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what was the last trip you went on?


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May 31, 2014
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/or if you haven't gone on any, what is a trip you plan/want to go on?

my most recent one was in january during the mlk holiday since we had a 3-day weekend. my partner and i went up to the mountains in norcal to visit his family and we stayed at a cute airbnb loft in someone's house. it was a super nice space and our host prepared banana bread to welcome us. she had a journal in the room with entries from other guests who had stayed there and it was so interesting seeing where all of those people came from and how long she'd been hosting.

on the first day we drove up there, got to the airbnb around 6pm, and then i had to do homework since it was the first week of my masters course. we just stayed in, watched movies, and made one of those couple blankets with fabrics from hobby lobby. on the 2nd day we drove to his family's house which was about an hour further up the mountains, cooked food and ate with them, walked the dogs in the snow, caught up with everyone and ate more, and that was pretty much it before we headed back to the airbnb. the third day was checkout day so we couldn't do much besides clean and pack up. i'd love to go back for a longer time and do more outdoorsy stuff.

i learned how much i really don't like weekend trips, they feel way too rushed, especially with the travel time :( my other trips last at least 5 days to weeks, but i also have breaks and summer vacation time with my job so i'm able to stay that long.
What do you consider a trip? If it can be less than an hour away, and I stay overnight, that would be to my boyfriend’s aunt’s house. It’s nice to visit! If it must be further, I went to my Granny’s hometown in November and it was a bit different because instead of staying there, my boyfriend and I stayed in a hotel.
i went on the train to london a week and a half ago to go see garth marenghi's incarcerat book tour with my sibling. was amazing and funny and awesome!!
I visited my family in Florida twice last year. I was considering going to California this summer, but I don't think that's going to happen at this point.
in the summer I went to Portugal which was probably my last big trip, but I’m going to Prague in a couple weeks!
i went camping with friends in the adirondacks last labor day weekend (US)! we celebrated a recent engagement and a birthday. we made chili, mac and cheese, scrambled eggs with sausage, oatmeal, banana bread, and s'mores, and talked around the campfire. we also went hiking and visited saratoga springs. it was a lovely trip ☺️💕
The last trip I went on was to Canada in the summer to hike and enjoy the week swimming.
i was in Toronto at the end of September
the convention i went for was kinda lame but i had fun regardless
I just went to Denver a couple of weekends ago for a work thing. I keep forgetting that altitude is a real thing! Just going up and down the stairs at some places was a lot! And I didn’t realize that it made things really dry - the folks at the work conference were really mindful about making sure all is out of towners stayed really well hydrated. I normally don’t hydrate very well to begin with, but it was really important there!
Is it a trip when I'm visiting my friend in the mountains as I am right now? 🤔 I do it quite regularly.

My last bigger trip was visiting my boyfriend's family in Italy (Trieste) for the Christmas holidays and in the first week of the year we also did a day trip to Venice for the third New Year's in a row (it's only a two hour train ride from Trieste). We say here that three times makes a tradition, so I guess a New Year's visit to Venice is a tradition now.
In October I ate a bunch of tiny mushrooms that were growing in the park and I ended up going to places I had never been before and felt like I was some kind of enlightened guru in a very colourful world for a few hours.
The last trip I went on was to Germany in December, originally to just visit the Munich Christmas Markets for 3 days, but ended up stuck there due to a snowstorm and had to take a detour to Berlin 🇩🇪☃️🎄

My next trip is in a few days, I'm going to Krakow in Poland for a week. 🇵🇱🧳🏰

Then I will be going to Amsterdam, Netherlands, for my birthday in May. 🇳🇱🎂🎉

Finally, going to Singapore + Malaysia for 2 weeks in September. 🇸🇬🇲🇾🌆🌴
Nassau, Bahamas.

It was nice, I think. Even though it was only for a day. Generally not my kind of weather though.

I'm also going to England later this year.
My last trip was a field trip to a dinosaur museum lol. The whole grade went, it was chaotic as hell, and the AC on my bus was broken, but it was still really fun.

If we're only talking overnight trips, then it would have to be when we went to a Christian summer camp for a band retreat last April. We tell stories about that trip to the people that just joined band this year, and I think we've scarred them all for life.

My next trip will be another band retreat in mid-April, but this time, we're going to Banff. Can't wait to see how much chaos 60-ish teens all crammed together in a hotel will cause...
My last trip was a flight out to Denver, Colorado specifically for a dinner at a higher-end Italian restaurant that I had been wanting to try for a couple of years at that point. I bought myself the trip to celebrate my 30th birthday since it was a milestone birthday, and while it was a bit of a pricey trip, it was worth every penny I paid. That trip was a one time deal and I don't see myself making any kind of trip like that again any time soon, but if I ever happen to find myself in Denver again for an extended period of time I will likely be dropping by that restaurant again.

My next trip starts in just 3 days, heading to the station in Los Angeles, California to catch the Amtrak Sunset Limited/Texas Eagle train to Dallas, Texas. I booked a room in one of the Texas Eagle through-cars which will be detached from the Sunset Limited in San Antonio, TX and sent North with the main Texas Eagle. I will be staying for the total solar eclipse, then a couple days after that I'll be catching the Texas Eagle again and taking it the rest of the way to Chicago, Illinois. I'll spend a couple more days there before catching the Amtrak California Zephyr back to California, ending in the Bay Area just outside San Francisco, and making my way back home from there.
I visited Toronto in Sept/Oct last year, as well as February this year! and I really enjoyed myself!! I'm def gonna go back again, not sure when just yet but hopefully soon 🥰
I guess to a concert with my parents and brother if that counts. It was actually right by where we used to live. We even passed by my old preschool.
My last trip was a week long vacation to Disney World back in September. These Disney World trips are a yearly thing with my mom and friend. Our next trip is in November, which I’m very excited for.
smaller recent trip, i went to visit my sister for her birthday get together in Maryland at the end of March this year.

bigger (but not very recent) trips, I went to Disney World / Universal Studios in Florida last year in April with my in laws and then saw TXT in concert at the capital one arena in May.