What new post reactions would you like?

the only new permanent post reaction i’d really like to see is some sort of hug or care one. i think it would really come in handy for reacting to posts in the “what’s bothering you?” thread, or just while interacting with others on the forum. i’ve been “liking” and “loving” people’s posts in the wby thread to let them know that i’ve read their post and that i care, but it still makes me feel a little weird to “like” or “love” something that’s upsetting someone, lol.

i know staff were thinking about adding this sort of react during the last bell tree direct, and i really hope they do eventually! i think “🫂” or even “🧸” would be perfect for it.

i also wouldn’t be opposed to some sort of celebratory or congratulatory react, like “🎉” or something.

the people (me) want this as a reaction to convey concern.
We definitely need celebratory 🎉 and caring 🫂 reactions the most, as there's plenty of posts around the forum that could use them. For me, I think a hands up 🙌 reaction could be useful as well if someone makes an excellent point regarding something and you want to give them props. A fire 🔥 could be utilized as well if someone finds a post cool.

I was going to suggest a laughing 😆 one, but realized that could be used in harmful ways, and it's probably best if that's left unutilized.
🫂 and 🎉 make perfect sense but silly me wants the squid 🦑 emoji. What will it do? Nothing. I like squids.
I kinda want a 💔

Personally, I would go around 🌸ing things. Maybe for cherry blossom season? 👀
We need a hugging/condolences reaction. I can think of so many situations where this could be useful. Heart reacting a post where someone's family member dies feels wrong but at the same time, you want to acknowledge it and show you care. I can't see any negative coming from implementing this.
The hugging reaction would be really useful for the What's Bothering You? thread, especially when offering condolences for the passing of a beloved one.

Also, there should be a birthday cake reaction that we should all be able to use whenever it is the birthday of any member.
The reaction I want most is 🎉
There is just nothing better than celebrating with others about something good that happened to them/for them with confetti.
I'd love a laughing emoji. Sometimes a heart just doesn't convey the lols.