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Do you track your reading?


Sep 14, 2012
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I've been keeping track of my reading since the end of 2018, I think. I used Goodreads initially but I use Storygraph now. I always do a yearly reading challenge, and I think keeping track pushes me to read more. My goal for this year is 40 books.

I like tracking because I think it's neat to see data over time on the type of books I'm reading, and see trends on when I'm reading a lot and when I'm not reading at all. I don't really track any other hobbies this way, but reading is one of my main hobbies (and probably my favorite hobby).

If you do track it, what's the most you've read in a year? Do you set a goal for a number of books/pages per year? What do you use to keep track?
Yes. I've been tracking the books I read for the past 20 years. Originally I kept track of books and quotations in a notebook, then I started keeping a digital log via GoodReads back in 2010. The most books I've read in a year was 63 in 2018.

For a few years my reading goal was 52 books a year. However, I go through phases with hobbies and reading isn't one I'm gravitating to much right now, so my goal for 2024 is 12 books.
My reading amount is low. I can usually memorize what I read in a single year.

I watch hundreds of movies and at a quick pace too. That gets two separate logs. (One as backup in case I lose it).
Yes! I like to know exactly when I read something, and since I read a lot it gets mixed up easily if I don't keep track of it. I even started keeping a commonplace book fairly recently.
Yup! I log every book I read on GoodReads once I finish it. Currently I’m aiming for 50 books, but I’m 2 books behind.
been using goodreads for years! last year i read 130 books, so i'm hoping to keep that pace this year. (i've read 55 this year so far.)