Camp Bell Tree 2023: Closing Ceremony

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Sep 15, 2013
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Asteroid Plush

It's chaos on The Lopez right now. The anticipated asteroid impact is getting really, really close, although the countdown clock has been turned off: it was never 100% accurate anyway, it was more of a rough indication. It's impossible to know exactly how long the station has left at this point, but it certainly isn't long! This is why you'll find the eight cabin leaders herding their campers onto the escape pods, without even checking whether they look a little greener than usual. Now is not the time to be picky.

At least thanks to the early asteroid warning there was plenty of time to make sure each of the escape pods are well prepared. The items gathered during the three weeks of preparation include items of scientific value like fragments of stars and meteorites, then of course also basic necessities like food and water, but mostly just piles upon piles of space themed plushies. Clearly all the essentials are accounted for!

The station was checked, then checked again to make sure none of the crew members would be left behind. With everyone on board of the return ships, the doors close, and Gulliver's familiar face shows up on the in-flight entertainment systems. "Guh-reetings, campers!" he speaks, "This is your captain squawking. I am pleased to report that the celestial seas are calm out there, and the solar wind is decent today. It is time to depart and thanks to your heroic efforts, we'll all be home soon! Thank you for choosing my Lopez!"

A few hissing noises sound from near the doors before all four of the return spacecraft start to accelerate away. Just in time, as well. For those lucky enough to have ended up in a seat near a window, the view of the asteroid meeting The Lopez makes for a silent but incredible fireworks show. Sparks, fire and debris fly everywhere as the station is torn apart in every direction. There is truly nothing left of the massive structure that just moments ago existed as the summer home to so many space campers. No amount of ship parts would suffice to repair that kind of damage...

After a relatively short return journey the four spacecraft land on the campground beach where the adventure started, and the doors are opened to let everyone out, finally back onto solid ground.

With a little hop and the flapping of his wings, Captain Gulliver jumps up a nearby rock to address the crowd one last time: "So welcome home, everyone! We may have gotten separated for a bit but I did observe you while I drifted among the stars, in between my battles with the space monsters of course. My unique bird's eye view revealed how you all flocked together to reach new heights. Every single one of you has certainly earned your wings, you should be so very proud of what you have achieved. For some of you, though, it's time for some extra feathers in your cap! I'm sure you want to know who the stars of our camp were."

And the winner is...
Before we can properly announce the winners, I would first like to share a summary of the points the crews have earned from the 'Lunar Logic' quiz event.

Crew:Tokens earned per member:Points earned for the crew:
Actually, Nevermind25600
The Galaxolotls23552
International Space Cetacean23552
Moon Bunnies21504

And after adding these points to the total... I am proud to congratulate the International Space Cetacean on winning the event with an incredible 8998 points! The hard work from everyone on this crew will be rewarded with the Galaxy Swirl Collectible; one of these will be distributed to every member on this team who earned a minimum of 50 points during the event.

In second place we find the Actually, Nevermind crew who earned a total of 8601 points!

Coming in third is Moon Bunnies with 7457 points!

And finally, we have the The Galaxolotls in fourth place with 7310 points!

I hope every crew managed to have fun regardless of where they ended in the ranking above. You have all put in a lot of work, I hope you had fun and that you enjoy the prizes you have earned.

Crew favourites!
Like last camp, several activities involved a top three crew favourite system. The members whose entries got the most votes from within their own crew are listed below. As explained in the individual threads, the top three entries will earn additional 8 Mission tokens. The first place winners will also earn the Rainbow Crescent Moon Collectible.


No more than one Rainbow Crescent Moon can be won per person, but users who tied for first place in an event will all win one. Users who tied for second or third place, causing there to be more than a top three, will split the tokens among the tied users. For example, if three people tie for third, they will each get 3 tokens instead of 8.

🪑 Common Room Design
✨ Cosmic Canvas

👾 Galactic Gyroids

📖 Obscure Observations

✏️ Pencil Passports

🧸 Personal Preference Kit

🛸 UFO Findings & Opinings

The following people will also receive a Rainbow Crescent Moon collectible for submitting the closest guess in the 'Count inside the Bottle' event:
  • Round 1: Rhea
  • Round 2: BetsySundrop
  • Round 3: xSuperMario64x

Collectible winner date change service
If you'd like the date changed on your Rainbow Crescent Moon and/or Galaxy Swirl collectibles, make a thread in the Contact the Staff board with:

1) The collectible name.
2) The date and time in the EDT timezone that you'd like for the collectible. The date can be anytime between July 22nd and August 26th.

