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What are your top three favorite events on TBT?


Apple Imperialist
Sep 9, 2014
Palm City
Perfect Apple
Perfect Apple
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Out of all events that happened on the Bell Tree, from 2013 to today, which ones were your favorite? And I’m looking for specific events, not types of events. I’m also not looking at specific contests or activities (unless if they’re standalone contests like the diversity art contests).

In case of the egg hunts, you can judge based on the clues or the eggs sold.
1. Farewell to New Leaf (2024). I can't describe how much joy this event brought me. I absolutely loved the Streetpass Silver/balloon unlock component. I looked forward to making my 3-4 posts & profile comments every day, and I especially looked forward to when the mystery balloons turned colours. It was really exciting, not to mention that I've wanted more balloon colours for YEARS and staff went above and beyond making more new ones than I ever could have imagined!! The whole event was also super nostalgic. I loved revisiting my New Leaf game and playing online with fellow TBTers for the first time in years.

2. Old School AC Week (2019). I'm a huuuuge fan of the older AC games (especially Wild World) so it felt like this week was made for me! I think I participated in every single different activity. I even won trivia for the first (and likely only) time when there was a Wild World trivia night and I was so proud 🥹

3. That villager poll event that brought us Chief vs Jambette (2018 I think). Can't remember what it was actually called but it was so iconic because of how hard everyone was campaigning for/against certain villagers. There wasn't a whole lot going on event-wise, but the community aspect made it so memorable for me. I just remember logging on every day and laughing at the newest pro-Jambette campaign poster or at Rodney with his little sign in the banner.

Screenshot 2024-04-14 at 1.32.15 PM.png

This will live in my head rent-free forever lol
Here’s mine:

#1 - 2017 TBT Fair: Easily the best event I participated in, even if it weren’t for the Tetris Grid win and my purchase for Laudine’s custom lineart. It had the most memorable mirrors, the best contests, the best events, and the arcade. I even got the highest score in Tetris.

#2 - 2023 Halloween Carnival: It’s the best event from last year, and the best Halloween event ever. I also like the ticket concept, the activities, and the cursing activity.

#3 - 2016 TBT Fair: While not as good as the 80’s Fair/Arcade Fair, it was the one that introduced the famous glow wand collectibles. Plus, I liked the summer nights theme and have some nostalgia towards it.
1. Farewell to New Leaf. I loved seeing everyone's entries and hearing about their best experiences with the game! The reactions were great too (especially bonk 🔨), and it was fun watching the general discussion boards become more lively again with the streetpass event. Very nostalgic, it was truly a great sendoff.

2. 2022 TBT Fair. It had a good variety of activities and the whimsical theming was great. The prizes were cool too- great collectibles, great prize packs, and the physical celeste chick plushies were very cute!

3. Time Portal Tragedy, a blast from the past! It was really chaotic, especially since I was trying to find the last eggs that I needed while everything looked all wacky and old. It was neat seeing all the different event banners that I missed out on before I joined.
1. Farewell to New Leaf Online (2024): This event brought back a looooot of nostalgia for me and was also just very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I even completed all of the events in it early because of this. Very well-done event. 💚

2. AC flower collectible breeding event (2019): This event was a lot of fun as well, even though I didn't participate a whole ton at the time. I can't wait for it to make its return soon, because I really enjoyed the first one! :blush:

3. TBT Fair (2020): I could have put an earlier TBTF here, but this was the first TBTF since I returned to the site in 2018, and it did NOT disappoint. There was a lot to do and amazing collectibles to choose from in the shop. It was truly a delight to participate in this and a stress-reliever during the pandemic.
#1: Camp Bell Tree 2023
I'd say this is easily my favorite. I preferred the enchantment forest theme by just a little, but there was something about this year that makes it my favorite. This was the first Camp Bell Tree I actually had WiFi which allowed me to participate in gaming sessions! I also loved being part of The Galaxolotls! I couldn't have asked to be part of a different team. Everyone made me feel included despite not belonging to really any cliques this site has, for lack of better wording. I think that's the beauty of this site. Everyone is made to feel welcome and I always see posts encouraging the new members to take part in whatever event is happening at the time.
#2: TBTWC 2021
I can't really say much here. I don't even recall participating in anything other than the team cheers due to lack of WiFi. This event was centered around gaming, but I appreciate the Staff making it possible for everyone to participate. I was worried at first because I couldn't play games online, but someone still encouraged to sign up because online capabilities weren't required to participate. Still, I had so much fun with the competitive aspect although I felt like an outsider looking in at this point. This was the first event I participated in and nobody really knew who I was. I had a few wonderful people that made me feel included during this event, even if most of those members were on different teams. I won't mention anyone in particular, but I'm sure you know who you are.

