The Bell Tree World Championship 2024: Closing Ceremony


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Jun 11, 2013
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The Bell Tree World Championship 2024 has officially come to a close. Thank you to everyone who joined us May 18th - June 2nd 2024 for two weeks of cheering, karting, splatting, partying, and Pokémon catching! Remember that no matter how many points you earned, whether it be 25 or 250, you still helped out your team!

Final Results
All of the points are in and the final scoreboard is as follows:

Squirtle Squad
Yoshi's Islanders
Poyo Puffs​
9777 points.​
9359 points.​
6623 points.​
4690 points.​

Team Placement Awards

Congratulations to our first place winners, the Squirtle Squad! Every member of this team who earned 50 points or more will receive 250 TBT bells, a Blue Crown Trophy collectible, and a limited-time Blue Gamer's Galaxy backdrop for their efforts.
First Place Prizes
Blue Gamer's Galaxy backdrop
(until July 2nd 2024)
Blue Crown Trophy Collectible
250 TBT Bells.
Also let's extend a huge congratulations to the efforts put forth by the other three teams. As above, every member of the following teams who contributed at least 50 points to their team has earned a bell prize:
Second PlaceYoshi's Islanders200 TBT Bells
Third PlaceHa-Cha!150 TBT Bells
Fourth PlacePoyo Puffs100 TBT Bells

MVP Awards


The Most Valuable Player Award is given to the top points earner in each team as recognition of their contribution and dedication to their team. Each of our four winners will receive an Inky collectible.
Squirtle Squad MVP
Yoshi's Islanders MVP
Ha-Cha! MVP
Poyo Puffs MVP

Tournament Awards

The Tournament Awards recognise the efforts of the top three performers in our Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments. Each award comes with a trophy collectible and bell prize.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Tournament

First Place@VillageDweller of Squirtle Squad
First Place Trophy Collectible
200 TBT Bells
Second Place@Flyffel of Squirtle Squad
Second Place Trophy Collectible
150 TBT Bells
Third Place@Dim of Ha-Cha!
Third Place Trophy Collectible
100 TBT Bells

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

First Place@LoyalDragonfly of Ha-Cha!
First Place Trophy Collectible
200 TBT Bells
Second Place@C:Sphere of Poyo Puffs
Second Place Trophy Collectible
150 TBT Bells
Third Place@ribbitribbon of Ha-Cha!
Third Place Trophy Collectible
100 TBT Bells

Participation Award


The Bell Tree World Championship 2024 Patch collectible is a badge you can wear on your profile to show that you were a participant in this event! Every member who participated in this event will receive this collectible as long as they earned at least 3 points for their team.

Prize Distribution Information

All backdrop, collectible, arcade token, and bell prizes outlined above will be distributed within 48hrs of the Closing Ceremony going live. When they have been distributed a staff member will post in this thread to let everyone know that this process has been completed.

Once the arcade tokens go out you will have until June 12th 2024 to spend them. The exact time of day they'll be removed is unlikely to be disclosed, so please spend them before you go to sleep on June 11th!

masterball.png And we haven't forgotten about our Master Ball raffle! For every 50 points a person earned they also gained one entry to the raffle. For example, if you earned 150 points then you have 3 entries into the raffle. Our Master Ball winners will also be announced within 48hrs of this post.

(Update: the raffle winners have now been announced and the rewards have been distributed as mentioned in this post.)

Staff Credits

Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to the planning and running of The Bell Tree World Championship 2024:

Activity coordinator: Chris
Activity hosts: Chris, dizzy bone, Justin, ~Kilza~, LaBelleFleur, LadyDestani, Mick, Mistreil, Nefarious, pandapples, Pyoopi
Crew leaders: ~Kilza~, Pyoopi; Justin, LaBelleFleur; Chris, Mick; LadyDestani, Mistreil
Main banner art: Pyoopi
Activities banner art: dizzy bone, Pyoopi
New Collectibles: Mistreil
Game Boy, Yoshi's Islander, and Poyo Puffs Backdrops: Mistreil
Gamer Tag, Squirtle Squad, and Ha-Cha! Backdrops: dizzy bone
Technical setup: Jeremy, Justin
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I’d like to offer my slightly envious congrats to the Squirtle Squad and a shoutout to Zane for being such a great Yoshi :) I also want to shout out @-Blue- for keeping our team organised and sending me some lovely words of encouragement!

This truly was a great event.
CONGRATS SQUIRTLE SQUAD!!! I see that satisfying 777 ayeeeee.

Also want to shout out the Yoshis, Poyos, and my Ha-chas! Those are some crazy big numbers and I'm so proud of us all for everything we've accomplished these past two weeks.

I'm going to miss hanging out with everyone, finally trying amogus (!!!!), and of course, all the memes and hustle bustle of TBT events 😭🥺❤️

Huge shout-outs to our lovely staff who sacrifice sleep and time to plan these events and also hang out with us 🥺🥺🥺❤️ Y'all deserve the most restful sleep and all of the glow wands this world has to offer.

See y'all at the next event!! I love it here.

