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What was “The Incident” at your school?

Here are just a few of the many incidents:
-A stealing outbreak. A lot of the teachers wouldn't lock their classroom doors (even though it was against school policies) in case somebody would've needed to get a forgotten item out of the room. A few people took advantage of this and started sneaking into unlocked classrooms during their lunch period to dig through people's backpacks for cash and electronics. The ones that got caught weren't forced to return any of the stuff they stole because the victims "shouldn't have brought those items to school anyway".
-A classmate threatened me and many others. It was reported to the principal and assistant principal, who didn't take the situation seriously until the classmate injured somebody with a metal door.
-A student created a dropbox full of explicit photos of their ex and emailed it to all other students in the district.
-Classmates joined a virtual author visit/Q&A event using anonymous names to sent hateful messages in the chat. The event hosts didn't know how to turn off the chat so the messages were stuck on everyone's screens the whole time.
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I really can't think of any school wide incident that I knew about at least. When I was in 8th/9th class a guy from a parallel class who I didn't even know at all decided to bully me for some reason and once he took my textbook and tried to light it up with his lighter. That's the most major "incident" that I can think of, plus a different scenario where I was bullied. But they weren't famous incidents.
Hmmm main thing I remember hearing about was one of the sports teams got suspended due to sharing inappropriate pictures. The police were involved as well so it was pretty bad. I didn’t personally know anyone involved though.

Another thing I remember, it’s not as bad but still not great, and not technically at school but still school related. Is that the future student council president came to my prom (she must have come as the date to someone in my year). Anyways, even before the event properly began she was super drunk and being sick all over the place. She didn’t leave a great impression to say the least.
Because an overwhelming majority of the students here aren’t mentally stable, there’s a lot of these. There’s also a lot that I can’t talk about, so I’m trying hard to think of one that’s not NSFW.

There’s one non sexual one that immediately comes to mind, it happened recently. We had to have a lockdown because of a fight. Do you want to know what happened? Guess. Just guess. What do you think would happen in a fight? Since a lot of people here are so uncivilized, fights are common and usually aren’t treated this seriously. So what do you think could have happened to make this particular one so bad?

Someone splashed bleach at someone’s eyes. Yes, someone splashed bleach at someone’s eyes. I really don’t think there’s any hope for any later generation if people can’t even fight like normal people. I was in study hall and my study hall teacher said something along the lines of “what happened to good old fist fighting”. I’m done. I never had the chance to bring up that people did something this stupid, but I’m done now. I can’t take it anymore. I’m so glad I’m graduating soon. Hopefully whatever college I go to is filled with actually normal people and people that causally bring cleaning products to school decide not to go to college, or even better, drop out.

Just know that that was one of the least “incident” things that’s happened here, but I don’t want to get an infraction, so this is all I’m going to say.
Grade 10 2013 lol, so the seinors there had a prank where the whole school got vandalized like you wouldn't believe it, harlem shaking in the library,baloons splashed all over the place with glitter i think some crabs too around the hallways and yeah school was wild back then lol and i still have a good cringe chuckle from it each time i see threads like this pop up because i hadn't seen anything as wild like that for as long as i can remember.
My class wasn't allowed to have a senior prank day in high school, because the previous senior class decided to crank their prank up to 1,000 and completely messed up the school. Like there was graffiti and....SYRUP everywhere on the school's walls and over the school's railings.
..so yeah..

Another was a family geese decided to make our school grounds their temporary home and was expecting. Some kids decide they were going to mess with them and daddy goose wasn't having it (understandably).
I'll be honest, my school isn't very interesting when it comes to stuff like this. Just the usual; Fist fights, toilet paper holders & soap dispensers being dismantled, stuff getting stolen, and fire alarms being set off. However, there was a person who had an account on a particular site (can't say it here), and the bullying got so bad that they ended up going to a different school in the middle of the year. Otherwise, nothing big really happens.
The big incident at school when I was there involved me. I was hanging out with a friend at an ice cream shop and a couple girls overheard me tell the friend that I snitched on some kids for rejecting me in a mean way after looking at them briefly even though I wasn't interested in them. They told everyone in the school this and I was called profane names, received rude gestures, or told disgusting things several times a week. Our school allowed phone use in and out of class and a lot of kids would take unsolicited photos of me around school and upload them with nasty captions about me being single on Instagram and Snapchat. One time I was using my phone on a now deleted Pokémon forum and one kid looked over my shoulder and started stalking me on the site and Discord. I was posting about my experiences being bullied and they'd gossip about what I shared. They eventually found about my social media accounts, shared them around school, and everyone mass blocked me. Kids would tell each other about my Spotify playlists and gossip about my song choices. After a year and a half of bullying I left the school. I was paranoid for years that they were still stalking me online, but honestly I doubt they care anymore.
I honestly don't remember much, and I think speific incidents happened that others may have rememered, but I cearly just did not care in secondary school, so here's as much as I remember.

Of course, there were fights between boys, I think one time one of them even picked up a traffic cone or something similar in the outside area to use.
One fight I remember, happened in the science corridors, and my poor science teacher tried stopping it, getting hurt inbetween his legs. Still did his best to teach us otherwards, I respect that.

There was once aparently someone broke into the science to steal items.

One interesting thing, wasn't an incident, but as part of one of the other science classes's events, their class had a more fun acitivty, called 'Who k*lled mr science teacher' Guy literally pretended to be dead, and the class had to figure out which of the other teachers who did it, using science XD

In primary school, I actually missed it due to being ill, but two kids set the fire alarms off, causing so many fire trucks to come, and waste their time.
The situation were still fresh for the teachers, because even once I was back, they still shouted at the two who did it in my class about what they did.
a few:

no 1: a boy in my class threatened to shoot up the school, saying that he had a list. the cops came and searched him, he came back to school after a week or so like nothing ever happened because he didn't actually have any weapons.

no 2: there's a big traditional event that involves food trucks and a soccer game at my school: some guy broke his leg during the soccer game and the ambulance pulled up afterwards all while these two honor society girls were fighting over who was going clean up the tables and how one of the them has never taken responsibility over cleaning up even though it's their job and they had non-honor society kids working LOL. not really a huge scandal but it was funny.
So this happened back when I was in 9th grade in 2009. Not going to give the name of the School because privacy reasons but I recall that when we were in class there was a huge fight that broke out in the lunch room where everyone was throwing food at each other. The teachers were screaming trying to break it up and it finally stop when a Police officer came and arrested one of the students. They had to clear the area. By the time when they were done food was everywhere and it was very messy. I recall a teacher saying "Well the Janitor is going to have to work extra hard today" it was very chatoic to say the least.
I can't remember anything else other than that one time when I was in middle school when "devious licks" were trending on TikTok...
Actually… nah. This was really weird.
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It wasn't my high school, but it was the high school that I ended up transferring from because I was being bullied. Someone wrote a bomb thread and the school shut down for over a week for safety reasons. Turns out someone tried to frame me for it because I was really hurt by the fact I was being bullied. I openly dissed the school by burning a piece of paper with their logo on it and posting it on Facebook. This was over a decade ago and not something I did recently. My younger self was traumatized by that school.
In middle school, one of the students vomited in the middle of the hallway.
I can't remember that many things that were big enough to be widely considered "The Incident" at my school (surprisingly, considering how awful that place was, and still is from what I've heard). There's one I learnt about from after I left that probably is, but might not be appropriate to talk about here.

I did accidentally set off the fire alarm one time. It wasn't significant enough to count, but it was funny. 😁
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