi's side and back.

See this post in my crochet thread for additional Nanuk photos! (also disregard some of what I said there ;w;)

Patterns that inspired my entry:
Reversible Octopus Free Crochet Pattern! by Abigurumii
creature (w/ free pattern!) by u/Extra-Progress-3272 on Reddit
Free Pattern - Small Kitty by Little Muggles

Other resources used when making Nanuk:
Fish embroidery from The Woobles Nico the Cat
Eyes from this video tutorial
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"my Pride joke is just the thing to CURE what ails you!"

the heart may be looking a little funky (combination of the pattern i chose and random assortment of wool available) but i promise you, dr shrunk is really trying his best to be an ally!!
I wasn't entirely sure what to enter here, or even if I was going to enter anything at all, but I've been trying to get back into the groove of crochet so thought I'd give this a go. I didn't have enough time to do a bigger piece with a more emotional connection behind it, but I hope this gets the point across <3


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bracelet zerous.jpg

My motivation and ideas are not doing great right now, but I made a little bracelet. My sexuality has been a thing that took me a while to come to terms with and figure out. I know I am not straight, even if I do have an opposite gender partner, and I'm comfortable in who I am. I have no gender or sexual preference whatsoever, and I'm so lucky to have the amazing partner I have ❤️
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Needed to use materials on hand, so it took me a while to come up with an idea I was happy about. I decided to try and make a paper fan, since I see them a lot at Pride festivals. 💖💜💙

Had to include Pave, and the feathers are definitely from him. :) I'm someone who tends to be more private about these matters, but being a part of the community has been an important aspect of me for most of my life.

Here's what it looked like before I folded it!

The grey unfortunately came out looking too close to black, so I outlined it to try and salvage it. D:
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(I'm not too great at phrasing stuff so excuse me if any of the things I write offend you)

In honor of the fact that there are ZERO bat villagers in animal crossing, and also because my current hyperfixation in terms of animals is a bat I decided to make a bat. I know that the puzzle piece is like a "stereotypical autism" thing, but I quite like it as a symbol, as (this is how I feel) it represents the communities that I've grown to be a part of since being diagnosed late October last year.

I was going to do the blue puzzle piece fabric but as I'm also some sort of homosexual, (which I haven't quite figured out yet, I just know that gender doesn't matter but everything in me screams no to pansexual) I decided to do the rainbow, which I also think fits better with the white.


Here he is with his wings spread out, I'm considering adding little feet blobs to him, excuse the poor lighting I can't find any white lightbulbs, only yellow ones 🥲

He's just so cutie patootie, but I haven't quite decided on a name yet so we'll just have to wait and see.

I was also originally going to make this out of clay, but disaster struck and the clay was weird and dry and cracking, but I think I actually like the fuzzy fabric one better.

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I made a rainbow house that everyone can happily live in, no matter what everyone is welcome! The house resembles a small Animal Crossing house, it is made of cardboard, coloured paper and I used colour pens and glue.


TBefore assembling:


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Oh noo, I forgot to put the username card in my entry T_T How can my entry be accepted and not have the name card??? Should I edit my entry to include it!?
Oh noo, I forgot to put the username card in my entry T_T How can my entry be accepted and not have the name card??? Should I edit my entry to include it!?
Please do!

Oh, my post doesn't show the event entry thingy for my pic, how can this be fixed?
I can fix this for you.
Look who didn't realize this was going and doesn't have time to make anything because I'm a perfectionist lol ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
I feel you, I’m a perfectionist too and I’ve had since the beginning and I’m still not there. I’ve even skipped a couple days working on it. If an idea for an entry strikes a chord with your heart, I say go for it anyway. ❤️
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