what was the last trip you went on?

My last trip was with my parents when I was still a teenager, so a long time ago. Like all trips with my parents it came with a lot of drama and was not relaxing at all.
I travelled to Portland back in February to get a tattoo done. I stayed overnight at an outdated, but nice hotel and drove back the next day.
My last trip was back in July. We went to South Padre Island with family...then me, my dad, and my brother went to Corpus Christi to see my (and my brother's, ofc) mom. The SPI trip has some good memories (golf cart, fireworks, sunrise, etc.), I will admit...but it did get a bit stale spending most of the time in the suite and dealing with conflicting sleep schedules. But the CC part was a bit of a dud. My mom was depressed the entire time because she really wants to move back in with us, when God knows it is a really bad idea, and my dad and I (IDK about my brother) were stressing over the AC in our house.

We have yet another trip planned July of THIS year, and of course I'm skeptical.

I honestly do not see the point. My (paternal) grandparents lives in the same town as me, my dad, and my brother; living only a few minutes from our house. My (paternal) cousins only live a couple hours from us. It seems much easier us all to take a daytrip at one of our houses.

As for my mom's side of the family, they are further away. My mom is like 7-8 hours away, and my maternal grandparents are like 8-10 hours away, so I understand visiting them needs to require more effort. Ideally, I think it's best of we get my mom to my maternal grandparent's in Houston like in August 2022, and me, my dad, and my brother can just go over there. That way, we can visit both my mom AND our maternal grandparents in on go. Plus their house is very spacious, so we all had our own room to hang out in. Plus, I freaking love it over there. Despite the problems that come with vacations regardless (packing, a long ride, homesickness, etc.), my maternal grandparents' house is only of the very few (if not only) vacation places I feel comfortable in.

I am honestly not a fan of vacations...I could go on and on and on about this, but this thread isn't really appropriate for going off on a tangent about hating vacations, so I will just say this: I cannot freaking wait until I can live on my own. I am hoping to avoid this bull****. I hope my family won't complain about me not going on vacations, as long as I spend time with them in other ways, which I do plan to...just not through vacations.