The Bell Tree World Championship 2024: Closing Ceremony

Do I see it wrong or is the order of the Teams also the order how they came out in the end? :LOL:
Congratulations to everyone and thank you to my fellow Squirtles for carrying me. 🤗
Seems like Pokémon-themed teams like to win!!

Also congratulations @digimon for scoring such a high score 🥳😱
Congrats! 🎊I just joined the forum this year and hadn't participated in a gaming event quite like this before! I had lots of fun and it was exciting being a part of team Yoshi. Everyone put in their best efforts so everyone is a winner imo. I'm impressed at the level of organization from the staff for this event, and hope they get some well deserved rest.
Congratulations to the Squirtle Squad, and well done to every team (especially my poyo puffs with our v nice score)!!! You all did wonderfully, and I hope you've had fun these past 2 weeks -- and I hope you get some well-deserved rest!

I hope you all had fun, no matter how much or how little you might have participated (and be that through playing, spectating, or chatting on Discord or the forums)!

Despite the amount of time and sleep I may have sacrificed, I would definitely do it all again, and I'll miss playing with you guys and chatting and forcing you into my strange chaotic lobbies ilu 9x imposter speed hide and seek.

I think I've said it many times already, but I'm so so happy that people enjoyed the events, especially ACNH Hide and Seek! I was super anxious about it and worried that people might not be interested, especially in hosting on their islands 😭 But people seemed to like it quite a lot, and now we're just sad we couldn't get to every island!!
Yet, anyways. I've mentioned it, but I'm working on something for ACNH Hide and Seek sessions! I want to keep hosting them, even if it might just be once or twice a month.

With that said... I'll be going to catch up on work and life stuff that I've put off! Like sleep!! 😅

i'm not sure but i think it might have been Mistreil who kept the discord event calendar updated and i could not have survived with out that LOOOL so thank you for doing so!
Many of the sessions were added by me, yes! But also the other staff added a lot too. I'm glad it was helpful!!
AWWWW I'm so sad!! TBTWC has ended!! Genuinely some of the best days I've had this year by far ;w;
  • To my fellow Yoshi's, CONGRATSSS ON SECOND!!! WE DID SO GOOD!! <3 Shoutout to @Aquilla (awuiwa my beloved) for the team name and color, @Jacob for the flag, @rosetti for the banner rep, @Yanrima~ for the discord emoji, @-Blue- for keeping all of us up to date, and @Zane for being the MVP of the team!! YOU ALL DID SOOOO GOOD AND DESERVE SHOUTOUTS ;w; I wish I could tag every single yoshi too but we'd take all day!! I couldn't have asked for a better team to be with 💖💖 had sooo much fun with yall!!
  • To the Squirtles Squad, you put up such a good fight, so many good people on the team!! @VillageDweller IS THAT POKEMON MASTERS EX NUMBER ONE TBT POKEMON CHAMPION 2024?!?!?! CONGRATSSS!! @Flyffel BIG BIG CONGRATS TOO!! thank you for carrying Skarmory to the finals like you said you would, you were a good opponent!! 🫡🫡 @Mokuren AWWW MVP IM PROUD OF U MOKU you did it!!!! I'm so so so happy for you!! GG to all the squirtle squad members! 💖
  • To Ha-Chas and Poyo Puffs, you guys were big big sports and a lot of you I've had so much fun playing with or against!! @digimon IM SO PROUD OF YOU TBTWC MASTERS EX NUMBER ONE MVP FR FR !!! YOU DESERVE THAT RECOGNITION!! we handheld in top 10 like i said we would! 🥹 @shellbell CONGRATSSS MVP too!!! Our 1:1 naut communication.... 🧠 it was a pleasure playing with you in Splatoon!! 🦑 Congrats too to these two teams, third place in pokemon and a hacha/poyo sweep in SSBU!! GGs to all!
  • To staff, GET SOME REST??? but fr you guys deserve your own shoutouts raaargh 😭😭 @Justin (sustin???) @LaBelleFleur thank you for looking out for us yoshis!! I couldnt have asked for better team leaders 🥹🥹 thanks for hyping us up and being there for us all the way through the end! To all the staff, thank you for making all this happen, it was sooo much fun and I'm glad you guys got to play together in the end too, i laughed so much at the secret streams 😭 please rest!! you guys deserve it!! 💖💖
I made lots of new friends and had so much fun!!! 🥹 Picture dump, shoutout if you see yourself here!!