#3: Camp Bell Tree 2021
Again, not much I can say here. I enjoyed the concept of this, maybe even more than TBTWC. Something about camp and being split into cabins intrigues me. This is the most I've ever participated in any event. The tasks were some of the most memorable and I couldn't wait to get into different cabins to see what else I could work on. My favorite activity was definitely the campfire activity where you had to write a campfire song. I was very proud of mine. It ended up being a parody, but the lyrics I wrote meant a lot to me.
1. TBT Fair 2016 - introduced the famous glow wands, plus it was my very first fair on TBT! It's definitely the youth talking but I had sooo much fun back then when I had more time to participate. I would go out on weekends to picture stuff for the scavenger hunt, I rediscovered drawing, and I had lots of fun posting and talking around the forums! And my sig and avi got nominated for what used to be a vote-based sig and avi contest, and while I didn't win podium, it definitely put a smile to my face receiving nice comments from others! I was still new to photoshop back then too so fair definitely gave me a boost in motivation for art.

2. TBT Fair 2022 - I loved this fair mainly for the events, I got my first bullseye in the Count In The Bottle which blew me AWAY when I got told the news. I remember being on vacation that day and I woke up to so many notifs congratulating me and I was like huh?? what 😭 I could not believe it!! the one time I decided not to do some funky math to count is the time I hit bullseye LMAO. This event also resurfaced my love for story writing, I'm lazy most of the time and end up just reading random fanfics so when we had the opportunity to write something about a hero's journey, I was absolutely into it!! It took me many days of writing and planning and I'm more than happy with how it turned out despite not being able to polish it to its fullest. I'm really happy so many people gave my story a read even if it was a little long, it means the world to me that it's touched some people ;w; I will never not be proud of that story I wrote!!

3. Farewell to New Leaf 2024 - NOOOO this event made me so emotional...... I initially didn't think much of this event, but when I saw so many people playing again and sharing their sentiments, I kind of got emotional too 😭😭😭 I realized how ACNL has played a big part in my life, and I'm so thankful this event took me on a trip down memory lane one last time. I love u ACNL, it truly is the end of one of the greatest eras of all time :c
1. Bell Tree Fair 2022- This is probably my first TBT fair that I fully participate. It introduces one of my favorite collectibles of all time which is the Enchanted Bloom collectible. Plus, I love the theming of this TBT fair in particular. It's up there along with the 2020 one. (I've won the enchanted bloom on the event pavilion and I'm really happy about it.)
2. Time Portal Tragedy (April fool's)- One of my personal favorite versions of April fool's. A trip back to the old days when forums were the king of the internet hangout places before social media is created. And I have fun with this April fool's in particular. (Can we have those fun avatar layovers, I still can't let go of the Nintendo switch one.)
3. Camp Bell Tree 2021- I'm happy that I get to be in Team Poliwags and we won. Also, I'm biased about the color blue and the Poliwags is blue in color, which makes this one of my top 3 TBT events. It's been fun, I even made a thread about drawing bears back when this event goes on 😂.

Honorary mentions:
  • TBT Fair 2020: for introducing my favorite lineup of collectibles. I'm a big fan of these dreamy themes.
  • New year, New Horizons writing contest: This event in particular is where I got my first trophy. And I do have fun writing the journal entries. This contest made ACNH fun again. And this motivates me to try writing more.
The recent Easter Egg hunt was the first event I have ever seen.