I was alerted of this event the day it started and had only intended to participate for the splatoon portion but as time went on I discovered so many other fun games! So much so that I looked forward to them more than splatoon itself lol. I had the most wonderful time playing, spectating, and chatting with other members of TBT. Thank you to the staff members for all that you’ve done, as well as everyone for playing! It really made these past 2 weeks special <3
Even though I couldn't play with TBT users, I still had tons of fun here. It's funny how Squirtle Squad and Yoshi's Islanders have been neck and neck throughout the entirety of the event, and despite us Yoshi's Islanders not winning, we showed no signs of stopping. (I tell you what, if I were in competitive Mario Kart, I'd earn way more points)

The shiny hunt was so much fun, I really hope you do it again sometime in the future as I'll be more prepared, I'm starting to get the shiny charm now.
congratulations squirtles!!! 💙💙

huge shoutout to @digimon for carrying poyo’s back 💓 and to @VillageDweller on becoming tbt’s ash 🤭💜
huge, big fan!!!!! 🫶🏻💗💗

thank you staff for all the fun this event has brought & all of your hard work in hosting a million sessions 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

i had a lot of fun watching all the streams (it’s made me really want to get a few games now haha) and being able to chat with so many people 😊❤️
CONGRATULATIONS SQUIRTLES!!! 💙💙💙 Especially to our 1st and 2nd place winners in the Pokemon tournament!
And congrats Dim too! You kicked my butt so hard I honestly thought you were gonna take the crown. I'm glad you got so far!!
And Poyos got 69 in their final number so who are the real winners here??

Literally everyone did so well. I can't list out every member of every team who I saw participating and having fun and being great sports. Despite my busyness (when am I not) this was an absolute blast to be a part of and seeing everyone come together to just have fun was amazing. I really hope we have more TBTWCs in the future!

Everyone better rest up! I know a lot of yall didn't get a lot of sleep these last couple weeks so you got some catching up to do, especially Staff!!!
Woohoo! Squirtle Squad - we did it!

🎉 👑 🎉

So happy to be a squirtle! Shout out to all the squirtles who were so amazing and helpful. Thanks to MrBox for the calender and all the help in organizing hide n seeks, etc. And SJ - the daily schedule of events made it super easy to just check in every morning for a complete schedule of that day's events. No way I'd have gotten as many points without that schedule. Too many helpful people to list on the squirtle squad - ig just ty to the whole team roster, especially our team captains - Pyoopi and ~Kilza~!

Congrats to the mvps! Moruken, zane, shellbell, and - special shout out to digimon! Top mvp, earning tons of points and always in the fun, cheerful spirit of the games.

This was a super fun event - really liked the jackbox games and among us additions.

I have to give a very special ty also to the non tbt person who let me borrow their internet to play. (My fabulous internet gets nat d 🙄). Nothing like interrupting someone else's gaming to say "hey listen, can i hook up for a session for like, an hour? It'll get me 2 extra points to play instead of spectate." 😂
Congrats to Squirtle Squad, MVPs, and all the tournament winners! 🥳

I don't know if I feel sad or relieved that this event is over 😭 It's been super fun, but also overwhelming! I have severe social anxiety so the socializing aspect of these events stresses me out, but also forces me out of my comfort zone. So in the end it's very helpful to me ☺️ (I swear 90% of my social interaction every year is just from TBT events 😅)

Big thank you to my Yoshi's Islanders teammates- y'all were so sweet and amazing, and I'm so proud of our accomplishments! We may not have been first, but you were first in my heart 💚 why am i so cheesy sdafkljkljsdf

Finally, thank you so much staff for all the hard work you put into making these past two weeks so wonderful! And I'm sorry for all the sleep you sacrificed for us 😢 I'd say take a nice, long break, but I know Celebrating Diversity is right around the corner, and the Fair is only a couple months away... 😬 I don't know how you guys don't go insane! So I'll just say- take care of yourselves, sleep well, and we appreciate you so, so much!!!

reading through this, I said "so" so many times!!!!!
It’s over already? It feels like it just started. It was so much fun participating this time around, even if I didn’t get to play as much as I’d have liked.

I noticed there’s a TBT Fair coming up, and it’s amazing how Staff can host one large event after another. I know we are more appreciative than we’re able to express with words on a screen.

Congratulations to the Squirtle Squad and the top point earners!
Congratulations fellow Squirtles!
We did it! You were the best team I could ask for. Everyone was super positive and wholesome. Loved every minute of our conversations. We did not sleep and pulled through! Our insane screentime this two weeks really paid of lmao.

Shoutout to Yoshis islander. You really pushed us to our limits until the end! It was a super close final and you were a worthy opponent!
Ha-Cha and Poyo Puffs you were amazing. I loved your good spirit and all the fun we had during games and chats! You get the same color because I could never tell to which team you belong. You were truely amazing!

This was my first TBTWC and I had a blast. I love video games and it was so much fun to participate in everything I can. I grinded so hard for this event but it was super fun? Like wow. I hope this event returns next year again and with it sleepless nights.

Thank you staff for this amazing event! You put so much effort and dedication into it - it's insane. Special thanks to our team captains @~Kilza~ and @Pyoopi. You were amazing!

Also I want to say thanks to all the new friends I made. You guys are truely amazing and I am looking forward to play and talk with all of you! That is the best part of this event by far.

After TBTWC was over I felt a bit empty so I started to draw something for all of our efforts <3

Thanks for playing.jpeg
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We did it squirtles!!!! Thanks for another fun event, staff :] I didn't go as crazy as I did in the other championship, but I had lots of fun participating where I could- hide and seek and among us were really fun!! also omg my squirtle emote will live on forever in the discord now...
After TBTWC was over I felt a bit empty so I started to draw something for all of our effort <3

View attachment 568095
Omg absolutely amazing artwork!!! Love it so much 😭💖

Also congrats for making MVP !!
Fricking well deserved, because you have put sooo much effort into earning every single point! Truely worthy of Inky 👾
Congratulations Squirtle Squad for winning it all! You didn’t just get the trophies and backdrops. You have also earned five boxes of doughnuts as a gift from the apples. 🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩 Be sure to share them with everyone on the team.

I noticed that the position numbers and team numbers perfectly align.