bean shaped friend circle.... oblong thing.... idk


new friends ;w; 💖💖💖💖


digi: im putting away my star bopper for friendly hide and seek
me: nuh uh




a room full of top tier players oh wow (except that one octo with the striped colorful shirt and shoes idk who she is, loser jk)


well it didnt happen but still CONGRATS TOP 10 PLAYERS THIS IS UR SHOUTOUT!!!

TL;DR THANKS FOR TBTWC I HAD SO MUCH FUNNN CONGRATS TO EVERYONE!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 Also thank you for using my ribbotpat emoji!! Ribbot good bot patpat 🫶 okay now time to sleep good night everyone
Congrats to the Squirtle Squad on your well earned victory, as well as all the MVPs of each team and tournament winners! A big thank you to the staff for working so hard for this fun event and thank you to my fellow Ha-Cha's for being such a fun and supportive team! :)
Congrats all around, good times had by all. As always, huge thanks to the staff for throwing the party. Much love. Big thanks to @Mick and @Chris for being such chill captains. Thanks to @DaCoSim for multiple layers of organization. And a general thanks to the Ha-Chas just for being great teammates.

On a side note, this was the very first Bell Tree team event where I didn’t have @Mairmalade as a captain, and I did miss her. I hope she’s well and off having some fun 😁
Thanks everyone for the great event!!! This was my first TBTWC and hopefully not my last! I greatly enjoyed shiny hunting, playing mario kart, and fishing for golden eggs with all my new friends!! Thanks a lot to @skarmoury, @Dunquixote, @Aquilla, @Mokuren and of course my partner @Chibi.Hoshi for making it as special as it was, love you all!! ❤️

Unfortunately there were a few things that confused me, mainly the pokemon tournament. I understand with the time constraints it had to be done the way it did but I have 2 main issues with how it was run:
- First of all, elimination formats are not preferable when it comes to pokemon competitions. Due to the time sink that competitive pokemon team building can be, an elimination bracket can create a stressful and heated environment. Imagine being someone who worked tirelessly over the 2 days to research a team, breed/catch the pokemon, train them, grind pokemon to get the tms and then finally grinding the money for items/nature mints/bottle caps. An elimination format takes all that work required and can completely dismiss it if you're unlucky enough in round 1 placements
- That ties into my second issue, 2 days is not an appropriate amount of time to do all of those steps I listed above. Making a competitive pokemon team requires a lot of work and if you want to win you have to follow through with all of those steps. The winner of the tournament spent a week prior building a competitive team, and I know that isn't against the rules nor am I trying to invalidate their efforts, but if that's what is needed to win the tournament then it gives anyone who wanted to wait for the official rules a significant disadvantage. It'll create an environment where if someone wants to win, they have to assume the rules and start building a team the second the TBTWC announcement is made

I don't want to dampen the mood however, this was a great event, and the positives very much outweigh the negatives! I hope next time a pokemon tournament is created it allows for everyone to enjoy it and have fun! Congrats to all the MVP's and everyone who participated!!
Alas, 2024 TBTWC has come to a close. I already miss this event so much. I remember participating in the first edition of TBTWC and had extreme amounts of fun. This year is no different and I'd probably argue is even better than the last despite having to work around a busy schedule in my life. It's challenging to choose which aspect of the event is my favourite as there was fun anywhere I took part. 🥺 It ain't perfect for sure as I've seen some feedback from a few users on this thread.