Collectible lineups are ordered by date from newest (on the top left) to oldest (on the bottom right). We will only accept date/time for these two collectibles. We won't look at your other collectibles or help you order them. You must post your request by August 26th and we won't change them more than once if you give us the wrong date/time. Please be sure to submit this request via the Contact the Staff board only. If you have both collectibles, making one thread for both of them is fine.

Camp Bell Tree 2023 Official Gallery
As you can see above, we've had a lot of very nice entries over the course of our three-week space journey. From this point on, you will be able to view all the creative event submissions from all crews, make sure to check them out! If you would rather not browse through the threads manually, then you can once again check out an official event submission gallery made by Mistreil.

New Mission Token Raffles
Important: Please keep in mind that we will soon be distributing tokens for crew favourites and the Lunar Logic quiz event, so everyone will still receive a decent amount of tokens. If you still have leftover tokens after this, head over to the Shop to enter two new raffles, both of which will end on August 26th. Also do not forget that you can convert your local tokens (Cargo, Bridge and Observatory) to Mission Tokens by following the steps described here.
Raffle #1: Crescent Moon Glow Wand
2 Winners. Note that anyone who already owns the collectible cannot win a second! This collectible is unique!

Raffle #2: Star Fragment Set
2 Winners - in winner's desired order

Space Camp Survey
While we have definitely taken notes during this event (such as people preferring not to be matched with a single team for the entire duration of the event), we would love to hear your feedback. Please share your feedback so that we can make the next editions even better!

The survey will be open until the items are removed from the shop (August 26th) and anyone who completes the survey and includes their username at the end will receive 30 Bells after the survey ends.

Ending schedule
This closing ceremony thread marks the end of the event. However, there are still some dates left on the schedule relating to the distribution of collectibles and the removing of the event boards:
  • Today: Remaining mission tokens, Rainbow Crescent Moons, Galaxy Swirl distributed​
  • Today: Backdrops removed from the shop​
  • August 26th: Leftover raffle winners announced​
  • August 26th: Survey feedback submissions close
  • August 26th: All event items no longer sold in shop. The following collectibles will then be made giftable and not unique:​
    • S.S. Dolphin
    • Galaxolotl and International Space Cetacean crew fragments
    • Blue & yellow Rocket Popsicles
    • Blue & pink rosewater potions
  • August 26th: Cutoff for 'Contact the Staff' requests for date edits to Crescent Moon / Galaxy Swirl collectibles​
  • August 27th: Remaining event boards hidden​
  • September 3rd: Space camp reactions go away​

Camp Bell Tree 2023 Credits
One last time, I would like to include the list of everyone who put in the effort to set up and run this stellar edition of the event. I may have wanted the space theme, but that would have been literally impossible without the fellow staffstronauts listed below! Thank you all for making it happen, it's been incredibly fun.

Cabin coordinator: Jeremy
Activities coordinator: Chris
Thread coordinator: Mick
Activities hosts: Chris, dizzy bone, Justin, Kaiaa, LaBelleFleur, Mairmalade, Mick, Mistreil, Nefarious, Oblivia, pandapples
Crew leaders: Kaiaa, Mairmalade; Jeremy, Nefarious; Mick, pandapples; dizzy bone, Mistreil
Main banner art: dizzy bone
Activities banner art: dizzy bone, Mistreil, Pyoopi, Mick
Crescent Moon Collectible set + Shooting Star, Asteroid and Green Alien Plush Collectibles: Mistreil
Space Whale Plush, Camp Bell Tree 2023 Patch, and Rocket Popsicle Collectibles: Mick
Moon Bunny, Andromeda Potion, Planet Glow Wand and Galaxy Swirl Collectibles: Laudine
"Galaxolotl" and "International Space Cetacean" Star Fragment Collectibles: Laudine
"Celestial Cetaceans" Observatory Backdrop: Mick
"Cavernous Cryosphere" Bridge Backdrop: dizzy bone
"Crated Cuteness" Cargo Hold Backdrop: Mistreil
"Galaxolotl" Crew Backdrop: Pyoopi
"International Space Cetacean" Crew Backdrop: dizzy bone
"Alien Babies" Backdrop: Mick / Oblivia
Camp TBT map and stamp card art: Mick
Site theme graphics: Pyoopi
Space Camp TBT 2023 Gallery: Mistreil
Technical setup: Jeremy, Oblivia, Justin
The Cetaceans are the champions! I'm so thrilled for my teammates that all our hard work and determination paid off in the end! We didn't let a slow start deter us and only grew stronger as the camp continued, bonding and having more fun along the way! I was thrilled to be on this journey with them, and I'm glad that we ultimately did get the Galaxy Swirls we deserved in the end! 💜 🐳

Great job done by the other teams! Nevermind, you definitely gave us a run for our money during camp, and I never felt comfortable with our lead with you around. Galaxolotls, you were definitely fierce competitors in the head-to-head competitions from an outsider's perspective, it would've been fun having our teams go up against each other, lmao. Moon Bunnies, I do appreciate the camaraderie between our teams during our time paired together, which helped make this camp all the more enjoyable. I hope that all of you were able to have fun during camp, no matter the outcome for your teams!