Therefore, by default, it takes the place of #1, #2, and #3 as my favorite all time events.
1. Camp Bell Tree 2021 - I had a lot of fun for this one. It was fun working together with my camp and seeing everyone’s entries. I loved all the collectibles too
2. World Championship 2021 - I had none of the games but I had a good time watching the streams and doing the drawings that I did. 🙂
3 Hybrid Flower Breeding 2024 - I know this is going on right now but I can’t think of anything else since I didn’t participate in that many events. I love the concept behind this event. It’s really pushing me to post more too, which is always fun 🙂
#1. The 2020 Bell Tree Fair
This was the first MAJOR event I participated in on TBT! I had no idea that TBT events could be that jam-packed with cool stuff to do and cool rewards to earn. The 2020 Bell Tree Fair is definitely what got me hooked on collectibles -- before this event I didn't really get it lol. The Star Fragments and Shooting Star are still my very favorite collectibles of all time I think. I also thought it was so neat how real physical prizes could be earned in addition to digital ones -- I chose the sticker pack 🥰 Always in awe at the amount of work Staff puts in to The Bell Tree Fair (and all other events). Oh and The 2020 Bell Tree Fair also taught me just HOW LONG IT TAKES to color in a single coloring page 🫠 But it's always so fun.. just time consuming

#2. The TBT Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts Contest (2022)

I really liked how this event had 3 different categories -- traditional, digital, and misc craft. I wish more competitive events were broken down in to categories like that! I made a traditional gouache painting of Kapp'n and Leilani and it is still to this day probably my favorite Animal Crossing fan-art I've ever made (so far). Idk I'm just proud of it 😖

#3. Camp Bell Tree 2023 (SPACE CAMP!!!)
I really loved getting to know the people on my team -- the Galaxolotls! We may not have won the war but we won many battles 🥹 Very iconic team and I really love our Galaxolotl Star Fragment. Also absolutely love the plushies that came from this event, the alien plushies are my favorite! I don't miss those Gulliver puzzles though hahahahdsfglhfza;

A Billion Honorable Mentions
Farewell to New Leaf (2024)
This event was amazing... the perfect fruit and the bunny balloons/heart balloons are just really pleasing to look at, and of course it was neat playing New Leaf online one last time! A very thoughtful send-off.

The 2022 Bell Tree Fair
Could honestly be tied with the 2020 Bell Tree Fair at #1. I get the feeling that all the Bell Tree Fair events are bound to be equally amazing!

New Year, New Horizons! ACNH Blogging Contest (2023)
I put in an obscene amount of work into my island journal in the span of just 10 days.. I really enjoyed it, though I think it burned me out a little because I still have yet to finish my story over a year later! I don't really consider myself a writer either so this event got me to get out of my comfort zone.

New Owner, New Exciting Business Model (April Fool's 2023)
I was really sick that night/day, but this event turned a bad situation into a fond memory somehow. I loved mining people's posts for BTC and I also loved the randomly generated Turnip profile pictures.. genius event. The 2024 April Fool's event was great too but I felt like I missed out on a lot of it by the time I woke up!

The Bell Tree's Haunted Carnival (2023)
I was really, really sick practically that whole time, it was really scary, but somehow I managed to participate and have fun in this spooky Halloween event! I loved the theme, loved buying the tickets for the tents, loved the collectibles. Wow wow wow

TBT's 2023 Stole-iday Season
I guess 2023 was just a really good year for The Bell Tree lmao, I really loved this Christmas event!! I think my favorite activity was the Holiday Hundred Hunt because even though we weren't able to complete it, it was still cool to see everyone's entries!! It also gave me a good reason to bake not one but two things I had never baked before.. I think I am gonna make a Yule Log every Christmas now. I also really loved the White Elephant Creations activity, those kinds of activities are always a blast

6 Days of Scavenging (2021)
I'm a bit salty with myself for not being able to find the last item in time but other than that I loved this event, it was very chill, and I am patiently waiting for a new Scavenging event to come along🧍‍♀️