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What Offline/No Screen Activities Do You Do?


Mar 10, 2015
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Title ^ lol. Also, what kinds of offline/no screen activities have you been interested in trying?

I have more in the summer of course since it's easier to be outside during that time. I'll swim, have campfires, and go on walks in the summer time!
For indoors, I've been getting back into reading again which has been fun. I need more offline/no screen activities to do.
I play chess. I own a personal board. But it's hard to find anybody to play with me, so I mostly end up going online for games.

I also make animal sketches. I have several notebooks dedicated for this.
I like reading or drawing/sketching/painting. I also love going outside, swimming, playing with animals, looking after houseplants/my balcony and cooking/baking.
I love to travel. Other than that, I think all of my hobbies require a screen of some sort.
Baking, cooking, board games, bouldering, aquaria and plant maintenance, and Lego are the ones I engage in most frequently.
I love to crochet, write (poetry specifically), journal, write letters.. I pretty much enjoy anything that involves holding a pen/pencil.

Other than that, I also like to read manga.
this made me realize how much of my life revolves around looking at a screen 😭 like 98% of my waking hours have something to do with screens HDKAKSKS
I like going out if that counts? Hanging out with my boyfriend or friends, travelling around, that sort of stuff. My boyfriend and I are going to build a ship replica over the weekend so I'm excited for that!
I also used to do crochet but then I watch while I crochet so idk if that counts lol.
This will probably sound silly, but I love to crochet. I'm making a narwal right now! I've made a handful of pieces, all amigurumi. I love crafting in general, but I don't really craft per se, unless it's for an event, but I love it, and I'd like to think I'm good at it. I also really like to garden, but I have a small range of temperatures that I'm comfortable in, since my epilepsy medication makes me heat sensitive.
a lot of my hobbies probably don’t count as offline since I do them while listening to podcasts/watching Netflix etc, but I’ve been crocheting a lot more lately! I also read a lot, bake if I have time.
I was reading a lot at one point but I needed a break because a lot of the topics were heavy topics that made me very angry and my mental health has been bad enough as it is. I want to read more manga again; just need to get myself to do it.
This thread made me realize I don't do many activities without a screen lol. I draw and read on my laptop, which is a screen. Going for walks and playing pickleball are the only things I do without screens!
Wow, I'm such a screen animal. I enjoy drawing but for years it has been digital only. The same with books - ebooks all the way. I am currently reading a paper book (which I've got as a present, I wouldn't buy a physical version myself, duh) and it's so uncomfortable. When I'm going out alone it's always with the headphones connected to the phone, when I'm working out at home I'm following the video program, when I'm cooking it's often using an online recipe. I guess only meetings with other people save me from screens.
I like sleeping, reading, playing racquetball and visiting natural any natural places where I can see birds or crabs, like lakes and beaches. I also love coin collecting! I find them by hunting through coin rolls from the bank and saving whatever seems interesting or uncommon.