I want to say a huge congratulations to us fellow Squirtles for sticking to the end! You guys are awesome whether you participated in friendlies, competitives, tournaments, cheered on for our team, and/or spectated sessions. And a huge shout out to @~Kilza~ for motivating us daily on discord, @Pyoopi for finding everyone in hide and seek regardless of which team, @S.J. and @MrBox for keeping track of important deadlines and sessions, @VillageDweller and @Flyffel for taking the top two spots in the Pokémon tournament, @BungoTheElf for a discord emote for our team, @lieryl for our team flag, @Xara with her passionate vibes and endless love for Moo Moo Meadows from Mario Kart, and @Mokuren for achieving MVP Squirtle Squad status!


I know we sometimes get caught up in the competitive aspect of the event, but regardless whether you're a Squirtle, a Yoshi Islander, a Ha-Cha, or a Poyo Puff, playing together and having fun is what matters to me the most. I think we achieved that no doubt while also throwing some friendly banter over on discord chat (I'm still bewildered by the terms "pleek" and "joever" 🤣). @digimon, I still can't get over how amusing you keep using that one emote on there throughout TBTWC. I need to save a pic of it so I can look back and laugh lol.

I know I'm on Squirtle Squad, but I want to drop down this video again to sign off 2024 TBTWC going back to my roots of being on team Blue's Clues three years ago. Thank you staff and every single one of you that participated in this event to make it very, very memorable. 💙 🐾

Please, everyone... Get some sleep. 😅
@digimon, I still can't get over how amusing you keep using that one emote on there throughout TBTWC. I need to save a pic of it so I can look back and laugh lol.

trying to not be sad that it's joever, but instead happy that we pleeked

^this just fits every single scenario i could ever come across during tbtwc/life in general tbh
Master Ball Raffle Winners

For every 50 points earned during the event, you received one raffle ticket for our Master Ball collectible raffle. This means the highest point-earners had a better chance to win, but the decision was ultimately left to the will of the RNG gods. Fortunately, we're giving out a total of 12 Master Balls, so hopefully that helps increase your luck a bit!

Without further ado, let's see who the lucky twelve winners are!



Please note than any badgering, harassment, or cold messaging of the winners will not be tolerated and may result in a silent suspension from future raffles or events. Wait until the winners express some level of interest in selling before contacting them.

Rewards Update

All team-based awards and point-based awards have now been distributed to event participants! Receiving Arcade Tokens or Bells will give you an alert, while collectibles and backdrops will simply appear in your inventory. Please spend your Arcade Tokens in the shop as soon as possible. Also, don't forget that nearly all participants (3+ points) have received a TBTWC 2024 patch collectible. Please let us know in the Contact the Staff board if you believe the rewards you received are incorrect.

Edit: we will accept date/time change requests for the trophy collectibles. More info can be found in this post.

Thanks for joining us for another event! Don't forget that our next event, Celebrating Diversity, is starting this Friday!
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I woke up to pain in the night, making me wake early; but this certainly makes me feel so much better!!
I would have never thought of winning a master ball!

Thank you so, so much! This is sooo amazing~ :love:
Congrats to all the other winners too!
is there any chance that mvps will get to choose a timestamp for inky? i was gonna center it between two pinkys but was waiting for the arcade tokens to come out to purchase what I needed first ;u;
congrats to the squirtle squad! y'all were some real tough competition haha. and congrats to the other teams, and its mvps as well!! yoshis, we did just AMAZING!! everyone worked super hard to earn as many points as possible for the team and i just loved cheering for y'all and loved being on the team!

this was my first ever tbtwc after just missing the last one by a DAY and what fun it was! unfortunately i didn't get to join in on any of the games (no nintendo switch online unfortunately) but i really loved spectating and chatting with everyone!! next time, i hope i'm able to be able to participate by playing some games, even if i suck at the games we'll play lmao :p

shout out to the staff for working tirelessly to make this event run smoothy!! we really appreciate you guys 🫶 can't wait for the next one!