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What Offline/No Screen Activities Do You Do?

Travelling! The most important thing to me right now :)

I also do regular workouts, so exercise and fitness.

What I would like to get into is going hiking more in nature, once I'm done with university and have more free time I think I'll be doing more of this in summer.

I've been thinking about trying more sports too, like learning how to ski or surf.
Most of the time I like to do something creative and calming like painting, drawing, resin art, or needle felting. I also enjoy exercising and stretching but that's been put on pause lately due to medical reasons. I do want to try more sports in the future though if possible.
me reading this thread and realizing that i don't have many hobbies that don't involve a screen of some sort: 🧍‍♀️

well, i do like going out with friends to places! i also like going on walks too.
Like half of the people here most of my hobbies involve a screen 😭
But I enjoy writing letters, doing some bullet journaling.
I'd like to get more comfortable drawing on paper too so I can start painting watercolors of my characters. I'm too used to digital art.
I would like to exercise more in nature, or just going for walks more often.
Now that I think about it, not a lot. I have a journal and will either write in it, add collages, or sketch some nonsense. I haven't done this in a few months, but I also enjoy sewing or at least brainstorming project ideas.
Gardening, aquarium stuff, taking care of my doggos.
I clean but that isn't a for fun thing lol. But it is something I'll do sometimes when it seems like a nice thing to work on even though it could wait. Is that secretly for entertainment?
I do like looking outside or being outside if I have a reason to be outside. Is window gazing an activity though?
Much of life has something to do with a screen. Most communication is now even.
There isn't much for meeting up with others around here with like interests/clubs like big cities may have.
Hanging out with loved ones, doing crossword puzzles, going on walks, and sometimes drawing. I say sometimes because I sometimes listen to youtube and look at references online. I also draw digitally.
honestly the best way i can imagine someone spends their time :) replace that with chess and thats basically me hahaha.

what kind of stuff do you draw? :)
honestly the best way i can imagine someone spends their time :) replace that with chess and thats basically me hahaha.

what kind of stuff do you draw? :)
I love drawing fanart, cute and stylish girls (both human and anthro), and crazy monsters (the last one is a bit different because I do it best when I’m distracted and just let my mind wander XD)
Title ^ lol. Also, what kinds of offline/no screen activities have you been interested in trying?

I have more in the summer of course since it's easier to be outside during that time. I'll swim, have campfires, and go on walks in the summer time!
For indoors, I've been getting back into reading again which has been fun. I need more offline/no screen activities to do.

My life is dominated by online and screens, I know it's not healthy but my mental disabilities make it hard for me to connect with reality 90% of the time otherwise (without the internet I'd just be inside my own head and that's not good for me). But, in the few times I am offline, I am at the laundrymat reading a book or at home sleeping. Or cooking a meal for myself.

I have always wanted to fish and forage, maybe even go swimming or just take walks every other day. I've always been fond of the idea of living in a cabin in the forest and just living off of store deliveries and whatever I can find nearby.
I got back into reading in October of last year when I found the Hunger Games trilogy sitting in my basement. I also do acting and writing, although most of my writing time is spent on either Wattpad or Google Docs.
I hike sometimes since I’m not far from a ton of hiking trails, but I tend to not do frequently since the trails are usually full of a bunch of people.

I read novels and nonfiction a lot. I lost interest in the hobby as a teenager, but I picked the hobby back up and read around 50 books last year.