Camp Bell Tree 2023: Closing Ceremony

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I'm glad I could collide with posts one final time. It was great while it lasted!!! 😭😭😭

nooooooooo 💔 i’m sad fr. space camp reacts, you will be missed 🤍
Considering everyone's dismay and disappointment about the now barren feeling of the reactions, this tells me clearly that we need some Halloween reactions for the upcoming event in October.

A Ghost reaction where you "haunted" someone's post? Sign me up.
I’m in for the ghosts too. So I can “ghost” other members’ Molly McGee related posts.
Imagine this Halloween event we have to be in 3 teams where we all explored a haunted house based on a whim, and the ghostly spirits trapped us 3 specific teams in different parts of the house. And we all have to use our quick thinking so solve incredibly hard puzzles (That are different based on what team you're in) to escape and win an exclusive non-tradeable collectible for the team who escaped first, the others will gain extra event currency to use on collectibles.

Just an idea I had if the staff know team-based events are the way to go.
Not open for further replies.