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Sep 9, 2014
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Let’s say that you have the time, money, and party to do anything. Where would you like to go most? And where would you like to go least? Just to keep in mind…
  • This is for public places only. Stuff like video games and reading books are something you can do at home, but stuff like arcade visits and library visits aren’t. Do not list what can be done at home.
  • Do not list fast food or restaurants since they can be done on the same day you do other stuff. You may list shopping, but not grocery shopping or other necessities.
  • Don’t list cities, states, or countries as form of entertainment. You may mention specific places, but this is more for general places.
  • Yes, you may list actual outdoor activities like camping and hiking, as well as public parks and national parks.

Here’s my take on my top five and bottom five.

Top Five:
  1. Amusement Parks
  2. Museums (specifically science museums)
  3. Aquariums
  4. Arcades (specifically ticket arcades like Dave and Busters)
  5. Mini-Golf

Bottom Five:
  1. Concerts
  2. Movie Theaters
  3. Sports Games
  4. Any Outdoor Sporting Activities in general
  5. Ice Skating
I would love to go to an NHL Stanley Cup Finals game for any two teams. I’ve only been to regular hockey games and wanted to experience the playoffs.
I'd like to go to a quiet park. There I can just sit on a bench and let the sounds of nature overtake me. I'd also like to do some window-shopping in a mall or just chill in the library. Or go to an amusement park every now and then.

I probably wouldn't want to go to a concert, though. I've been to one before and it was too noisy.
I would like to visit a wildlife sanctuary of some sort sometime. I think it would be an interesting experience. Some allow hands on interaction.
There's a few others, but I think this one takes the top.

I wouldn't want to go anywhere that is packed and or noisy. I find that tiring and overwhelming.

Movie Theater
Amusement Park

Those are four very comfortable spots for me. (the last not so much, but they sure are atmospheric).


Arcades. Small children running in front of you gets kinda tiring :( the smaller places are okay
Concerts. Most run of the risk of going too long.
Sporting Arenas. Unless it's something I really enjoy. I don't want to sit through a sport I don't follow.
Wine Festivals. My family likes these events. I don't drink. Usually ends up being a terrible experience.
Ice Skating. Agreed with the original post. I painfully broke my wrist in a rink. I don't enjoy these places anymore.