Thank you to the staff for running another successful edition of Camp Bell Tree! I do appreciate all the hard work you put into it during these past 4 weeks to make it as fun as it was and run as smoothly as it did! Hopefully you'll be able to give yourselves a well deserved break before the upcoming Halloween event!

I love these team events, and I'm so thankful I came back for it and it went better than I could've imagined! Even if we had lost, this still would've been a very successful camp! I'll carry the memories created during these 4 weeks with me for a very long time! Also, thank you to my teammates who voted two (!!) of my entries for tied-3rd in two events! I definitely wasn't expecting to get any top 3 favorites this year, so to get two really is an incredible surprise! Now to sleep until the 2025 camp to make up for all the sleep I lost during this year's camp lmao
CONGRATS WINNERS! Thank you to the staff and all my lovely teammates, I had so much more fun with this event than I ever could have imagined!

-oh no the hardest part, deciding which of the raffles to enter 😭
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obligatory disclaimer: this was my original camp flag submission, made when we were in like third or fourth. just cleaned up a bit and upgraded it to more of what i wanted it to look like without time restraints in the way. i did not expect it to become so accurate to the scores in any capacity lol. nevermind, you just have the best name for a big yacht. love yall 💚 💙 🤍


anyway, i'm glad people liked my gay spy story and my silly zipper constellation lol. shoutout to kilza's insane organization this event which made it very easy to do everything as mindlessly as possible (except frequencies help me) and everyone for feeding our big baby boy so much stardust

also yay for tying with lovely mog!! 💙
Congrats to the beloved Cetaceans, and good job to the other teams!!

Staff, you guys have outdone yourselves!! Every event, collectible, backdrop, and reaction were amazing, and I’m gonna miss not seeing them around.

Also quick question: when will the crew threads on discord disappear?
Congratulations to the ISC!!!

This event was a blast, and I loved being a part of my team - the Galaxolotls!!!

Thank you everyone who voted for my story, and thank you to everyone at tbt for everything that went into space camp.

Now to go find the lunar logic quiz answers....because I really need to know some of the answers that made crazy trying to figure out! 😅

Edited to add: I am loving going through crew 3&4 activities. So cool to see the activities and submissions of the other crews!
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The Galaxolotls fought hard and I'm proud to have been part of this team. This team had positive energy for sure and I fell in love with the Gaxo doodles from @/FrostyAlmonds. Always a happy little Galaxolotl through the good and the bad. I was hesitant to join in at first but I'm glad I did. I'm already looking forward to Camp 2025. I can only imagine how much time gets put into these things so I understand the two year gap between Camps, but it won't stop my excitement.

I will take the Galaxolotl Star Fragment and consider that our trophy. I love having a collectible to commemorate this event, and this beautiful star fragment will do just that, with the name attached and everything. The Galaxolotls are first in my heart. I think Space Camp was my favorite event I participated in so far. Thank you to my teammates for the fun and the staff for making another successful camp.
I just want to say, I am so ridiculously and insanely proud of my team, Actually, Nevermind! We may have placed 2nd, but it feels like first. I experienced so much heart and diligence and drive and determination throughout from the very get go and I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated team. Y’all make me feel like such a proud mama!!! And THANK YOU all for all of your hard work!!! And thank you as well for liking so many of my entries!!!! Especially my “letter” to my Mama that had such a familiar ring to it 😉
Congratulations ISC team members! What an impressive win! Every team certainly put their heart into this event.

Just curious there a consolation prize for the team who came in last? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: jk, of course!
Not after you all beat my Actually Neverminders in both Wishing Star windows!
Congrats to the ISC for winning it all. But I just wanted to say...

A HUGE super congrats to the Actually, Neverminders for giving ISC a run for their money. I'm not going to lie, but everyone put in an EXTREMELY huge amount of work just to try and catch up, and just the fact it was so close is good enough for me. I am literally so proud of my team.

Also, thank you for voting for my entry in the Personal Preference Kit. I'm not going to lie, but I don't even really remember what I submitted for that. LOL! I appreciate it!

Everyone who participated in Space Camp should feel proud of themselves for working so hard though. I can't recall the last time I've witnessed team comradery in such fashion.

And lastly....

THE BIGGEST CONGRATS TO THE STAFF, for hosting this entire thing! You guys work so insanely hard all the time to provide fun events for us like this. Please do do yourselves a favor and get some rest soon! You have more than earned it. 🤩
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