What Animal Crossing Furniture Would You Want IRL?


Sweets Lover
Jan 26, 2020
Perfect Cherry
New Leaf Token
Sweet Balloon
Blue Balloon
Sweet Bunny Balloon
Red Envelope
Fortune Cookie
Lost Star Fragment 004.MB
Blue Star Fragment
For a long time I've thought it'd be really cool to live in a house filled only with recreations of furniture from Animal Crossing. Anyone unsuspecting would just think it's regular furniture, but it'd be nostalgic to me!

My bf is able to custom make furniture and also loves Animal Crossing so now I may be able to get some pieces after we move in together.

So, I'm curious, what pieces would other people actually want in their homes?

Personally I don't like the furniture in ACNH so I would only look into furniture from GC-NL. One series I'm considering is alpine since it's pretty practical!
But I'm interested in what other people would choose.
—Froggy chair
—Cancer table
—Crescent moon plant
—Mermaid furniture set
—Throwback skull radio
—Any of the wall planters
—Whirlpool bath
—Mushroom wreath
—Imperial decorative shelves
—Dreamy shelves
—Antique radio
—Seashell music box
—Suspicious cauldron
—Fortune-telling set
—Gothic mirror
—Patchwork bed
definitely the lovely series 💖💖💖

I would also love the pink variant of the regal series, as well as the pink and white variant of the rococo series 🤍💖
Any of the Gorgeous Series items would be at the top of my list. I’m also into the Sci-Fi theme from ACNL, the Ski theme from ACNL, the Robo Series, Astro Series, and Jukebox.
The Froggy Chair. 'nuff said.
Okay, for real, I'd like some actual high-quality framed photos of some of my favorite villagers. The pixel size of most of them isn't really enough to look good, though I know off the top of my head that a HQ version of Pierce's photo exists, so it's entirely possible to replicate them:
I really wish the Sweets Set was real.. lol. It's probably not the cleanest choice, I imagine sleeping in a cake bed would be pretty messy. But there's probably a way to make the furniture from that particular set with the proper materials.. instead of food xD

My second option would definitely be the Princess Set or maybe even Mermaid!

Now, when it comes to furniture items, sets aside.. I'd love to see or have these irl;

Sweets Lamp
Lovely Phone
Afternoon-tea set
Alpine Bed
Antique Shelf
Pisces Lamp (since I'm a Pisces)
Autumn-leaf chair
Azalea stool
and the basket chair! To name a few :3
I would like to have every item in the Jingle/Pompompurin series, the Mario pipes, the Hunter from the Monster Hunter set from New Leaf,
Spooky carriage, and the item Reggie so graciously said "a TV that looks like an apple".
Series: HK, dreamy, ranch and blue (acnl)

Individual: Gaming desk, fancy sink, laptop, stair dresser, fancy tea set, and the midsize clothing rack (for my closet)
I want a real life froggy chair and no idea why Nintendo has not marketed this. I mean even all the cool t shirts in game imagine a robot hero shirt irl?