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What was “The Incident” at your school?


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Aug 23, 2015
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Because I’m nosy, I’m interested to know what was The Incident™️ that stuck in your school 👀 Keep it forum-friendly though!

For me, I think it was when this guy cheated on two girls so one of the girls met him at the school lobby and threw water at his face during dismissal and shouted at him. Everyone was practically there so ofc everyone was nosy 😭
Another crazy time was when this man climbed up our in-school girl’s dormitory at midnight and stole a bunch of stuff. I was awake at the time and saw one of my dormmates tweet “A man climbed onto our window, I’m pretending to sleep because I’m so scared” and I IMMEDIATELY hopped off my bed and made sure my door was locked 😭 He then broke into the headmaster’s bedroom and explained to her that he was “meeting the principal”. AT MIDNIGHT. AND WE DON’T HAVE A PRINCIPAL. What the hell. That was so scary in hindsight, but thankfully he didn’t hurt anyone, just got away with some stolen gadgets.
A girl was really drunk at a party and pooped in this guys bed. She also happened to be the school news anchor and we saw her EVERY morning on TV. I mean honestly, good for her for being able to keep going. I would have switched schools. It was all I could think when I saw her on TV.
A bunch of kids had a pepper spray fight in the cafeteria one time. I'm glad I missed that.
this dude was taking inappropriate photos of the students at our school and posted them on instagram. the principal got involved and told him to delete all the photos or face expulsion. he took them down, left a bunch of weird cryptic messages on his story and deleted the page but not before people found out who he was, which was really shocking because people really liked him before all of this.

anyways, the next day he came to school with a hammer and threatened to (or actually did) attack people in the library. we had to go into lockdown for like 30 minutes. the police came, took him in, and i never saw him after that because i deleted instagram.

this all happened a week before the last day of school. fun times truly
There was a shooting in my senior year. It happened shortly before graduation. I don't really feel like detailing it, nor would this be an appropriate setting.

Some of my classmates became long term social activists, meeting with other survivors (such as parkland florida) and participated in demonstrations. A girl I knew and sat with wasn't far from the line of fire when it started.

I kept the text exchanges I had that day with my family for a while. I finally erased them late last year.
There was no incident at any of the schools I went to. Or at least none that I paid attention to. I was almost exclusively excluded in public school by everyone for being different. Then for high school onwards I went to private schools and had the time of my life, and also developed as a person a lot.

There were PROBABLY some dumb things that still happened, but nothing caused by or related to me. I was a pretty good student and didn't get involved in the idiotic antics of others.
High School: one of the other girls in my AP art class was REALLY GOOD at drawing but she got caught having plagiarized a ton of work from DeviantArt. She was forced to start over on her AP project requirements and it was like.. already near the end of the year. My teacher had to call her parents and they didn't see any problem with what my classmate had been doing

University: just a very dark shady past of the university trying to cover up awful things that happened in the dorms.. I guess it worked to some degree because I had no idea of the dark history until I was 2 or 3 years in
In terms of more light-hearted stuff the year 12s one year decided to put honey all over the railings and toilets… I swear some were still mildly sticky years later and by the time my year was graduating, pranks were banned 😭
my class went on a field trip last year and a group of boys from my grade were found smoking weed in the bathroom. i’m not judging those who do smoke weed but the worst parts about it is that we were on a religious retreat (religious affiliated school), this was 11th grade so of course they were all underage, an elementary school was nearby on the premises & they could smell it + they complained and that’s how retreat staff found out. the theology teacher was so pissed she looked like she was about to cry and was about ready to search everybody’s backpacks. also sure that the retreat center banned my school from going there ever again. lowkey hilarious but also very sad.
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I went to a school where a lot of incidents/accidents happened, some being way too hardcore to tell. Flooding bathrooms and lit fire in trash cans and lockers happened almost every week. I remember having to go in class while there was a fire in the staircase and the teacher was "yeah well anyway, don't bother about that"
Several kids got stabbed, by each other. Wasn't even unusual. Felt like a weekly shanking at one point, it was grim. We have a knife crime problem here, especially with kids and it's only gotten worse since I left.

To pick only one incident is hard, but it would probably have to be when some kids who were part of a gang got into the school to go after members of a rival gang and one of them had a sledgehammer. We were shut in our classrooms but it was a bloodbath out there and when the teacher went out into the corridor after the police and ambulance came, he slipped on the blood and fell on his arse and we all just erupted into laughter. Then he got up and his arse had blood all over it and we kept telling him he had gotten his period and the entire class ended up in detention for being insensitive :rolleyes:
Basically just teenage pregnancies and illegal drug use. Nothing too unique or cool lol. We did have 'rivalry' between us and a catholic highschool due to football teams but nothing really happened beyond just trash talking them.
i keep trying to write something here but basically every "thing" that happened is forum inappropriate or really dark that i don't know what to say LOL

i guess one thing is that the year class that graduated before mine had SUCH a damaging and horrific senior prank that they banned my graduating class from doing it, not that we really cared
Pretty sure my class was The Class that got senior prank day banned. There was a lot of animosity towards the school from some kids in my year, so they went all out and actually caused property damage.

The kinda funny part is that on prank day, all of the kids in my year piled into cars and went out for brunch after the damage was done, but I had no friends so I was the only kid left behind. All of the teachers came to me to complain about how bad the damage was (even though I did very little of it), so I ended up helping them clean up. Then at graduation I got what was basically the Good Semeritan Student award specifically for that LOL and it even came with money...
One year, a group of students thought it would be funny to keep setting the fire alarms off. Classes lasted for approximately 50 minutes and during one class every time we were making our way back upstairs another one would go off. Even though the fire station was just across the road, every time that happened the fire service had to come out to make sure it wasn't a false alarm. Some people thought it was great getting out of class. I couldn't help thinking that their stupid pranks could be putting someone else in danger, while the fire staff were at several false alarms due to a few fools.
Well, there was one incident I could think of that occurred during my senior year of high school. Someone allegedly wrote a threat on one of the bathroom stalls, and the message stated that something bad would happen on 4/20 (yep, I know). I cannot reveal exactly what it said here, but I still remember it clearly via classmates repeating the message over and over. Of course, the district had to issue a statement to parents saying that this would be investigated, and I don't believe it was ever announced if the culprit was ever caught, though rumors started to swirl after the day came and went. Regardless, my class decided to make that day our senior skip day, and surprisingly, my mom even allowed me to stay home as she knew about it. According to those that actually attended the skip day, only about 10% of the seniors actually showed up, and nothing strange or unusual happened other than an increased police presence around the campus for that one day. I bet a lot of students who skipped went to go party afterward as it was also on a Friday. All I did was play video games in my room.

Now being a district employee myself, anytime I hear about threats being written on bathroom walls or social media that cause a school to go on lockdown makes me angry. It wastes all the innocent students' time, threatens their safety and mental wellbeing even if it's harmless, and costs the district a ton of money as we have to sit and wait while continuously getting paid until the police say it's clear to send everyone home. Not to mention, if someone is caught doing that, they can be expelled from all public school districts and potentially sent to jail. Everyone needs to understand that saying the wrong thing can lead to severe consequences.
Apparently, one of my friends back in high school told me that someone threw a chair through a window in the cafeteria. Wasn't there to see the situation unfold, but I did see the damage after. Looking back, my high school had some 'interesting' incidents to say the least, but not major enough for everyone in the entire building to know.